This collection contains videos shared with Video Out/VIVO Media Arts, but not currently in distribution.
Videos include historic videos deposited by producers to the then physical tape library as well as current videos which are part of VIVO's archives/special collections section.
Some historic videos were shared with Video Out in the past for "in library use only", and others were once available for distribution. Today, in the digital era, they are primarily available by request for personal viewing/research.
Contact the archivist at to discuss the potential for licensing, streaming, and other forms of distribution.

Node: Titlesort iconText: Artist 1 (field_video_artist)Date: Year of Video: (field_date)
Trans-sexual LifestyleRoberta Kalargirou1971
FranceWerner Aellen1972
Why Wounded Knee?Miles Mogulescu1974
HollandWerner Aellen1972
Germany & SwedenWerner Aellen1972
Inter-action EnglandWerner Aellen1972
Lausanne- SwitzerlandWerner Aellen1972
Music With BallsTerry Riley1968
Pilchuk Workshop HighlightsBuster Simpson1973
Power Flick ChroniclesAllen Frederickson1972
Self Portrait / Homage To Colonel SandersMichael Hayden2016
Life Craft EarthFitch Cady1972
Ballad Of A.j. WebermanJohn Reilly1971
Et puis, c'est la fin d'une vieSection Journalisme (U.L.B.)1972
Video Free America - Early SamplerVideo Free America1973
Vasulkas Early Experiments [2/2]Woody Vasulkas1971
Vasulkas Early Experiments [1/2]Steina Vasulkas1971
Water CurrentFrank Cavestani1971
Vain VictoryFrank Cavestani1971
Nihilist Spasm Band At The York HotelIan Galloway1971
Video Freex Sampler [2/2]Video Freex1971
Video Freex Sampler [1/2]Video Freex1971
Where Do The Children Play?Mike Coyle1972
Space Circus - Homemade BabyMichael Goldberg1973
Life In The CityVideofreex1973