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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
...And The Word Was GodRuby Truly198715419:30
Making FireRuby Truly199319201:00
Homecoming '92 - Conference OverviewRuby Truly1993197148:00
With Our Own EyesRuby Truly1993197235:40
Homecoming '92 - Before The UprootingRuby Truly1993210047:00
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #1Ruby Truly1993210145:00
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #2Ruby Truly1993210240
Homecoming '92 - Children Of Two CulturesRuby Truly1993210346
Homecoming '92 - Exiled To JapanRuby Truly1993210435
Homecoming '92 - Redress: The Community In ProcessRuby Truly1993210545
Boys From EasyRuby Truly1997224821:00
Chick On ChickS. Saii200528423:07
The Tantrum ProjectS. Saii200528435:05
Dog and FishSabrina Mathews19941983f4:00
I CUM ISacha Fink2006292510:00
We Are All in Your HeadSacha Fink200629436:00
SuPORNNaturalSacha Fink200729554:00
It Wasn't LoveSadie Benning1992187520:00
The Merry Sea-Gentleman and the Cod Fisher's Voyage BelowSam Scott200629486:25
Experimental Works Summer 2007Sam Scott, et al20072981
700 Planos Para KafkaSandra Quilaqueo19851508d24:00 Be ContinuedSandra Tivy1989174318
Bodies Of FateSandra Tivy1988174415:00
Influences of My MotherSara Diamond1982105226:00
Heroics: DefinitionsSara Diamond1984126836:00
Heroics: A QuestSara Diamond1984138816:00
Heroics I: CreativitySara Diamond1984138922:00
Heroics II: A Shining ExampleSara Diamond1984139020:00
Heroics III: SurvivalSara Diamond1984139138:00
Heroics IV: To Trumph Over MisfortuneSara Diamond1984139240:00
Heroics V: A Conscious and Difficult ChoiceSara Diamond1984139335:00
Keeping the Home Fires BurningSara Diamond1988157049:00
Keeping The Home Fires Burning: Part 1Sara Diamond1988157129
Keeping The Home Fires Burning: Part 2Sara Diamond1988157225
Ten Dollars or NothingSara Diamond19891680a12:00
Lull Before The Storm: Part 1 The FortiesSara Diamond1990174848:00
Lull Before The Storm: Part 2 The FiftiesSara Diamond1990174948:00
Lull Before The Storm: Part 3 Women of WoodSara Diamond1990180048:00
Lull Before The Storm: Part 4 Community ActsSara Diamond1990180148:00
On To OttawaSara Diamond1992184353:00
29/92Sara Diamond1992184417:00
Fit To Be TiedSara Diamond1995215224:30
Gathering Evidence 1/7Sarah Butterfield1996221210
Mother's SonSarah Butterfield2003270525:30
Visual RaceScott Robinson19871529a6:00
GeovidScott Robinson19851529b3:00
Between The Light And The DarkScott Robinson19871529c5:00
Zero To The PowerScott Robinson19891714b80
In the Wake of StarsScott Robinson19911811a7:00
Dinosaur DazeScott Robinson19911811c4:00
Ambling Through GreenScott Robinson19891811e4:00
S.O.S.Scott Robinson20221811f3:00
In The BeginningScott Robinson19911811b4:00
WastedScott Russell2002268420:00
Snow StormScott Russell20022688
Would It Move YouShafin Karim200428197:36
Mold Grows On BabyShalhevet Goldhar1988178350:00
BleachablesShalhevet Goldhar1986178440:00
ViewShani Mootoo200025076:45
English LessonShani Mootoo199118453:00
Lest I BurnShani Mootoo199118464:00
Paddle and a CompassShani Mootoo1992185410:00
The Wild Woman In The WoodsShani Mootoo1993192614:00
Her Sweetness LingersShani Mootoo1994201112:00
a.m.Shani Mootoo1996214730:00
Guerita And PrietitaShani Mootoo1995215320:00
Far ReachesShawn Chappelle199822858:00
XXXSpacejunkShawn Chappelle19962238f9:00
Red, Blue...Shawn Chappelle19912238A10:00
Servicing The TargetShawn Chappelle19912238B10:00
OzoneShawn Chappelle19942238C27:00
ProbeShawn Chappelle19942238d7:00
Trans Shawn Chappelle19952238E5:00
Natalie of WoodShawn Chappelle200125872:45
California, MEXICOShawn Chappelle200226527:30
Natalie Without a CauseShawn Chappelle200327254:00
Meat FuckerShawn Durr1999254328
Fucked In the FaceShawn Durr2000254470:00
Contact LensShawn Preus19780450a3:00
Pesticides: The Hidden AssassinsShawn Preus197984529:00
Am I Happy?Shawn Preus197988231:00
Kathleen's ClosetSheila Jordan2005283613:09
Unmapping DesireSheila James199923976:51
She's a DivaSheila James199824103:55
Lakme Takes FlightSheila James2001252012:00
Orphan DykeSheila James2002270015:57
Me, Myself, ISheila Urbanoski199521814:30
Most Glorious Salvation of a Corporate IconSheila Urbanoski199221823:30
Once This Land Was OursShikha Jhingan1991183418:30
Pick Up Your Feet: The Double Dutch ShowSkip Blumberg1981162328:00
Twenty-First World Eskimo-Indian OlympicsSkip Blumberg1983162428:00
Chinese Noodlemaking: Backwards And ForwardsSkip Blumberg199017625:00
New Music America #1Skip Blumberg1980176426:00
Dancing HandsSkip Blumberg1988176527:00
New DanceSkip Blumberg2017176625
For A Moment You Fly: The Big Apple CircusSkip Blumberg1978176729
Women Of The CalabashSkip Blumberg19871768a18:58
Nine Person Precision Ball PassingSkip Blumberg19861768b8
JGLNG/WhistlingSkip Blumberg1982176928:00
When I Was A Worker Like LaverneSkip Blumberg1975177029