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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Minute WaltzLaurie McDonald19771095b3:00
Deux PiedsLaurie McDonald19761095c4:00
Dying SwanLaurie McDonald19751095d3:00
Filling The Boxes Of Joseph CornellLaurie McDonald19851375a9:00
Dedication To Lee Choon-SopLaurie McDonald19841375b3:00
Dorothy Davis: Make A WayLaurie McDonald1984137726:00
New Music AmericaLaurie McDonald1986156958:00
DreamtimeLaurie McDonald198816897:00
Death of the LotusLaurie McDonald198917105:20
How to be a Recluse: 7 Easy StepsLaurel Swenson199823014:30
Marking the MotherLaurel Swenson2000246525:00
ListlessLaurel Swenson200226066:11
SwingLaurel Swenson200226074:14
Window (LS) Laurel Swenson20032761a5:49
Cherry Laurel Swenson20042761b3:25
Webbed Laurel Swenson200327413:00
UnkemptLaura Ralph2003272813:54
Strangest DreamLaura Lamb1986148012
Day In Glass CityLaura Lamb1987148110
Reliable ClownsLaura Lamb1987148215
Seuls les ƒternuements sont ƒternelslaura jeanne lefave199824759:00
_X_ (prologue)laura jeanne lefave199924763:00
Pink Comblamathilde200730153:56
Triple Axxxellamathilde200330183:30
Remotely In TouchLaiwan1998228015:00
Getting Organized With the Ladies! Video 1: Bag FoldingLadies Afternoon Art Society200227074:52
It's a SlutL.O.V.E20022676
Allicia MacdonaldL.O.V.E2002267715:12
Kalie's TapeL.O.V.E2002267815:12
Yellow Peril - Silence Into SilenceL Amitie Chinoise de Montreal1989187726
Under My PillowKyath Battie200328247:00
Domestic BlitzKyath Battie200729765:00
Sounding Queer SpaceKris Zalite199823045:00
Mandala '82Kou Nakajima1982107327:00
What is a Photograph? (A)Kou Nakajima1976107428
HorizonKou Nakajima19801098a8:00
Biological Cycle Part 5Kou Nakajima19811098b8:00
Video Animation WorkshopKou Nakajima1982140720
AnimakerKou Nakajima1982108420:00
Occidental TouristKira Wu199421707:00
Empty OrchestraKira Wu1997220013:30
WhitewashKira Wu1995221310:00
One Hundred Years Of AggressionKim Tomczak19790989a19:00
Herman Nitsch At The Western FrontKim Tomczak19780989b5:00
Everything Is Illusion Except PowerKim Tomczak19780989c4
Vancouver Canada Or They Chant Fed UpKim Tomczak19800990a23:00
Demonstration of the Fear of PainKim Tomczak19800991a14:00
Paradise LostKim Tomczak1981105422:00
London YearsKim Dawn2002265946
Monologue SeriesKim Dawn2001267145:00
Forced being ForcedKim Dawn200126729:00
ClownKim Dawn200226814:30
CreeperKim Dawn200126825:00
Man Made Woman: An Exploration of Reproduction TechnologyKim Blain1989164416:00
I'm TellingKim A. Hines2000250914:20
Lesbian Robot Zombie at DoorKiley Fithen20022768 a9:00
Vexation IslandKiley Fithen20002768 b6:00
Success (aka Hack)Kiley Fithen20032768 cloop
Land of The KhmerKiley Fithen20032768 d2:45
Forbidden FearKevin Ettinger199924637:00
My Dead Mother Mother ProjectKerri Lattimer199823059:40
In the Blue LightKenneth Sherman199322835:00
K of P Reading at the Western FrontKenneth Fletcher19760872c3:00
All Night Till Next MorningKenneth Doren199622317:00
RavenKenneth Doren1995223214:00
CrusadingKenneth Doren20012579a6:00
Homage Medulla-OblongataKenneth Doren20012579b11:00
Your High ImperialKenneth Doren20002579c17:00
For the Love of All at Once- Take me NowKenneth Doren20002579d10:00
Icarus Landed Kenneth Sherman199322815:00
Re:Vision Kenneth Sherman199522825:00
UntitledKenneth Sherman199722845:00
Signed- K.K.Ken Kuramoto197988715:00
Tba Tv Welcome To Tba Tv: K.k. Klose-upKen Kuramoto19801396a19
Ken Kuramoto Interview About Video ArtKen Kuramoto1979159810
Threnody: A Wailing Song For CarlKen Anderlini1991180920:00
HoseKen Anderlini199823039:00
Terms of Engagement: DocumentationKen Anderlini19957023
"Couch" (The Dance)Ken Anderlini20082965
In Search of Truth from Banana RelationshipsKeith Suriani2003273015:30
Invisible Citizens: Japanese AmericansKeiko Tsuno1982118060:00
Hand No. 2Keigo Yamamoto19766905:00
Foot No. 3Keigo Yamamoto19776915:00
CongruenceKeigo Yamamoto19766924
Foot No. 4Keigo Yamamoto19788038:00
Foot No. 6Keigo Yamamoto19788048
Shadow Of Wall No. 1Keigo Yamamoto19791043a5:00
Shadow Of Wall No. 2Keigo Yamamoto19791043b5
Breath No. 3Keigo Yamamoto198010445
Breath No. 4 (a Talk)Keigo Yamamoto198010459:00
Human Body Energy No. 3Keigo Yamamoto19841245a5:00
Breath No.5Keigo Yamamoto19811245b6:00
Dry Kisses OnlyKaucyila Brooks19901791a75:00
Blue Collar And BuddhaKati Johnson1987204157
SignificanceKathy March200428748:00
FireWaterWoodKathy March2004287515:31
3 Squares- 4 CornersKathryn Weiler1998231111:40