This year’s Special Collections showcases feature works by artist’s between 1979 and 1993.

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Historic British Columbia Video Art + Documentary Collection
Indigenous Video Art + Documentary Collection
Japanese Video Art Collection
Early Feminist Video
Historical Collection

Early Video Digitization Project Excerpts of selected early BC based documentary and video art from 1973-1985 are now viewable thanks to funding support of the I.K Barber Learning Centre at the University of British Columbia Library.

To view the full work please contact us to request preview DVDs or visit our 4,000+ title collection 11-6 Tuesday through Saturday.

TitleArtistDurationYearCountryAcc. #
   Pixelord - Biorobots Leonid Kalyadin Russia 2013 3:48 5430
   General Public Identity Robert Hamilton Canada 2013 1:08 5376
   Sketch Christopher Logan Canada 2005 1:13:35 6042
   I am Into Your Fire Orland Gray Nutt Canada 2010 3:50 5037
   Reality Fragment 160921 七个木 (Qigemu) (et-al) United Kingdom 2017 14:02 7045
   Upstream Russell Wallace Canada 2013 2:23 5380