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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
Titlesort iconProducerYearAccession NumberDuration
Guardian of SleepZachary C. Longboy20227264
RunningZachary C. Longboy20227263
Your Future is FilledAndy Zuliani2021726211:12
From Chile to Canada: Media HerstoriesSonia Medel2022726117:00
The Relationship Without Images TrailerRosamunde Bordo202072604:07
The Relationship Without Images FeatureRosamunde Bordo202372597:21
Location, Location, LocationRobert Hamilton20237257
Chair SwingRobert Hamilton20227256
Canada ParkRazan AlSalah202072558:04
Your father was born 100 years old, and so was the Nakba أبوكي خلق عمره ١٠٠ سنة، زي النكبةRazan AlSalah201872547:00
Sometime AheadDésirée Jung202372532:37"
NDésirée Jung202272524:45
A Family of PoemsDésirée Jung202372516:44
Blue DustMarzieh Mosavarzadeh20237250
Blue HazeMarzieh Mosavarzadeh202272493:13
Going Back and ForthMarzieh Mosavarzadeh2015724819:34
I Think About You Every DaySimone Lucas2022724715:00
neotwiggi/seesawJosephine Lee201872466:41
Home Video Coney IslandJosephine Lee201972453:34
Death Spells - Episode 2Mena El Shazly202172441:22:00
Death Spells - Episode 1Mena El Shazly202172431:26:00
Death Spells - PilotMena El Shazly2020724217:42
A scroll, scrollingMena El Shazly202272412:17
The_Surplus_in_RoznamaMena El Shazly201572407:04
UshabtiMena El Shazly202072392:00
The RainMena El Shazly202272385:43
Environments: FibersMena El Shazly202272375:26
The ShutMena El Shazly202072365:43
ColoniesMena El Shazly202372353:30
Sun OutageMena El Shazly202072342:05
DegenerateMena El Shazly201272331:27
Mirage Raft (The Dream Talking Oyster)Sidi Chen202372326:29
I am 164cmNazanin Oghanian2020723123:25
Static ForcesNazanin Oghanian2019723071:34
Your Future is FilledAndy Zuliani2023722911:11
Nobody Knows Me Like the BluesTerreane Derrick200272286:13
Marsh Dreamer: Fox revives the Transformer in the Dream Marsh PluralverseMariel Belanger202172274:35
Sqilxw Woman: Emerging from the WaterMariel Belanger202172263:46
Vocal RootsGhinwa Yassine202172258:00
KickQueen_theBodyGhinwa Yassine2020722411:22
Hello, How Are You?Ghinwa Yassine2019722310:24
Family PhotoGhinwa Yassine201272222:00
FallingGhinwa Yassine2019722111:07
Coffee Cup Coffee PotGhinwa Yassine201272204:14
I think I Canada I know I CanadaJosephine Lee2023721913:49
Kirogi (the wild geese, high in the clean blue air are heading home)Josephine Lee202072186:33
Sun Gonna ShineNam Le2023721712:36
PiciformesPablo Garcia Garcia202372168:59
FIRESTORMShawn Chappelle202372156:51
Untitled USJingtong Mai2023721415:06
RadiusKent Tate202272136:28
Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet Aryo Khakpour202372127:44
MudAryo Khakpour 2023721310:00
i see me watchingSidney Gordon202272117:52
privacy-GrDN.infoSandra Araújo202172108:00
Dispatch from Deep TimeJulianne Chapple20227209
My Fantasies Keep Me Up At NiteCelina de Leon202272084:56
Venus Envy: The House of Venus StoryMichael Venus202372071:19:00
Remembering the Struggle for the Legitimacy of Same-sex Desire in the 1970sClark Nikolai2023720612:30
murmurShawn Chappelle202372058:48
Persistence & LossJoseph Clark202172002:42
Moonclock: 4 Phases 2 Optimize URachel Stuckey201671991:11
Convalescing Camcorder and Two CatsRachel Stuckey202171984:28
Magical Car TrackTamara Bilankov202171971:00
The Restless ActsShawn Chappelle2022719636:50
Barge CultClark Nikolai202271951:30
CockleidoscopeClark Nikolai2023719412:00
Relatively SpeakingHarris Taylor1990719314:00
FallBrian Kent Gotro202271925:41
HappyBrian Kent Gotro201771913:47
This Is for You (An Elegy for My Father)Emilie Crewe202071909:10
Kootenay Valley Folk Festival 1972Jim Lipkovitz1972718962:00
Doukhobour HistoryJim Lipkovitz1970019922:18
SkütPablo Griff2023718814:38
digital dreamscapesBrian Kent Gotro2021718711:01
untitled (lamentation)Pablo Griff202271865:06
Blue Plastic BagBijan Karim2021718525:52
(Tending) (to) (Ta): BeginningsApril Lin 林森2021718427:14
Painted GoldEthan Rhodes202171834:33
LlibertatLaura Gines202071825:00
Swimming LessonsLiam Mullen202171819:00
TeardownJason Lei202171804:00
Z020Sahba Sadeghian202171793:00
Stay HomeArnaud Laffond202071784:09
The Main EventPeter Sandmark202171772:58
TheyCatherine Dong2017717630:10
Three Distinct ImpressionsBijan Karim2021717512:00
Rudiments for HexadromeJohn Brennan2021717438:30
Hello, Ocean?Sara Gold2019717316:42
Ofenheizung: Portrait of a StoveJuli Saragosa2020717222:00
Painted GoldEthan Rhodes202171714:33
MeltwaterTracy Peters202171702:22
It Took Forever to Fall AsleepRobert Hamilton2021716901:44:03
Eye of the StormConstantine Katsiris2021716818:24
Woodington PlaceBrian MacDonald2021716769:42
Eye of the StormConstantine Katsiris2015716718:24
You Will Have a FutureSteve Hubert202171666:00
Cold Cold Nevers EversÉmilie Payeur202171652:50
SwaayattateVishal Kumaraswamy2020716416:14
Digital TracesApril Lin2019716318:15