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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducerYearsort iconAccession NumberDuration
The Colors that Combine to Make White are ImportantBarry Doupé20126095119:00
Whose toesBarry Doupé2009609432:30
ThaléBarry Doupé200970005:00
PonytailBarry Doupé2008609392:00
At the Heart of a SparrowBarry Doupé2006609229:00
Distraught Mother Reunites with her ChildrenBarry Doupé2005609124:30
A Boy on a Dock Blowing His NoseBarry Doupé2004609015:43
Dimension XBryce Janssens2018608928:41
Every Day is a GiftEstrail Boiso201860882:45
art rock? The Popular EsotericCasey Wei201860871:17:30
The ProtagonistsGabi Dao201860868:09
The LiningCharlotte Zhang2018608521:05
Hazel IsleJessica Johnson2018608413:32
The Silence Jae Woo Kang2018608310:28
Not Like DominoesDon Xaliman201860827:27
The Last Minute of My LifeYinglun Wang2018608010:24
Lemon Juice and SaltVida Simon201660819:27
This is DVDThe Single Dads201860791:02
Helen Hairdryer ChairClark Nikolai201860782:29
Lady Crayon goes to MarsClark Nikolai201860779:30
Postcard eXoticaDiego Ramirez2018607630:17
Homage to the Faceless WomanKaren Zolo201860756:24
On Being AloneSusanna Browne201860745:06
This Boogie is for RealStephanie Gagne201860733:20
When Her Light is ExtinguishedNaween Noppakun2011607010:50
el otro dia (the other day)Carlos Yamil Neri Maldonado201760722:21
Presenting Letters of the Alphabet: "P"Sarah Shamash201860712:02
We Love MeNaween Noppakun2017606913:18
10th FrameKent Tate201860681:10
Against a Brick WallLauren Marsden201559992:58
MonodramasByron Peters2014601713:22
Can We Change TimeByron Peters2015601310:34
OneJeremy Zhang2017606712:00
DegenerationLaurence Chan201554381:00
Circular MotionLaurence Chan201554375:48
Vertical ClubGerard Olivier 201554353:08
Impossible DreamGerard Olivier201554342:48
18 Carat Affair – Lonely EyesLeonid Kalyadin201554333:29
PC Museum – Model VersionLeonid Kalyadin201454322:20
La Primavera Spring ВеснаLeonid Kalyadin201454319:28
Pixelord - BiorobotsLeonid Kalyadin201454303:48
Miami Vice – Air DeluxeLeonid Kalyadin201454292:30
Rio-me porque és da aldeia e vieste de burro ao baileSandra Araujo201454282:52
Phonics AbrogateErik Zepka201554275:22
Pure VapesHannah Epstein201554261:15
Metropolitan Triangle GardenRui Hu201554253:54
Enquanto Deu Lobo Não VemCynthia Domenico201660666:47
ComposingYou_ChinatownJudy Jheung201860657:44
ProverbiumJoachim Waibel201760633:30
SignalsJoachim Waibel201660641:00
What is Beyond the Hellraiser?Guillaume Vallée201760622:37
ConnectClark Nikolai199360617:14
Alone Between SlicesCynthia Domenico2011606014:50
WombsFrancesca Fini201860596:05
Mother - RhythmFrancesca Fini2014605811:44
LisztFrancesca Fini201860576:29
GOLD - looking for OzFrancesca Fini2018605660:00
palmClark Nikolai201860558:57
ControlChong Lii201760548:23
Chances de luzValentina Alvarado201760533:52
Clark does Hong KongClark Nikolai2000605233:37
refahmationnicola awang201660517:30
KosmosJeroen Cluckers201754379:36
OneiriaJeroen Cluckers201454363:52
Trembly FogKaren Zolo201766604:05
Japonica MonogatariEmperor Bikutoru2017605012:32
Anti-Racist Mathematics and Other Stories: Pure Difference (Episode 1)Byron Peters2017604721:45
Visceral SensationJamie Si Chen201760461:02
CatalystKent Tate201860453:30
EinstJessica Johnson2016604311:48
The Glow is GoneRyan Ermacora2017604416:37
Empire ValleyRyan Ermacora2017608312:43
SketchChristopher Logan200660421:13:35
AnhängerClark Nikolai1983604114:45
MicrotsuwanobaClark Nikolai198460408:16
Seventh Avenue LiaisonClark Nikolai198360394:52
Sinfonia DomesticaClark Nikolai1985603822:12
Rivals über RielClark Nikolai1983603721:22
I can't tell storiesClark Nikolai199560368:37
Mitehpo VivpensaClark Nikolai198960359:34
ThisDeborah Ann Edmeades2014462815:15
Reconstruction 1865Tom Richardson201760343:45
Rehearsal for a Synthetic TheatreTom Richardson2017603313:36
Desert ShoresIsabelle Hayeur2016603236:00
No ParkingTom Konyves19821183e2:42
Yellow Light BluesTom Konyves19791183d8:00
Sympathies Of WarTom Konyves19781183c7:09
Monty Cantsin: The Neoist.Tom Konyves19841183b8:42
Michael Haslam: The Joe Beef Made For TV MovieTom Konyves19821183a16:17
I Dream of InadequacyJuli Saragosa201760312:06
Learning to Milk a CowJuli Saragosa2016603064:30
Tinseltown Swimming in BloodKaren Zolo201760295:06
The Bootstrap MythLauren Marsden201560144:21
Silent SpringIsabelle Hayeur2015602818:44
The Kidnapper's OperaDan Starling201360191:41:58
Thirza Cuthand is an Indian within the meaning of the Indian ActTJ Cuthand2017602708:40
2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot ComTJ Cuthand2017602604:56
2-Spirit Introductory Special $19.99TJ Cuthand2015602504:57
The Longform Lesbian CensusTJ Cuthand2017602404:20
Voyeur / ExhibitionistJae Woo Kang2015602312:16