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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Tooth DeafaeryGordon P. Hoeppner2002262912:30
Keeping Her CoolGoody B. Wiseman200025423:41
SamsaraGoody B. Wiseman20022618
Beginner's Curse for Sluts and PsychopathsGoody B. Wiseman200226192:06
Luv Ain't Tha Onlee Truth...Gloria Orangeena Hole199924359:00
File this... Greatest HitsGloria Orangeena Hole2000251954
PopsiclesGloria Camiruaga19841506a5:00
Diamela EltitGloria Camiruaga19861506b5:00
El Pan Nuestro De Cada DiaGloria Camiruaga19871506c7:00
SalmonGlenn Patterson198514332
Intermedia HistoryGlenn Lewis19731 a- b30:00
Intermedia HistoryGlenn Lewis19730001b30:00
Intermedia HistoryGlenn Lewis19731 a- b30:00
CrimsonGino T.200026904:00
Recent Acquisitions Summer 2007Gina Pei Chi Chen, et al20072983
Somewhere In BetweenGina Pei Chi Chen200529513:00
A Fleeting MomentGina Pei Chi Chen200629526:00
S/HeGina Pei Chi Chen2007295312:00
Home StreetGerry Kisil198614908:00
Dating And Mate SelectionGerry Kisil198315337:00
Condola DC 23Geoffrey Farmer1999242989:00
Work Your BodyGay Men's Health Crisis20091750b
Short History Of WaterGary Kibbins1989171116:00
Damon In BerlinGabor Body1982123127:00
Either/Or in ChinatownGabor Body1984128937:00
SlasherFrederick Cummings199824335:00
FluoxitineFrederick Cummings199924776:00
Lionels ReturnFrederick Cummings20022616a
Diaper BoyFrederick Cummings20012616b
Viral CleansingFrederick Cummings20022616d
Piss for ChrisFrederick Cummings19992616e3:45
QP CollectiveFrederick Cummings20022616f
Frederick Cummings CompilationFrederick Cummings20022616
YotinPimoteoQuartzDevabeFrederick Cummings2002266126:29
I Told You From The Start Just How This Would EndFrederick Cummings2006293112:30
Cassandra: An Opera In Four ActsFreda Guttman19952171
Come Fly With Sonny DayFraser Finlayson1984129010:00
No One Likes My AssForrest Smith199924675:00
Si'Elu'taxwFirst Nations Video Collective1997223525:00
News From Europe [1/2]Fabio Mauri19780743a25:00
Few QuestionsEva Manly19881607a33:00
Winning Of The NorthEva Manly1989175110:00
Story To Tell YouEva Manly1990180645:00
Ur-analysisEva Manly1993192911:00
Hair Today Gone TomorrowEva Manly199320004:00
Awakening of Elizabeth ShawEva Manly1996217425:00
Bringing truth to light: a struggle for Justice in GuatamalaEva Manly1998232825:00
Life is Like a Flow of WaterEsther Shinkawa200226338:24
Seize In LoveEstate of Art McP1991181013:00
Red Star 1984/86Ernest Gusella19881722100
Red Star 1984/86Ernest Gusella19881723100
Connecticut PapooseErnest Gusella1981172550
Some Eyes And Ears OperationsErnest Gusella1978175555
No Commercial PotentialErnest Gusella1978175655
Signed- Sealed And DeliveredErik Lewis198092740:00
Spots Before Your EyesEric Metcalfe197767822:00
Steel And FleshEric Metcalfe19801210b12:00
Peep ShowEric Metcalfe1986140510:00
DusterEric Metcalfe1992185737:00
Kitchen DancesEmma Howes200126666:44
Laundry RoomEmma Howes200227082:25
Hiding In Plain SiteEmma Howes200629048:00
Subtle ArchitecturesEmma Howes200729648:50
Rapt and HappyEmily Vey Duke1998231717:00
Moderately Paced VideoEmily Vey Duke2000246117:00
Being Fucked UpEmily Vey Duke2001251511:30
Fine ArtsEmily Vey Duke200225913:38
My Heart... The LumberjackEmily Vey Duke20022605a0:13
My Heart... Drug AddledEmily Vey Duke20022605b2:03
I Am A Conjuror Emily Vey Duke200327228:30
Curious About Existence Emily Vey Duke2003272311:00
Selected Works 1998-2004 (Duke &Battersby) DVDEmily Vey Duke20042810
Attention PublicEmily Vey Duke200528149:40
The New Freedom FoundersEmily Vey Duke2004281526:00
A Cure for Being OrdinaryEmily Vey Duke200528546:30
Songs Of Praise For The Heart Beyond CureEmily Vey Duke2006290614:40
Bad Ideas for ParadiseEmily Vey Duke2002259019:34
DiAna's Hair Ego: AIDS Info Up FrontEllen Spiro1990179529:00
Queer Sisters In The BrotherhoodEllen Pond200428179:27
D/A ConverterElizabeth Vander Zaag198097930:00
Through The HolesElizabeth Vander Zaag19810981a3:00
PotatoesElizabeth Vander Zaag19820981b11:00
Baby EyesElizabeth Vander Zaag198311183:00
Hearts BeatElizabeth Vander Zaag19841269a10:00
Red NotionElizabeth Vander Zaag19851269b4:00
T L CElizabeth Vander Zaag198513064:20
Hot Chicks on TVElizabeth Vander Zaag198613636:30
No More RebelsElizabeth Vander Zaag198916326:00
Farm FantasyElizabeth Vander Zaag198816465:00
Kids In ChinaElizabeth Vander Zaag1990173815:00
Word for WordElizabeth MacKenzie199521779:00
Radiant MonsterElizabeth MacKenzie199822904:00
Up and Down She GoesElizabeth MacKenzie199822952:40
Telling TalesElizabeth Chitty197985726:30
Desire ControlElizabeth Chitty1981129712:00
DogmachineElizabeth Chitty1981156522:00
Me FirstElizabeth MacKenzie199924187:00
Delivery: Artist Mothers on TapeElizabeth MacKenzie2000250679
SwallowElisabeth Subrin1995219530:00
Incident on Ballantyne PierElana Herman (Lupis)2000249619:19