This collection contains videos shared with Video Out/VIVO Media Arts, but not currently in distribution.
Videos include historic videos deposited by producers to the then physical tape library as well as current videos which are part of VIVO's archives/special collections section.
Some historic videos were shared with Video Out in the past for "in library use only", and others were once available for distribution. Today, in the digital era, they are primarily available by request for personal viewing/research.
Contact the archivist at to discuss the potential for licensing, streaming, and other forms of distribution.

Node: Titlesort iconText: Artist 1 (field_video_artist)Date: Year of Video: (field_date)
The Day Sex EndedRichard Ward1973
Merchants Of DeathRichard Ward1972
Good FridayLory Harach1972
I Wanna WorkConnexions1972
Women's Self Help ClinicMo Simpson2016
Bust Of Timothy LearyElridge Cleaver1971
Sculpture in MovementEvelyn Roth1974
Video Inn FeedbackVideo Inn1974
Lets EatRandy Gledhill2016
Distortion #1Neil Goldstein1973
Montgomery - Hyde ParkKim Block1973
Defaite En Defaite Jusqu'a La VictoireJo Laforce1974
L'école aux mains des étudiantsDaniel Poirier1973
Continuons Le CombatPierre Falardeau1974
Video ArtJune Boe1973
Reel To RealityVideo Access Centre1973
Confirmation By Doing #8-7-9.Keigo Yamamoto1973
Know Your TurtleLisa Steele1973
Mentally HandicappedMo Simpson1973
Access To CommunicationsSimon Nicholson1972
Japanese GardensJune Boe1973
MudflatsJune Boe1973
ThirteenJan Zimmerman1973
Confession of an Adolescent MurdererJan Zimmerman1972
RenaissanceIrene Halikas1974