This collection contains videos shared with Video Out/VIVO Media Arts, but not currently in distribution.
Videos include historic videos deposited by producers to the then physical tape library as well as current videos which are part of VIVO's archives/special collections section.
Some historic videos were shared with Video Out in the past for "in library use only", and others were once available for distribution. Today, in the digital era, they are primarily available by request for personal viewing/research.
Contact the archivist at to discuss the potential for licensing, streaming, and other forms of distribution.

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ChildbirthSteven Sky1976
MaryTim Tierney1975
Lotus In The WestVictoria Buddhist Society1975
Ac Dc Food CircusSky Kahli1975
Kick The World/zoom Shot/video PortKobuhiro Kawanaka1974
Coastal Bird MigrationTim Tierney2016
James Bond On U.i.c.Richard Ward1975
Le Pois FouVideographe1971
Three Woman SculptorsLeigh Deering1975
Twenty YearsSakumi Hagiwara1974
Red MountainSky Kahli1974
Video Dance ExperimentsMary Sheridan1975
Year Of The DragonRussell Treye1975
Miscellaneous CollageNorman Gould1973
Bulletin ColombienOdette Brassard1975
Performing Artists ShowMartin Stubbs1975
Off Limitsn/a2008
Lion DanceChinese Media Committee1975
Chinaman's ChanceFrank Chin1975
Christopher Gosson/peter BorowskyThe Video Centre1974
Video Archives Intro/ Klas VerboomThe Video Centre1974
Willie P. BennettThe Video Centre1974
HighlightsRoss Gentleman1975
Form Function FashionSid Morozoff1975
Women's Political DanceElaine Velazquez1975