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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Airline Safety Film #4aDamaged Californians199117783:30
Radar Of Small DogsDamaged Californians19891779a15:00
Yellow Peril - Morning ZooDaisy Lee1989188125
Life Rhythm 'The Bath'Crista Dahl198089513:00
Big WeddingCottage Films Industry Ltd.1987161115
Starling ManCornelia Wyngaarden198210998:00
Trial By MediaCornelia Wyngaarden1983118149:00
Technology Knows No Sacred CowsCornelia Wyngaarden198412283:30
Milk on the Diningroom FloorCornelia Wyngaarden1984138120:00
As a Wife Has a CowCornelia Wyngaarden1985138240:00
Dead Man Was a WomanCornelia Wyngaarden1992185120:00
Joy Ride TMConstance DeJong1988155313:00
Qu'est Ce Qu'un Homme Peut Faire?Clive Robertson1986137426:00
Land UseCleo Reece1993200221:00
Spanghew DecorumClark Nikolai19832257a7:00
R.E.M.Clark Nikolai19932257b2:16
Yah MonClark Nikolai19922257c2:04
Mary Manic's DecorumClark Nikolai19832257d1:36
Petrus et LupaClark Nikolai19952257e2:48
ThaumatropeClark Nikolai19912257f8:13
Yamo Guvi DyetClark Nikolai19942257g13:07
doktor OvakozminskyClark Nikolai19912257h14:20
Vereca NebuloClark Nikolai19972258a14:00
Subkonscio Redukta TriciklaClark Nikolai19982258b31:00
NuzvelzClark Nikolai19982258c4:46
Remgla PreputchnaClark Nikolai199924421:25
Jizaltus OmegaClark Nikolai199825273:23
Remgla PreputchnaClark Nikolai199925281:25
ShuiClark Nikolai200125824:29
Le Viaduc d'OrClark Nikolai200226203:41
My Heart the Blood PumpClark Nikolai20032739 a1:37
My Heart The CookClark Nikolai20012739b2:00
Men On Fur On MenClark Nikolai200327488:08
Mon Coeur la Pompe de SangClark Nikolai20052813 A1:35
Fluid From MotionClark Nikolai20052813b4:11
Le Fluide du MouvementClark Nikolai20052813 C4:11
Yankee LustClark Nikolai200628873:23
AvalancheClark Nikolai200729875:20
An der NordseekusteClark Nikolai200327623:40
Attraction To Older MenClark Nikolai2005285510:00
Attraction To Older Men (with french subtitles- for preview only)Clark Nikolai20052855b10:00
Sometimes Stitches are NecessaryChristof Migone19972396a9:34
Sometimes the Memory is EnoughChristof Migone19972396b3:43
There is Something WrongChristof Migone19972396c2:44
PhonebookChristine Stewart1998228610:00
HybredChristine Kirouac200730079:40
IntroductionChristine Kirouac200730084:00
Generation LossChristine Stewart20002464
Christian Prigent Revue Parlee TxtChristian Prigent1981135718
Paper TrailsChristian Nicolay200528625:33
BirthdayChris Mullington20181630a0
Granperes Greatest HitsChris Mullington19841630c0
What!! (fechner's Law)Chris Mullingron198714723
For All Mankind RemixChris MacKenzie199923095:00
Unsung Heros: Chinese Canadians in WW IIChistina M. Wong1997264927:30
The Wizard of Deaf WayCheryl Winter1999249310:00
MubarakahCherie Moses1994198724:00
Measure Of SuccessCherie Moses198719915:19
Say ItCherie Moses198719927:22
WestCeline Godberson1990179314:00
Beneath The SkinCecelia Condit19811550a12:00
Not a Jealous BoneCecelia Condit1987186811:00
All Good Medicine: Kon-a-wai Kloshe La-mes-tinCease Wyss1993197528:00
Ten Skakel (My Baby)Cease Wyss1995214125:00
Aberrant Motion #1Cathy Sisler1994216711:00
Aberrant Motion #4: Face Story - Stagger StoriesCathy Sisler1994216814:30
TwalaCathy Sisler1996216916:00
Lullaby For The Almost Falling WomanCathy Sisler1996221521:00
Girls Just Wanna Have FundsCathy Busby1987171811
Stop Staring and ListenCatherine McCollum1999239913:43
SpringCatherine Elwes19881782b8:00
GunfightersCatherine Elwes19851782c6:00
PlayCatherine Elwes19861782d4:00
With ChildCatherine Elwes19841782e18:00
Post CardCatherine Elwes19861782f4:00
TerraCarole Beaulieu199419767:30
NY PrincessCarol Demech2001258513:30
Body HairCarla Wolf198919309:00
Dangerous BlissCarla Wolf19942001a6:30
Would You Rather Be a Cyborg?Carla Wolf19972471
Urban HeatCandida Royalle1978205078
Femme (CR)Candida Royalle1984205175
Christine's SecretCandida Royalle2017205272
Canada ShadowsCanadian Shadows Players1983115125:00
It's Up To UsCamp Salish Students199621637:00
Para No Morir De Hambre En El ArteC.A.D.A.19791504d5:00
Inversion De EscenaC.A.D.A.19791504e5:00
Ay Sudamerica!C.A.D.A.19811504f4:00
What's A Sentient Being Like You Doing in an Incarnation like this?Byron Black1982123616:00
War In FlowerlandByron Black1983125256:00
B-84: Leaving The GroundByron Black19811256a17:00
Flying High In The SunByron Black1994208812:27
Made In JapanByron Black19812087c16:55
Rare BloodByron Black19882087e
Elephant Shrine At Rama Vi BridgeByron Balck19861590a14
VaultBruce Yonemoto1984139812:00
Spalding Gray's Map of L.A.Bruce Yonemoto1984140228:00
KappaBruce Yonemoto1986148826:00
Piranha FarmsBruce McCrimmon1979086530:00
Sex + SadnessBrian MacDonald2001264121:00