This collection contains videos shared with Video Out/VIVO Media Arts, but not currently in distribution.
Videos include historic videos deposited by producers to the then physical tape library as well as current videos which are part of VIVO's archives/special collections section.
Some historic videos were shared with Video Out in the past for "in library use only", and others were once available for distribution. Today, in the digital era, they are primarily available by request for personal viewing/research.
Contact the archivist at to discuss the potential for licensing, streaming, and other forms of distribution.

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From the Inside/OUT!Persimmon Blackbridge2000
Groovular Niftiness - A Collection of shorts by Clark NikolaiClark Nikolai2005
VixenKyath Battie1998
The Director's CutJeremy Drummond2003
Prevention TankJeremy Drummond2003
A Safer AmericaJeremy Drummond2003
Post-Mortal EjaculationJeremy Drummond2003
Mustache ParkJeremy Drummond2003
Tuesday and I (Remix)Jeremy Drummond2003
Home Is Where You Are HappyJeremy Drummond2003
Tu SuhudinhHelen Haig-Brown2003
JunkmailJeremy Drummond2002
Toni Latour: Selected Video WorkToni Latour2000
Satellite: PerformanceNelson Hendricks2002
Devil MusicTrinity Square Video2002
SatelliteNelson Henricks2002
I Touch MyselfJeremy Drummond1999
Stallworks: Act 3Jeremy Drummond1999
Stallworks: Act 2Jeremy Drummond1999
Stallworks: Act 1Jeremy Drummond1999
Sweet as HoneyJeremy Drummond2001
Untitled (JD)Jeremy Drummond2001
White ChristmasJeremy Drummond1998
Storage RoomJeremy Drummond2001
Suburban DisciplineJeremy Drummond2002