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TitleArtistDurationYearCountryAcc. #
Black Magic Theatre Video West 30:00 1972 Canada 0060b
Transient Men Diane Lemire (et-al) 30:00 1971 Canada 0060a
The Opening of The Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre Linda Johnson 22:00 1972 Canada 0059
Bal Anat Dancers Trish Hardman (et-al) 26:00 1973 United States 0058
Junk Sculpture Matthew Speier 21:00 1972 Canada 0057b
God Save The Houses York University 31:00 1973 Canada 0057a
Peoples Playgroup Venice Women s Film Collective 17:00 1972 United States 0056c
Liberation Media Women s Involvement Program (et-al) 27:00 1972 Canada 0056b
Sour Grapes: Patriarchal Heritage Women s Involvement Program (et-al) 16:00 1972 Canada 0056a
Birth Control Francie Wyland (et-al) 33:00 1973 Canada 0055b