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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Is That Me?Elijah Hasan201140945:28
Losing GroundIsabelle Hayeur2009409013:00
Mother and BabeLief Hall201140811:14
25/27Lief Hall2008408014:22
HorseyBren Ryder201040934:45
Blimey DaysPablo Griff201040925:08
A Moment's ReverieTess Martin2007409110:15
Lasting Present Until You Walk Away, Your YouthYi Xin Tong20094089loop
StillYi Xin Tong200940881:58
The Furthermost ImaginableYi Xin Tong2010408752:27
Full Light JacketYi Xin Tong201040862:39
Duck on ParoleYi Xin Tong20104085loop
BridgeYi Xin Tong201140842:37
Moon & SunYi Xin Tong201040832:13
YouthYi Xin Tong200940825:02
(dis)location - SalvadorSarah Shamash2010407942:00
Variations on Elevators and Pink GirlsSarah Shamash201140785:13
Pink GirlSarah Shamash201040774:10
The Comfort WindowWayne Yung201040766:34
A New Ecology for the Citizen of a Digital AgeNick Briz200940754:16
Critical Glitch Artware Category .doc[umentary]Nick Briz2010407419:41
The Lost and Crumpled WillStuart Pound201040711:07
Green Water DragonStuart Pound201040681:09
Here and ThereStuart Pound201040671:32
SuperQueerSakino Sepulveda201040733:47
A Bigger SplashMartin Borden201040706:00
Simple Simple SimpleStuart Pound201040661:42
Lord CockworthyClark Nikolai201040659:01
Porn StartMark Kenneth Woods2010406453:00
AccessDonna Lee2010406319:46
Chains of BetrayalDerek Howard2008406238:00
Black MoonBrandon Blommaert201040551:10
PrioritiesBrian Gotro201040544:26
Butch TitsJen Crothers201040613:39
City Under SiegeMiriam Needoba201040605:00
OratoryJeremy Isao Speier2005405928:09
HeroJeremy Isao Speier2009405875:38
Nationalism and Sport: the Only Way to LoveEmilio Rojas201040579:30
A Reason to RideLucinda Wallace2009405328:00
Wigged OutNickolaos Stagias2009405236:00
Sadie the Saddest SadistMary Reid Kelley200940477:23
Queen's EnglishMary Reid Kelley201040464:20
PrecipitateJennifer Campbell201040433:42
EruptionJennifer Campbell201040423:37
Silent HillKyath Battie2009402417:45
Tunnel CanaryEric Lohrenz2009402337:00
Point No PointJennifer Campbell201040403:37
Talking HeadsTijmen Hauer200840214:14
Results of the ExperimentOliver Hockenhull20104019b22:00
Shot on Blood: Kozmikonic ElectronicaOliver Hockenhull20104019a57:00
Re:CommandmentsGuli Silberstein200740385:00
Layers of CognitionGuli Silberstein200540395:07
beachGuli Silberstein200640374:55
ExcerptGuli Silberstein200840254:35
Tunnel CanaryEric Lohrenz2010402337:00
49th and DavieAyaz Kamani2010402215:37
BloodstormTerry Haines201040209:03
Ariadne's ThreadSarah Shamash2009401512:25
Her Sugar Is?Dana Claxton200940132:36
FrolicClark Nikolai200940123:31
Fair TradeLeslie Supnet200940074:30
The Animated Heavy Metal Parking LotLeslie Supnet200840061:40
putting yourself out thereClint Enns200940052:05
HorseArcher Pechawis200940049:48
Bring Your Textile to Cover UpPierre Andre Sonolet200940025:23
Bring Your Pigment for LunchPierre Andre Sonolet200940014:42
Breaking Ice: The Birth of a Canadian Surf CultureMichael Rossi2007400018:30
Beauty LiesKaren Chapman2007309959:00
Security GuardsSarah Shamash2008309730:00
SpeechStuart Pound200930964:25
Oh no, not you again!Stuart Pound200930951:00
The Crying of the ForestStuart Pound200930943:41
Venus, SeparatedStuart Pound200930931:00
Not you again!Stuart Pound200930923:49
Retro disk chunterStuart Pound200930911:00
only & AGONYTerry Haines200930902:30
Ailimentary PassageRandy Lee Cutler200930899:30
Twisted SageTerry Haines200930884:35
The Last Mittens of WinterTerry Haines200930871:30
Sleep Tight (Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite)Lisa G2009308615:00
SwansTrevor McLain200930833:00
InterchangeKyath Battie200830827:00
Naoko-san: Immigration Story in Three ActsRika Moorhouse2008401411:37
Here Are The NewsCathleen Smith2008308151:00
Galactic Docking CompanyClark Nikolai200930783:11
The Oblivion & the BlindCindy Mochizuki200730711:42
Attila & IFrederick Cummings200930778:56
Confessions of a SalesmanHo Tam2009307555:00
ScuffersChristine Kirouac200930746:18
Pimp & Ho: The Dragon FairyMark Kenneth Woods2008307311:00
AsylumLisa G200830727:00
New AtlantisLeigh (Jen) Fisher200830664:32
SparkleneLeigh (Jen) Fisher200730653:02
Body Without OrgansGiada Ghiringhelli2008306414:22
Easter EverywhereJeremy Todd2008306268:00
I'm So HappySarah Shamash200830705:16
The Adventure of a PhotographerSarah Shamash200830699:12
WarriorTerry Haines200830686:30
Up the Rabbit HoleAsa Mori200830675:00