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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducerYearsort iconAccession NumberDuration
Chosen FamilyMaureen Bradley2001253713:00
Photographer's DiaryWayne Yung2001253826:00
Variations on a Polypropylene WrapperTricia Middleton200125395
Watching Lesbian PornDayna McLeod20012540b10:30
Dream of BarbellaJay Griggs20012541
Untitled (DC)Dana Claxton200125458:00
Upgrade Beta Version 1.1Paul Manly200125464:00
Ciao CiaoMichelle Irving200125475:30
An Atlas of the MoonWayne Yung200125724:38
Chopstick Bloody ChopstickWayne Yung2001257214:16
Bad Hair DayMeesoo Lee200125497:20
People DanceDana Claxton2001255424
Shame on YouElana Herman (Lupis)2001255511
Ò6ÓOliver Hockenhull2001255715:00
Boilt PixelsOliver Hockenhull200125588:00
Queer Things I hate About You Nickolaos Stagias20012518b5
FemmeNickolaos Stagias200125634:30
Suspects (Performance for the Police)Artspeak Gallery2001256426:38
Cats Vs. Alarm ClocksA.J. Brown200125659:00
Untitled (MB)Maureen Bradley200125662:37
Gender LineWG Burnham2001256813:13
Tricia Middleton and Joel Taylor CompilationTricia Middleton2001256927:00
Theme Song IITricia Middleton200125703:30
On the Romance TipTricia Middleton200125713
With Six You Get EggrollWayne Yung2001257299
Ava's Mountain AdventureRobert Linsley2001259320
Thinking of YouWG Burnham200125749:30
How to Make Love in an EarthquakeDonna Szoke200125755:57
CrusadingKenneth Doren20012579a6:00
Homage Medulla-OblongataKenneth Doren20012579b11:00
FallEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)200125803:00
Dildo Goes HomeLynne Kamm2001258113:38
ShuiClark Nikolai200125824:29
Audio Performance ToursTagny Duff2001258316:00
NY PrincessCarol Demech2001258513:30
CrushedMeesoo Lee20012586
Natalie of WoodShawn Chappelle200125872:45
AnhedoniaTJ Cuthand200126029:00
Native Youth Movement: Vancouver ChapterNitanis Desjarlais2001258949:00
Diaper BoyFrederick Cummings20012616b
Ho Tam 2001 CompilationHo Tam20012621a-d45:00
Bus No. 7Ho Tam20012621a3:00
My Memories of MeHo Tam20012621b3:00
Miracles on 163rdHo Tam20012621c25:00
The LoopHo Tam20012621d14:00
Untitled Part 1: Everything and NothingJayce Salloum2001262240:40
Brain plus WorldJames Diamond200126235:50
My Heart the ProphetJeremy Drummond20012637g1:45
My Heart the LunchboxJeremy Drummond20012637h
Living ArtMargaret Dragu200126387:00
Sex + SadnessBrian MacDonald2001264121:00
Sex + Sadness (Part 1)Brian MacDonald20012641 A
you don't know what love is.Brian MacDonald20012641 B
Sex + Sadness (Part 2)Brian MacDonald20012641 C
my poor headBrian MacDonald20012641 D
Sex + Sadness (Part 3)Brian MacDonald20012641 E
Miss Edmonton Teenburger 1983 in: It's Party Time!Amy Lockhart2001264617:00
EroticismDesiree Lim200126637:30
Kitchen DancesEmma Howes200126666:44
IMAG Youth 2001 CompilationIMAG20012668a,b,c,d,e0:25:00
HumansJames Desjarlais20012668 b6:44
She's Not AloneSondra Cross20012668 c3:23
AtrocitiesMichelle Oleman20012668d3:30
Monologue SeriesKim Dawn2001267145:00
Forced being ForcedKim Dawn200126729:00
CreeperKim Dawn200126825:00
Some of the Stories: a Documentary about Trans YouthJacob Simpson2001269333:06
My Heart The CookClark Nikolai20012739b2:00
Heterosexual AgendaMark Kenneth Woods2001274311:40
Pimp & Ho : Adventures in QueersploitationMark Kenneth Woods20012744a9:00
Unspoken TerritoryMarusya Bociurkiw2001276060:00
SerenadeMeesoo Lee20012726 E2:08
KitoreKai Ling Xue2001283310:00
Plum SauceKaren Tam200128919:00
The Spirit of HumanityVenus Soberanes200129136:00
Pee AmericaIvan E. Coyote2001292417:10
ListlessLaurel Swenson200226066:11
Bad Ideas for ParadiseEmily Vey Duke2002259019:34
Fine ArtsEmily Vey Duke200225913:38
Return to the RealAnnthea Whittaker200226032:30
Notes from Diamond Z: Videos from AntarcticaNicholas Johnson2002260459:00
My Heart... The LumberjackEmily Vey Duke20022605a0:13
My Heart... Drug AddledEmily Vey Duke20022605b2:03
SwingLaurel Swenson200226074:14
MonkeyJoe Sarahan200226155:30
Lionels ReturnFrederick Cummings20022616a
Viral CleansingFrederick Cummings20022616d
QP CollectiveFrederick Cummings20022616f
First Things FirstJames Diamond20022617- 2668 a2:00
SamsaraGoody B. Wiseman20022618
Beginner's Curse for Sluts and PsychopathsGoody B. Wiseman200226192:06
Frederick Cummings CompilationFrederick Cummings20022616
Le Viaduc d'OrClark Nikolai200226203:41
Warriors on the WaterNitanis Desjarlais2002262427:00
Deaf Rowing ChallengeLisa Anderson200226257:00
Overcome Fear Through SpiritualityBarbara Burdick2002262614:30
Through Deaf Womens' EyesLeanor Vlug2002262713:30
Reverse PlanetJohn Warren2002262811:30
Tooth DeafaeryGordon P. Hoeppner2002262912:30
Out of PlayBonn Kim20022630