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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Vast TonicJen Weih20022954
Getting To Know The ManJen Weih2003277419:47
So, You Want To Be Popular?Jeanne C. Finley1988164219
GendertroublemakersJeanne B. (aka Mihra-Soleil Ross)1993202720:00
Confused Sexual Views: AndyJeanette Reinhardt1984132312
Confused Sexual Views: AnnaJeanette Reinhardt1984132410
Confused Sexual Views: BevJeanette Reinhardt1984132520
Confused Sexual Views: BradJeanette Reinhardt1984132619
Confused Sexual Views: Bruce- Liz And AnyaJeanette Reinhardt1984132710
Confused Sexual Views: ChickJeanette Reinhardt1984132815
Confused Sexual Views: ColinJeanette Reinhardt1984132921
Confused Sexual Views: CorryJeanette Reinhardt1984133026
Confused Sexual Views: DougJeanette Reinhardt1984133114
Confused Sexual Views: GaryJeanette Reinhardt1984133225
Confused Sexual Views: Gary And GinaJeanette Reinhardt1984133330
Confused Sexual Views: GinaJeanette Reinhardt1984133416
Confused Sexual Views: JeanetteJeanette Reinhardt1984133525
Confused Sexual Views: JeanieJeanette Reinhardt198413366
Confused Sexual Views: JocelynJeanette Reinhardt1984133725
Confused Sexual Views: JoeJeanette Reinhardt1984133811
Confused Sexual Views: KathyJeanette Reinhardt1984133912
Confused Sexual Views: Mark And DedreJeanette Reinhardt1984134018
Confused Sexual Views: MarleneJeanette Reinhardt1984134115
Confused Sexual Views: MichaelJeanette Reinhardt1984134210
Confused Sexual Views: PaulJeanette Reinhardt1984134326
Confused Sexual Views: TimJeanette Reinhardt1984134510
Confused Sexual Views: TommyJeanette Reinhardt1984134617
Confused Sexual Views: Tony And TinaJeanette Reinhardt1984134723
Confused Sexual Views: Terry And WalterJeanette Reinhardt1984134823
Confused Sexual Views: ZippyJeanette Reinhardt1984134913
Mother May I?Jeanette Reinhardt1987149313:00
Confused Sexual Views: Sara And KellieJeanette Reinahardt1984134438
Double VisionsJean Lamarr1996186320:00
Alma House Anthropology MuseumJean Irwin [Twin Rainbows]1977182328:00
In the Absence of HeroesJayce Salloum1984120843:00
Ascent Of Man: Parts 1, 2 & 3Jayce Salloum1986152018:30
Once You've Shot The Gun You Can't Stop The BulletJayce Salloum19881661a8
Episode 1: So. Cal.Jayce Salloum19881661b33
Muqaddimah Li-Nihayat Jidal (Introduction to the End of an Argument):Jayce Salloum1990179645:00
Up To The South (Talaheen A Junuub)Jayce Salloum1993196860:00
This Is Not Beirut: There Was And There Was NotJayce Salloum1994200748:00
Untitled Part 1: Everything and NothingJayce Salloum2001262240:40
untitled part 3: (as if) beauty never ends...Jayce Salloum2002270411:22
untitled part 2: beauty and the eastJayce Salloum1999271050:15
untitled installation tapes (1999 - 2004)Jayce Salloum200429381:18:00
untitled part 4 terra incognitaJayce Salloum2005286337:30
RageJay Hirabayashi1988162523:00
Dream of BarbellaJay Griggs20012541
PaintingJason Lowe2004279114:00
Visual Artists SeriesJanice Starko1984119028:00
Visual Artists SeriesJanice Starko19841190c10
Inn Counter 1977Janet Miller197783929:00
Lake Huron Birds Take 3Jane Wright198214169
SexJane Wright198414177
This Is WhatJane Wright1984141826
Lake Huron BirdsJane Wright19821557f10
Electronic SunsetsJane Wright197593520:00
Wallace & TheresaJan Peacock19851371a9:00
Pie y CafeJan Peacock198414215:00
Whitewash (JP)Jan Peacock1990178114:00
Persons UnknownJan Koot19801396b7
EmJames Seligman1982112522:00
The Man From VenusJames Diamond199924073:40
Brain plus WorldJames Diamond200126235:50
Mars Womb ManJames Diamond2006289410:00
The Man From Venus/ Mars Womb ManJames Diamond2006290513:40
Private PropertyJames Diamond200729596:00
HumansJames Desjarlais20012668 b6:44
Peuk Nepi - Meeting WaterwomanJames Nicholas200428295:16
to the living, the dead, and those yet unbornJames Nicholas2004283010:45
First Things FirstJames Diamond20022617- 2668 a2:00
Some of the Stories: a Documentary about Trans YouthJacob Simpson2001269333:06
Up From the AshesJack Micay1999238053:00
Road To Tlalocan- I Want To Have Fun Now- and To Live on Your KneesIvo Zanatta1986135215
TransmissionIvan E. Coyote199822798:00
Pee AmericaIvan E. Coyote2001292417:10
The Love That Won't Shut UpIvan E. Coyote2007298521:00
Black FlagIstvan Kantor199823169:00
Light as a feather / heavy as leadIrene Loughlin200628924:45
IMAG Youth 2001 CompilationIMAG20012668a,b,c,d,e0:25:00
autoscopyIgor Santizo2005292112:00
Art vs. ArtHummer TV1983114760:00
Hormone WarzoneHummer TV1984121711:00
Power PlayHummer TV1984121828:00
Tory- Tory- ToryHummer TV1984121935:00
The Yellow PagesHo Tam199421317:45
La Salle PrimaryHo Tam19982294a5:00
Pocahontas: Transworld RemixHo Tam19982294b4:20
99 MenHo Tam19982294c3:00
Dear SisHo Tam19982294d4:20
Season of the BoysHo Tam19972294e3:30
Washington Heights UntitledHo Tam19992403d4:00
Hair CutsHo Tam19992403a8:00
Cop StringsHo Tam19992403b6:00
Matinee IdolHo Tam19992403e16:30
Matinee IdolHo Tam19992403f16:30
dos cartas / two lettersHo Tam19992403c3:30
Ho Tam 2001 CompilationHo Tam20012621a-d45:00
Bus No. 7Ho Tam20012621a3:00
My Memories of MeHo Tam20012621b3:00