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TitleArtistDurationYearCountryAcc. #
Stories from the Front (and Back) A True Blue Romance Vera Frenkel (et-al) 61:00 1981 Canada 992
Demonstration of the Fear of Pain Kim Tomczak 14:00 1980 Canada 0991a
Review Of Kim Tomczak's New Photos John Mitchell 4:00 1980 Canada 0990b
Vancouver Canada Or They Chant Fed Up Kim Tomczak 23:00 1980 Canada 0990a
Everything Is Illusion Except Power Kim Tomczak 4:00 1978 Canada 0989c
Herman Nitsch At The Western Front Kim Tomczak 5:00 1978 Canada 0989b
One Hundred Years Of Aggression Kim Tomczak 19:00 1979 Canada 0989a
Dutch Light-Textual Action marshalore 22:35 1981 Canada 987
Potatoes Elizabeth Vander Zaag (et-al) 11:00 1982 Canada 0981b
Through The Holes Elizabeth Vander Zaag 3:00 1981 Canada 0981a