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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
What Happened In Chile1976Loni Ding28In Library Only0644
Of Mice And Men [1/2]1976Reg Alcock60In Library Only646
June Boe Pot Pourri1976June Boe50In Library Only647
It's Our World So Let's Do Something About It1976Penny Joy30In Library Only662
The Agony and the Ecstasy1976John Mitchell8:00In Distribution0672a
Co-op Chez-nous1976Cine-Videobec17In Library Only680
Of Mice And Men [2/2]1976Reg Alcock60In Library Only687
999 Live At Nashville Rooms1976Fantasy Factory7In Library Only0718a Ses Sorcieres1976La Femme et le film53In Library Only759
Gutter1976Paul Wong8:00In Distribution0773a
Rotunda1976Paul Wong8:00In Distribution0773b
The Typist1976Rodney Werden18:00In Distribution0775
Mainstreet Tapes1976Paul Wong30:00In Distribution872
Three Video Dance Poems1976Paul Wong30In Library Only905
Sunglasses1976Teri Chmilar7In Library Only0949a
Run!1976Teri Chmilar2In Library Only0949b
Pauli Schell1976Rodney Werden55:00In Distribution1017
Rock Garden (installation)1976Paul Wong10:00In Distribution1082
Rock Garden [2]1976Paul Wong10:00In Library Only1083
Amass (installation)1976Paul Wong30:00In Distribution1120
Amass (part 2 Of 4 - Wall)1976Paul Wong30In Library Only1121
Amass (part 3 Of 4 - Cliff)1976Paul Wong30In Library Only1122
Amass (part 4 Of 4 - Roof )1976Paul Wong30:00In Library Only1123
Frau...Frau1976Ulrike Rosenbach20:00In Distribution1149a
Sylva Gelber: An Interview1976Women in Focus28In Library OnlyW0048
Looking For A Job?1976Women in Focus28In Library OnlyW0058
Women's Rally For Action1976Women in Focus28In Library OnlyW0059
Women Composers1976Women in Focus28In Library OnlyW0064
Marie-claire Blais: An Interview1976Women in Focus27In Library OnlyW0066
Dr. Dorothy Smith: An Interview1976Women in Focus28In Library OnlyW0090
60 Unit Bruise1976Paul Wong5:00In Distribution0872a
K of P Reading at the Western Front1976Kenneth Fletcher3:00In Distribution0872c
Contact Improvisational Dance1976Paul Wong24minIn Library Only0503
Excerpts From Video Inn At the CRTC1977Video Inn0In Distribution0241b
Video Inn Productions '771977Video Inn60In Library Only282
New Era Video Theatre #11977New Era Social Club30In Library Only577
Sunbear At Unitarian Church [1/2]1977Twin Rainbows [Jean Irwin]30In Library Only590
Sunbear At Unitarian Church [1/2]1977Twin Rainbows [Jean Irwin]30In Library Only591
The First Step1977Shawn Preus11In Library Only0593
Sounds Of Silence: The Voyage1977Lin Bennett15In Library Only605
Quebecoise Rient1977Diane Heffernon45In Library Only613
Last Week1977Deborah Fong2In Library Only614
Rule Of Thumb1977Peg Campbell30In Library Only615
Timeis1977Bob Kearney7In Library Only622
Timeless/toussaint Overture1977Goddamatch15In Library Only632
Colour One1977Ross Gentleman3In Library Only0636a
Stairs1977Ross Gentleman6In Library Only0636b
Her Handicapped1977Reel Feelings Media25:00In Library Only638
Edge Of Sleep1977Taki Bluesinger60In Library Only648
Sun Spot Activity 19371977Pat Drake13In Library Only651
Young Adults Demo 19771977Young Adults15In Library Only659
Renaissance Fair 19771977Andrew Krummins60In Library Only660
Swampwater1977Penny JoyIn Library Only0663a
Daddy- Are We Alive Or On Videotape?1977Penny JoyIn Library Only0663b
Introduction To Dental Acupuncture1977Janet Miller12In Library Only664
Issues In Child Abuse1977Janet Miller28In Library Only665
Broken Dolls1977Sharon Lovett80In Library Only669
Broken Dolls (part 2)1977Sharon Lovett80In Library Only670
S.a.a.c. Conference: A Time Of Change1977Metro Media33In Library Only675
Sign Of Affection?1977Peg Campbell25In Library Only677
Spots Before Your Eyes1977Eric Metcalfe22:00In Distribution678
Christmas Special1977Jim Bescott60In Library Only679
Pis Pas Rien Que Du Cote Des Garderies1977Cine-Videobec30In Library Only681
Mad About The Crazy Lady [1/2]1977Monica Holden Lawrence44In Library Only682
Mad About The Crazy Lady [2/2]1977Monica Holden Lawrence44In Library Only683
Reindeer Werk October 19771977Video Vehicule Productions20In Library Only695
Portrait1977David Moore21In Library Only0697a
Vers Le Capitalisme1977marshalore12In Library Only0697b
Interim1977Don Druick3In Library Only712
Taxi Drivers1977Geoff Wheelwright22In Library Only714
Selections From Guimond/dion1977Daniel Guimond60In Library Only763
Serene Composition Suggestive Of Pastoral Repose1977Noel Harding17In Library Only813
Role Of The Woman In The Chilean Resistance1977Pat Smith30In Library Only824
Video Inn Productions1977Video Inn Members50In Library Only837
Inn Counter 19771977Janet Miller29:00In Distribution839
I Am And You Are In The Sentence1977Rhoda Rosenfeld29In Library Only850
C'Žtait un Jeu de MŽmoire1977Nora Hutchinson20:00In Distribution884
Street: Winter1977Jane Wright18In Library Only0936a
Woman & Violin1977Teri Chmilar3In Library Only0949c
Moving Images Vs Stills1977Teri Chmilar2In Library Only0949d
A.M. Radio Was His Only Friend1977Rodney Werden17:00In Distribution1014c
Dance1977Rodney Werden10:00In Distribution1018
Murder Research1977Paul Wong17:00In Distribution1024
Support Modeling (installation)1977Paul Wong5:00In Distribution1076
Support Modeling [2]1977Paul Wong5:00In Library Only1077
Support Modeling [3]1977Paul Wong5:00In Library Only1078
Female Energy Change1977Ulrike Rosenbach15:00In Distribution1149b
Videoheads: Retrospective Clips 1968-19761977Jack Henry Moore69In Library Only1153
Untitled1977Ken Kuramoto20In Library Only1301
Alma House Anthropology Museum1977Jean Irwin [Twin Rainbows]28:00In Distribution1823
Caroline Herschell: Astronomer 1750 - 18481977Women in Focus33In Library OnlyW0099
Recycle Your Garbage1977Shawn Preus8:13In Library Only0836a
Contact Lens1978Shawn Preus3:00In Distribution0450a
Born Again1978John Mitchell8:00In Distribution0672b
B.c. Bowl Busters 19771978Sharon Lovett20In Library Only674
Alice, Who Did That To Your Face?1978University of Windsor55:00In Library Only676
Asteroid1978Steve Paxton19:00In Distribution693
Axis Mime At Van Tech1978John Sawyer25In Library Only708
Nuclear Power And Human Fragility1978Andy Harvey29In Library Only709
Yvonne Wanrow1978Daryl Lacey28In Library Only710