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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducerYearsort iconAccession NumberDuration
Mary Manic's DecorumClark Nikolai19832257d1:36
Confused: The ControversyRobert Harvey1984115745:00
Out of the Glass BackwardsJumpstart Productions1984117825:00
Visual Artists SeriesJanice Starko1984119028:00
Visual Artists SeriesJanice Starko19841190c10
World Of Hiroshi HoriMichael Goldberg1984119322
In the Absence of HeroesJayce Salloum1984120843:00
Hormone WarzoneHummer TV1984121711:00
Power PlayHummer TV1984121828:00
Tory- Tory- ToryHummer TV1984121935:00
Big WorldEd Mowbray1984122018:00
Inner Landscape - Insight ImagesUlrike Rosenbach1984122116:00
Visual GongUlrike Rosenbach1984122215:00
Dog Of Luis And SalvadorAgent Orange Inc.19841223e6:20
Fight Back: Transition HouseSpeak Out Productions1984122430
Technology Knows No Sacred CowsCornelia Wyngaarden198412283:30
Working the Double ShiftLisa Steele1984123718:00
Here in the SouthwestJoyan Saunders19841238a22:30
Prospect PlaceJoyan Saunders1984124029:00
Is Your Mother Living?Paula Levine1984124220:00
Human Body Energy No. 3Keigo Yamamoto19841245a5:00
Not Dead YetEd Mowbray1984124756:00
Video WannseeMichael Morris1984125017:00
Heroics: DefinitionsSara Diamond1984126836:00
Hearts BeatElizabeth Vander Zaag19841269a10:00
Split Seconds Of MagnificenceLydia Schouten19841287b15:30
Either/Or in ChinatownGabor Body1984128937:00
Come Fly With Sonny DayFraser Finlayson1984129010:00
ConfusedPaul Wong1984129452:00
Simulate/DesireMark Verabioff19841296a2:00
HellArdele Lister1984130518
TrioAndrew James Paterson1984131124
Confused Sexual Views: AndyJeanette Reinhardt1984132312
Confused Sexual Views: AnnaJeanette Reinhardt1984132410
Confused Sexual Views: BevJeanette Reinhardt1984132520
Confused Sexual Views: BradJeanette Reinhardt1984132619
Confused Sexual Views: Bruce- Liz And AnyaJeanette Reinhardt1984132710
Confused Sexual Views: ChickJeanette Reinhardt1984132815
Confused Sexual Views: ColinJeanette Reinhardt1984132921
Confused Sexual Views: CorryJeanette Reinhardt1984133026
Confused Sexual Views: DougJeanette Reinhardt1984133114
Confused Sexual Views: GaryJeanette Reinhardt1984133225
Confused Sexual Views: Gary And GinaJeanette Reinhardt1984133330
Confused Sexual Views: GinaJeanette Reinhardt1984133416
Confused Sexual Views: JeanetteJeanette Reinhardt1984133525
Confused Sexual Views: JeanieJeanette Reinhardt198413366
Confused Sexual Views: JocelynJeanette Reinhardt1984133725
Confused Sexual Views: JoeJeanette Reinhardt1984133811
Confused Sexual Views: KathyJeanette Reinhardt1984133912
Confused Sexual Views: Mark And DedreJeanette Reinhardt1984134018
Confused Sexual Views: MarleneJeanette Reinhardt1984134115
Confused Sexual Views: MichaelJeanette Reinhardt1984134210
Confused Sexual Views: PaulJeanette Reinhardt1984134326
Confused Sexual Views: Sara And KellieJeanette Reinahardt1984134438
Confused Sexual Views: TimJeanette Reinhardt1984134510
Confused Sexual Views: TommyJeanette Reinhardt1984134617
Confused Sexual Views: Tony And TinaJeanette Reinhardt1984134723
Confused Sexual Views: Terry And WalterJeanette Reinhardt1984134823
Confused Sexual Views: ZippyJeanette Reinhardt1984134913
Reverse LetterLuc Bourdon19841361a8:00
DistanceLuc Bourdon19841361b4:30
ToueiLuc Bourdon19841361c4:00
PhasesSusan Rynard198413664
Dedication To Lee Choon-SopLaurie McDonald19841375b3:00
Dorothy Davis: Make A WayLaurie McDonald1984137726:00
Milk on the Diningroom FloorCornelia Wyngaarden1984138120:00
Hidden HolocaustThird Eye - BBC1984138455
Heroics: A QuestSara Diamond1984138816:00
Heroics I: CreativitySara Diamond1984138922:00
Heroics II: A Shining ExampleSara Diamond1984139020:00
Heroics III: SurvivalSara Diamond1984139138:00
Heroics IV: To Trumph Over MisfortuneSara Diamond1984139240:00
Heroics V: A Conscious and Difficult ChoiceSara Diamond1984139335:00
VaultBruce Yonemoto1984139812:00
Spalding Gray's Map of L.A.Bruce Yonemoto1984140228:00
Changing PartsMona Hatoum1984140624:00
SexJane Wright198414177
This Is WhatJane Wright1984141826
Pie y CafeJan Peacock198414215:00
SisyphusDavid Rimmer1984142622:00
Story of RedRodney Werden1984144415:00
Great Mother Part 2: SachikoMako Idemitsu1984146018:00
Yo No Le Tengo Miedo A NadaTatiana Gaviola19841505a5:56
PopsiclesGloria Camiruaga19841506a5:00
Kipling Trilogy: Perils Of PedagogyJohn Greyson19841511a5:00
Imagination Of The StreetTerry Harasym19841514d15
Alley of AlleyAkira Matsumoto1984153115:00
Confused Sexual Views (compilation Edit)Paul Wong1984158929:00
Granperes Greatest HitsChris Mullington19841630c0
Variations on Discord and DivisionsMona Hatoum1984165628:00
Writing In WaterStephen Roszell19841746b30
With ChildCatherine Elwes19841782e18:00
Femme (CR)Candida Royalle1984205175
Canadian Artists And TelidonPaul Petro1984206220:30
Red NotionElizabeth Vander Zaag19851269b4:00
See EvilLisa Steele1985128628:00
Beauty Becomes the BeastLydia Schouten19851287e10:00
Dominatrix InterviewBlair Stapleton1985129212:00
Crossing The 49thMark Verabioff19851296c10
Killing TimeMark Verabioff19851296d5:00