This collection contains videos shared with Video Out/VIVO Media Arts, but not currently in distribution.
Videos include historic videos deposited by producers to the then physical tape library as well as current videos which are part of VIVO's archives/special collections section.
Some historic videos were shared with Video Out in the past for "in library use only", and others were once available for distribution. Today, in the digital era, they are primarily available by request for personal viewing/research.
Contact the archivist at to discuss the potential for licensing, streaming, and other forms of distribution.

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Music: Maruga's Univeral Light BandRick Seaman1972
TreesWalter Wright1971
Street ChainBill Roberts1972
Reveil De Peuple (notre Dame)Charles Picot1972
Al Neil - Piano AnticsJune Boe1973
Profiles Of WomenJune Boe1972
Environmental EducationGrade 7 Boys- Llewellyn School1972
Paxton #8Steve Christiansen1972
EarthwormsLisa Steele1973
Art EducationNova Scotia College of Art1972
Trucker CaravanPeter Berg1971
Fairview Killarney Area CouncilBecky Munsie1972
GhentWalter Wright1972
Video ArtNova Scotia College of Art1971
LouieBrian Levin1970
Television GenerationBrian Levin1970
Wired World InsanityWaterloo Community Media1972
Children Learn What They LiveShawn Preus1973
It's MagicRoy Turner1972
Image ManipulationStan Fox1973
Aldergrove MotocrossByron Black1972
YogaByron Black1972
Magnesium: A Dance by Steve PaxtonSteve Christiansen1972
Earthmeet 72 W/ Cap' n FortrackThomas Klien1972