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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Automatic Music re-editMeesoo Lee20032818 B3:36
The Thoughts of Mary-Jane / Rock n Roll FantasyMeesoo Lee20052823 A-B4:18,
The Thoughts of Mary Jane Meesoo Lee20052823 A4:18
Rock n Roll FantasyMeesoo Lee20052823 B4:06
Meesoo Lee Compilationmeesoo lee20222735
ElegyMeesoo Lee20062888 B4:58
bambi/coloursMeesoo Lee200529754:35
Act Your AgeMeg Torwl2009250842:00
where have all the lesbians gone?Meg Torwl200025177:20
Towards the day... we are all freeMeg Torwl20072947A90:00
Towards the day... we are all free (textless version)Meg Torwl20072947B90:00
Dig- Dig- DigMelanie Fei-Lin Boyle199419792:30
One of Those NightsMelinda Johnston200327327:20
Survival: Still The IssueMelodie Calvert1986136925:00
Trigger FingerMelodie Calvert19901841a16:00
Moment I SpokeMelodie Calvert19891841b6:00
Dirty Little StoryMelodie Calvert1994198620:00
Spanking MarshaMelodie Calvert1996218020:00
Hempster 001: DARE RemixMerry Wanna Man199923867:00
Metro Media SamplerMetro Media1972007350:00
Report From Ground Zero: TridentMetro Media197876124
Blood RiskMichael Balser1989192422
Robert Davidson: "I'm In Awe"Michael Brodie1981110027:00
Voice: Roy KiyookaMichael de Courcy1999244040:00
Bulimia: Out Of Control EatingMichael Doherty1986157523:00
Intermedia SamplerMichael Goldberg1972006730:00
Vancouver CollageMichael Goldberg19739233:00
Terminal City Dance....At WorkMichael Goldberg198190460:00
Couple Of ChangesMichael Goldberg1982101255:00
Fast Foods & TokyoMichael Goldberg1983118814:00
World Of Hiroshi HoriMichael Goldberg1984119322
Red ChildMichael Goldberg1986138314:00
Behind the Billboard on Prior StreetMichael Lithgow2005282118:23
Lil Picard "The End of the Bow-Tie"Michael Morris19821243b10:00
Girl at the BarMichael Morris19821243c10:00
Video WannseeMichael Morris1984125017:00
Improvisations TrouveesMichael Morris19811262a14
FriendsMichael Morris19811262b8:00
Soviet OnionMichael Morris19811262c19:00
VideosehenMichael Morris19831262d20:00
Video NarcissusMichael Morris1979165318:00
Heirs to a Felt FortuneMichael Turner199823278:30
PINKMichael V. Smith200327723:20
Wolf LakeMichael V. Smith200629004:15
Two PeanutsMichael V. Smith200629074:35
InvitationMichael V. Smith200729575:40
Wolf LakeMichael V. Smith200629004:15
Near-Perfect WeddingMichael V. Smith200730031:33
Je Let L'Him TalkMichel Ouellette1981106112:00
Their HandsMichele Waquant198715636:00
Ciao CiaoMichelle Irving200125475:30
AtrocitiesMichelle Oleman20012668d3:30
Yellow Peril - Displaced ViewMidi Onodera1988188552
Let My People GoMing Yuen S. Ma199221355:00
Toc StoreeMing Yuen S. Ma1992213620:00
AuraMing-Yuen S. Ma199120397:00
Slanted VisionMing-Yuen S. Ma1995214350:00
SniffMing-Yuen S. Ma199721855:00
Myth(s) of CreationMing-Yuen S. Ma1997226617:00
Stand by Your ManMinnie/Stefan St-Laurent1998231410:45
TerminalMiriam Needoba20052966a3:00
GachingMiriam Needoba20062966b6:00
Bless YouMiriam Needoba20062966c6:00
Girl On Girl Miss Nomer Collective20042794b16:43
Savage TimeMohammed Nasri199924697:00
Changing PartsMona Hatoum1984140624:00
So Much I Want To SayMona Hatoum198316555:00
Variations on Discord and DivisionsMona Hatoum1984165628:00
The Negotiating TableMona Hatoum1983179220:00
Sleeping CarMonique Moumblow20002452a5:30
Joan and StephenMonique Moumblow19962452b12:00
PlugMonique Moumblow19972452c4:00
Three WaltzesMonique Moumblow19982452d7:00
Liabilities: The First Ten MinutesMonique Moumblow1993245410:00
Having Coffee with No OneMonique Moumblow200226674:30
KevinMonique Moumblow200226518:55
January 15thMonique Moumblow200427663:35
E-12 Native Students Demonstration And ProtestMonitor North1988162623
Silent TapesMonty Cantsin19821033a50:00
Liaison Inter-UrbainMonty Cantsin19801069a10:00
Restrictions (2)Monty Cantsin19801069b10:00
InfraductionMonty Cantsin198214327
Oscissles TopicMoreen Meriden198816279
Alison KnowlesMorris And Hellen Belkin Gallery2000250227:00
Bye Bye KiplingNam June Paik19881592180
I'm With You True BlueNeil R. Armstrong1980102620:00
In Praise of Non RepresentationNeil R. Armstrong1982102720:00
Mythological ProcessNeil R. Armstrong1982103130:00
Window/FenêtreNelson Henricks199722173:00
A Horse- A Filipino- Two Women- A Soldier and Two OfficersNguyen Tan Hoang200528527:20
Pirated!Nguyen Tan Hoang20002690 U11:00
Cover Girl: A Gift from GodNguyen Tan Hoang20002690W18:00
The CallingNguyen Tan Hoang20002690x8:00
Forever Jimmy!Nguyen Tan Hoang19952691V6:00
Love Letters 1&2Nguyen Tan Hoang19952691X4:00
Maybe Never (but I'm counting the days)Nguyen Tan Hoang19962691U15:00
Forever Linda!Nguyen Tan Hoang19962691Y12:00
7 Steps to Sticky HeavenNguyen Tan Hoang19962691Z24:00
Forever Bottom!Nguyen Tan Hoang199626914:00