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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Sex + Sadness (Part 1)Brian MacDonald20012641 A
you don't know what love is.Brian MacDonald20012641 B
Sex + Sadness (Part 2)Brian MacDonald20012641 C
my poor headBrian MacDonald20012641 D
Sex + Sadness (Part 3)Brian MacDonald20012641 E
Memories of EarthBrian MacDonald20042767 A-G21:00
NauseaBrian MacDonald20042767 A1:23
CryingBrian MacDonald20042767 B3:00
Elaine CryingBrian MacDonald20042767 C2:45
The Evil VillainBrian MacDonald20042767 D2:15
I Can't Believe You Actually Died / the MicrophonesBrian MacDonald20042767 E4:30
Decade ProjectBrian MacDonald20042767 F2:30
I Make Sad Movies - The EndBrian MacDonald20042767 G2:50
Video Art Therapy #1: Journey To A Distant PlanetBrian MacDonald2007294416:32
Murder and UFOsBrian MacDonald2005284520:00
Purveyor of TasteBrendan Baudat200629343:48
3-D SongBrendan Baudat2006293516:04
Clayoquot SoundsBrenda Mary1993202828
What's Up?Branda Miller19871824d33:00
That's It- Forget ItBranda Miller19851825b4:00
L.A. NickelBranda Miller19831825c8:00
Noise the politics of digital audioBrady Cranfield200227377:25
Out of PlayBonn Kim20022630
Oh BeautifulBonita Makuch199924216:00
Dominatrix InterviewBlair Stapleton1985129212:00
Michelin Bill - The Workers' StoryBill McKiggan20191464a30
Partir D'une Metamorphose IIIBernar Hebert1982104860:00
Public MelodramaBernar Hebert1982106014:00
The Buck Stops HereBC Coalition of the Disabled2018202517
DispositionBaruch Rafic1992208416:00
Barbara- Juan And VietBaruch Rafic199220858:00
Snow Job: The Media Hysteria Of AidsBarbara Hammer19881716b8:00
Hot FlashBarbara Hammer1989181921:00
No No Nooky T.V.Barbara Hammer1987182012:00
T.V. TartBarbara Hammer1988182110:00
History of the World According to a LesbianBarbara Hammer1987182212:00
Overcome Fear Through SpiritualityBarbara Burdick2002262614:30
Zero To The PowerBarbara Bourget19891678b80
Fresh Blood: A Consideration of Belongingb.h. Yael1996226555:00
New Works Winter 2007Asa Mori et al20072926
the tea partyAsa Mori200629121:45
usagiasa mori200428733:50
La cí darem la manoArturo Cubacub19851486a4:00
OrbitArturo Cubacub19861486b3:00
Suspects (Performance for the Police)Artspeak Gallery2001256426:38
Syntax ErrorsArtspeak Gallery20022642-26433:13:
Syntaxerrors 01: Acting out- Play-Doh* and Doubt: a personalized history of performative lecturingArtspeak Gallery20022642-264352:33
Syntaxerrors 02: The honey's not far from the stingArtspeak Gallery20022642-26431:20:00
Syntaxerrors 03: Counter-InterpellationArtspeak Gallery20022642-264350:33
Charlie's ProspectAriella Pahlke19972426 a10:00
Never Too LateAriella Pahlke19982426 h19
The Nukes and Golf CoincidenceAriella Pahlke19952426 c10
Not Tough EnoughAriella Pahlke19942426 d5
My New RoommateAriella Pahlke19932426 e13
Day in the Life of a Parking Ticket OutlawAriella Pahlke19972426 f2
Video is Fun!Ariella Pahlke19972426 g4
Women Down Prospect: Final ReportAriella Pahlke19962426 i9
Sugar DaddyArdele Lister198091531
SplitArdele Lister1981127320:00
HellArdele Lister1984130518
Zoe's CarArdele Lister198616056:30
Behold The Promised LandArdele Lister1991192123
It Happens To The Best Of UsArdele Lister1989190923:00
cyberpowowArcher Pechawis19992462
Out, Black + Proud in BCApril Sumter-Freitag2004279213:15
Chinese Cafes In Rural SaskatchewanAnthony Chan1985157326:00
Another Day In AmericaAnthony Chan1989169829
American NurseAnthony Chan1992184028:45
The PanamaAnthony Chan1995218930
Sweet HeatAnthony Chan1998232028:40
IrresistibleAnnthea Whittaker199924113:30
Homeless in Two PartsAnnthea Whittaker20012526
Return of the RealAnnthea Whittaker200226032:30
Legends Sx̱wex̱wx̱wiy'am' The Story Of Siwash RockAnnie Fraziér-Henry1999241224:00
Words of WisdomAnnie Fraziér Henry1992191415:00
VisionsAnnie Frazier Henry199221329:00
Ladies of the InletAnnie Fraziér Henry1995215827:00
Totem TalkAnnie Fraziér Henry1997219622:00
Singing Our StoriesAnnie Fraziér Henry1998238158:52
MmmmmmAnne Ramsden19811032a21:00
New FreedomAnne Ramsden19811032b13:00
Feminine ProtectionAnne Ramsden19821032c17:00
Manufactured Romance Part 1: Chance For LoveAnne Ramsden19821312a30:00
Manufactured Romance Part 2: Beauty- Passion- and PowerAnne Ramsden19831312b20:00
Manufactured Romance Part 3: Emotional GroundAnne Ramsden19851312c15:00
Fat Chance (AG)Anne Golden19942001c10:00
Mom- I Think I'm...Anna Malkin1995216410:00
Ninteen Eighty (1980) Banana OlympicsAnna Banana198089230:00
Futurist SoundAnna Banana1979137242:00
Box NumberAni Kalemkerian1999241415:00
Uranium QuestionAndy Harvey197872445:00
Five Minutes Or So In The Life...Andy Harvey19780897a3:00
Intellectually AsexualAndy Harvey19800897b7:00
Dear DiaryAndy Harvey198289811:00
Farmers of the SeaAndy Harvey198197729:00
Maraculture: The Promise Of The SeaAndy Harvey1981097829:00
Drawing The LinesAndy Harvey1982102240:00
frontAndrew Power1995216620:00
o/cAndrew Power199622297:20
Untitled (AP)Andrew Power199822785:00