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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Shame on YouElana Herman (Lupis)2001255511
Some Of These DaysElaine Velazquez1980113858
Summer 86: A Neighbourhood NotebookEdward Hillel19871543d29
Vancouver New Music 1978-80Ed Mowbray1980094422:00
Eyes of Emma #1Ed Mowbray19819802:35
Excerpts And EuphoriaEd Mowbray1983109710:00
Big WorldEd Mowbray1984122018:00
Not Dead YetEd Mowbray1984124756:00
WEd Mowbray198312489:00
RancourEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)200024748:00
FallEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)200125803:00
Passing (KE)Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)20032724a6:40
Eating CrowEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)20032724b5:45
FramedEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)20032724c4:50
DredgerEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)200730129:00
ReplicateEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)200530134:00
Terminal CityEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)200730149:00
Chinatown: Immigrants In AmericaDowntown Community TV197694858:00
Glass CurtainDoris Chase1983111530:00
Sky FishDoris Chase1981114028:00
MaskDoris Chase1983116830:00
How to Make Love in an EarthquakeDonna Szoke200125755:57
Famous FormulaDonna Szoke200226500:15
Worst Thing EverDonna Szoke200327010:30
Buried TreasureDonna Szoke200428084:30
likeDonna Szoke200528484:30
Cat and MouseDonna Szoke20062895 a3:25
AlbumDonna Szoke20062895b4:52
The BellDonna Szoke20062895 c2:45
CascadiaDonna Szoke20062895 d2:50
PNNDonna Szoke20062895 e6:30
Donna Szoke New WorksDonna Szoke20062895 a-e17:30
Mary (DS)Donna Szoke200729427:00
Donna Szoke Selected Works 2007 BETADonna Szoke20072946
Enter the MulletDonna Lee200327315:30
Willingdon DreamsDonna Lee200528443:30
Broken FamilyDonna Lee200729868:22
SmellDonna Szoke199924375:00
Bad PersonDonna Szoke200528491:45
The Plywood GirlsDon Gill1999243050:00
Diva TVDiva Research Team1998240939:00
Disarmament Video SurveyDisarmament Video Committee1982107160:00
Physics of LoveDiane Bonder1998232124:00
Zona De Dolor IDiamela Eltit19851504a5:00
Padre MioDiamela Eltit19851504g9:00
EroticismDesiree Lim200126637:30
Disposable LezDesiree Lim199926646:30
Dyke: Just Be It Desiree Lim199926651:30
Women Breaking BoundariesDesiree Lim200227171:23:
Love/Censored/TruthDesiree Lim200528355:35
Desiree Lim DVD CompilationDesiree Lim2004279640:00
Some Real FangsDesiree Lim2005279934:00
Oh NothingDennis Day2023157412:00
News World OrderDeep Dish TV Paper Tiger TV19911804a30:00
Hidden HungerDeborah O2005290112:30
BloodDebora O200327297:30
TorchDean Haglund199018166:00
CatieDean Brousseau1986136825:00
How to Fake an OrgasmDayna McLeod19992540a9:00
Watching Lesbian PornDayna McLeod20012540b10:30
Master LibationDayna McLeod200226544:30
Dad, Don't Be MadDayna McLeod200427939:00
Pleasure ZoneDayna McLeod2005285118:00
SisyphusDavid Rimmer1984142622:00
Gender- Lace And GlassDavid Findley199220203:00
Forgotten FictionsDavid Finch1986147119
Albert's DinerDavid Clark1997248710:00
Broken CrowsDavid Clark1992248849:00
See SawDavid Clark19882489b8:10
RumblesphinxDavid Clark19872489c12:50
Systeme Des Beaux-ArtsDaniel Dion19811013a9:00
L'Homme De PekinDaniel Dion19821013b18:00
ArgentinaDaniel Dion19811013c7:00
Ee Part 2Daniel Dion19811013d2:00
Garbo SystemDaniel Dion19811013e5:00
Division de la NatureDaniel Dion19811013f5:00
Spleen De ParisDaniel Dion19811013g9:00
Great DivideDaniel Dion1990174116:00
Animation Compilation 2007Daniel Barrow, et al20172984
New Queer Works Winter 2007Daniel Barrow et al20072927
A MiracleDaniel Barrow20042807a4:00
Catalogue of the OriginalDaniel Barrow20042807b9:00
Aces and 8'sDanaan Dallas20042805
Welcome to AfricvilleDana Inkster1999240815:00
Tree of ConsumptionDana Claxton1994197312:00
I Want To Know WhyDana Claxton199419936:30
ShirtDana Claxton199419946:00
Buffalo Bone ChinaDana Claxton1997219412:00
Look Honey...a Guerilla GirlDana Claxton199722492:00
The Red PaperDana Claxton1996246613:30
Untitled (DC)Dana Claxton200125458:00
People DanceDana Claxton2001255424
10Dana Claxton200327188:00
GunplayDana Claxton200427782:45
The Hill Dana Claxton200427793:49
Anwolek - Regatta CityDana Claxton200528414:22
Patient StormDana Claxton200629898:00
Say It's OkDana Claxton200629902:00
Gunplay (Part Two)Dana Claxton200729911:30
HopeDana Claxton200729929:51