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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
Titlesort iconProducerYearAccession NumberDuration
Cruce Postal: Del Otro Nuevo ViajeValentina Alvarado201545684:54
DegenerateMena El-Shazly201245691:27
RuinsMauricio Saenz201545715:00
Casa IcebergMauricio Saenz201545703:48
Memory Foam Bridget Moser2015457213:08
Sharing Lazy GainsMores McWreath201445735:12
MONITOR : NIGHT VIEWPirouz Nemati2015456603:00
Rectangular WorldAndrew James Paterson2006456309:00
Eating RegularAndrew James Paterson2004456208:00
DOA (Remake / Remodel)Andrew James Paterson2005456103:00
Trophy LifeAndrew James Paterson2010456002:00
The Enigma of S.A.P.Andrew James Paterson2008455909:56
A Typical Morning For Green and BlueAndrew James Paterson2009455808:10
12 x 26Andrew James Paterson2008455706:31
Damned and ForgivenAndrew James Paterson2007545904:09
Aids Has Not Left The BuildingAndrew James Paterson2007545800:36
My CakeNuno Roque201554472:15
Line In The SandTomas Borsa2015540480:00
Concerned Aboriginal Women Occupy The Department of Indian AffairsAmelia Production1981100260:00
Second SunLeslie Supnet201454113:10
Wind and SnowLeslie Supnet201154124:46
DadaloopFrancesca Fini2015541310:00
Killing TimeFrederick Cummings201554013:26
Going to sleep is something absolutely certain in lifePaolo Pennuti2007540220:00
Monitor: City of GlassPirouz Nemati2015540360:00
B MovieJocelyn Robert201554007:42
White SugarFrancesca Fini2013539913:14
Monster, MonsterCindy Mochizuki201453942:21
All CapsElijah Hasan201453986:56
RooftopJudy Jheung201553972:42
Moving PassengerJudy Jheung201453962:49
The Lost MarinerTess Martin201460482:56
Project Eagle Feather: When They Took The ChildrenTammy Lynne Elder2014604951:47
Under The RainbowTrish Garner2014539511:44
Person-ACon.Tatto (Francesca Leoni & V)201453934:20
DovetailPaul Wong201050492:49
It’s Hard to Get in My SystemDuane Linklater201050345:42
EscribiendomeGabriela Aceves Sepúlveda2013539214:25
La CoyolchauquiGabriela Aceves Sepúlveda200153911:45
Mnemonic LandscapesGabriela Aceves Sepúlveda200453909:46
Sin∞Fin-Performances at the Core of the Looking-GlassVerena Stenke2012538545:42
Les Barricades MysterieusesStuart Pound201040692:36
In The GardenDebora O2010504110:00
I am the art sceneJames Diamond201040263:00
Sin∞Fin-Performances at the Core of the Looking-GlassVestAndPage2012538545:42
sin∞fin - Performances at the Holy CentreVestAndPage2011538637:14
sin∞fin - Performances at the End of the WorldVestAndPage2010538738:52
Fair and LostFrancesca Fini201353885:24
I am Into Your FireOrland Gray Nutt201150373:50
CrosscutsTijmen Hauer201150144:00
Documents for Vancouver’s Folded TimelineMariane Bourcheix-Laporte201253846:32
The SnowsRussell Wallace201453785:21
Oppenheimer Park 2Russell Wallace201453792:35
UpstreamRussell Wallace201453802:23
Vice VersaRobert Hamilton201453772:39
General Public IdentityRobert Hamilton201453761:08
Waterside (The Crossing)Russell Wallace201453812:38
Interstitial StillnessMariane Bourcheix-Laporte2012538293:00
In-BetweenMariane Bourcheix-Laporte2012538328:11/21:11/15:51/16:39
South East False CreekMariane Bourcheix-Laporte20125383a21:11
North East False CreekMariane Bourcheix-Laporte20125383b28:11
Olympic Village 1Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte20125383c15:51
Olympic Village 2Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte20125383d16:39
Hand Made ElectricityOliver Hockenhull2014537507:24
Robot Pavlov SputnikOliver Hockenhull2014537407:23
SissyJen Crothers2014537303:01
BlushJen Crothers2008537203:48
MarioTess Martin2014537102:56
SaltWalks: Three MovementsRandy Lee Cutler2014537021:16
Willow SnakeMartin Borden2014536904:41
The Weaver’s CircleMartin Borden2013536809:52
Doing My Rounds, Checking Some RoundsEmily Pelstring2013536705:54
The AlicornInflatable Deities2013536608:05
Mother Daughter Bake - OffLorna Boschman2014536506:42
Anamnesia - What’s a sentient being like you doing in an incarnation like this?Byron Black 2013536466:05
Anamnesia - Year of the Strike, Hour of the KnifeCurated by Donato Mancini20135363120:00
Anamnesia - Dispatches: of wrested resumption, in time and areaCurated by Cecily Nicholson2013536270:00
Burials & BordersPaula Levine2013533453:00
One Night in FloridaTess Martin201353611:00
Outspoken: Is the Village Dying?Mark Kenneth Woods2013536049:00
Blue Skies + SunsetBrian MacDonald201353595:25
A Brief History of the WorldBrian MacDonald201253586:38
You Are A Lesbian VampireTJ Cuthand200853573:17
SightTJ Cuthand201253563:33
Boi oh BoiTJ Cuthand201253559:15
Just DandyTJ Cuthand201353547:37
Belated Eulogy for My FatherBrian MacDonald201353532:24
Supa FicialMichael Venus201353525:20
Speaking Mother TonguesElizabeth Vander Zaag2007535125:00
DOA - RIPFlick Harrison201353486:00
A MovingFlick Harrison201353499:45
AnonymooseFlick Harrison201253503:30
In TransitWayne Yung201353476:33
Part of the CycleTess Martin201353467:49
SnailStuart Pound2011534501:00
ChaseStuart Pound201253449:26
Grandmother Is A CrabStuart Pound2012534302:00
Black & WhiteStuart Pound201353426:22
FoetusStuart Pound2013534001:00
.. All That PassedStuart Pound2013533900:55