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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Designer GaysMark Kenneth Woods200427802:45
Thank You Kate BornsteinMark Kenneth Woods200027423:20
Heterosexual AgendaMark Kenneth Woods2001274311:40
Pimp & Ho : Adventures in QueersploitationMark Kenneth Woods20012744a9:00
Pimp & Ho : License To QueerMark Kenneth Woods20022744b18:00
Pimp & Ho : Queer Fashion Crime ModelsMark Kenneth Woods20022744c13:00
Public Gender AnnouncementsMark Kenneth Woods200227453:05
Praise The MarysMark Kenneth Woods200327463:00
6pm in AmericaMark Kenneth Woods200327474:00
Holy Matrimony BillyMark Kenneth Woods200427774:30
Get It Together GirlMark Kenneth Woods200428025:30
Mark Kenneth Woods compilation DVDMark Kenneth Woods20042803
White(ness)Mark Kenneth Woods200528062:00
Pimp & Ho: Terror In Pansy HillsMark Kenneth Woods2005283710:00
Pimp & Ho: Sissy SinsMark Kenneth Woods2005285310:00
My Heart Belongs To DataMark Kenneth Woods200528783:45
Deb and SisiMark Kenneth Woods2007299881:00
Raw TalentMark Peacock2004278522:00
Ice Skate CanadaMark Peacock200730051:57
Canada's Next Top ShowgirlMark Peacock200730065:09
Middle Child: Confessions of a Family's Home VideoMark Sawers1989174520:00
Simulate/DesireMark Verabioff19841296a2:00
Crossing The 49thMark Verabioff19851296c10
Killing TimeMark Verabioff19851296d5:00
StickshakerMark Verabioff198714734:20
FurburgerMark Verabioff199117746:00
LashoutMark Verabioff199217757:15
Five Visits to the DoctorMarlene Madison199724489:00
Black Shiny Shoes OperaMarlene Madison19968:00
Sap AdsMarlene Madison200024502:00
Little Miss MiraMarlene Madison2000245543:00
The Suicide of Laura C.Marlene Madison2000245622:00
Split Screen TestMarlene Madison20022714a -d1:33
Hollywood StoryMarlene Madison20032714b15:00
StarMarlene Madison20022714c15:00
Chiclette- The Posh Urban PigletMarlene Madison19982714d4:30
Ati-Ati-HanMarlin Oliveros198614898:30
You Must Remember Thismarshalore19790925b27:00
Orpheus In The Nether Landmarshalore19790925c18:00
Dutch Light-Textual Actionmarshalore198198722:35
Semiotics Of The KitchenMartha Rosler19750879b6:09
Des Bouches et le rose et le brunMartine Crispo199419775:00
Iron Heart...An Industrial RomanceMarty St. James19861414a8:30
No Escape From The Flesh PadMarty St. James19861414b7:30
True Life RomanceMarty St. James19851414c6:30
Night VisionsMarusya Bociurkiw1989180558:00
Bodies In TroubleMarusya Bociurkiw1991211115:00
Unspoken TerritoryMarusya Bociurkiw2001276060:00
To Tell Your DaughterMary Alice1990178510:00
Five Thousand Years Of Good AdviceMary Ann Liu1987149612:00
SupercatMary Cross199824053:00
Revival with Doreen JensenMatrix Production1983110129:00
National Native Indian Artists SymposiumMatrix Production1983118660:00
StrandedMaureen Bradley200428013:56
What Remains HumanMaureen Bradley2005288224:00
We're Here- We're Queer- We're FabulousMaureen Bradley1990192227:00
Queer Across CanadaMaureen Bradley1993196610:00
She Thrills MeMaureen Bradley1993197013:00
Not Like That: Diary of a Butch-a-phobeMaureen Bradley1994201213:15
DefianceMaureen Bradley199320136:15
Weight of Women's EyesMaureen Bradley19942001b10:00
Losing ItMaureen Bradley199521603:00
ForeverMaureen Bradley199621841:30
Tainted: Christopher Lefler and the Queer Censorship ChillMaureen Bradley1996221928:00
HerMaureen Bradley1997223610:00
What I RememberMaureen Bradley199822876:00
Go Dyke! Go Maureen Bradley1998230010:00
ErasedMaureen Bradley1999234515:00
Reframing the Montreal MassacreMaureen Bradley1995239127:00
Safe Sex is Hot SexMaureen Bradley199224014:30
Chosen FamilyMaureen Bradley2001253713:00
Untitled (MB)Maureen Bradley200125662:37
You FakeMaureen Bradley200327386:13
Self StorageMaureen Bradley200729723:50
Sisyphus (MB)Maureen Bradley200629731:30
Katy's StoryMayrs199824197:00
The StormMeesoo Lee20062888 A3:38
ThinkMeesoo Lee20002483
Dream of DonutsMeesoo Lee20002485
Why I Hate Modern DanceMeesoo Lee20002486
AntarcticaMeesoo Lee2001253347:00
Bad Hair DayMeesoo Lee200125497:20
CrushedMeesoo Lee20012586
Pop SongsMeesoo Lee2002266038:00
2003 Meesoo Lee CompilationMeesoo Lee2022272635:00
You (you you you)Meesoo Lee20032735 a7:21
SunshineMeesoo Lee20032735 b3:58
My Heart the DancerMeesoo Lee20032735 c2:40
Nostalgia For ElevatorsMeesoo Lee2003275533:00
Automatic Music Meesoo Lee20032756 a3:45
A Private Dance with Cyd HarlowMeesoo Lee20032756b25:00
More Than I Can SayMeesoo Lee200427646:40
SerenadeMeesoo Lee20012726 E2:08
Meesoo Lee 4 VideosMeesoo Lee20042798A -D20:00
MoonshotMeesoo Lee20042798 A4:34
SPACESHIP 2000Meesoo Lee20042798 B3:20
A BOY NAMED SUEMeesoo Lee20042798 C3:44
A BAD HAIR DAY *RE-EDIT*Meesoo Lee20042798 D7:20
Young and Sexy Meesoo Lee20042818 A9:11