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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
Titlesort iconProducerYearAccession NumberDuration
putting yourself out thereClint Enns200940052:05
HorseArcher Pechawis200940049:48
Bring Your Textile to Cover UpPierre Andre Sonolet200940025:23
Bring Your Pigment for LunchPierre Andre Sonolet200940014:42
Breaking Ice: The Birth of a Canadian Surf CultureMichael Rossi2007400018:30
Beauty LiesKaren Chapman2007309959:00
Security GuardsSarah Shamash2008309730:00
SpeechStuart Pound200930964:25
Oh no, not you again!Stuart Pound200930951:00
The Crying of the ForestStuart Pound200930943:41
Venus, SeparatedStuart Pound200930931:00
Not you again!Stuart Pound200930923:49
Retro disk chunterStuart Pound200930911:00
only & AGONYTerry Haines200930902:30
Ailimentary PassageRandy Lee Cutler200930899:30
Twisted SageTerry Haines200930884:35
The Last Mittens of WinterTerry Haines200930871:30
Sleep Tight (Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite)Lisa G2009308615:00
SwansTrevor McLain200930833:00
InterchangeKyath Battie200830827:00
Naoko-san: Immigration Story in Three ActsRika Moorhouse2008401411:37
Here Are The NewsCathleen Smith2008308151:00
Galactic Docking CompanyClark Nikolai200930783:11
The Oblivion & the BlindCindy Mochizuki200730711:42
Attila & IFrederick Cummings200930778:56
Confessions of a SalesmanHo Tam2009307555:00
ScuffersChristine Kirouac200930746:18
Pimp & Ho: The Dragon FairyMark Kenneth Woods2008307311:00
AsylumLisa G200830727:00
New AtlantisLeigh (Jen) Fisher200830664:32
SparkleneLeigh (Jen) Fisher200730653:02
Body Without OrgansGiada Ghiringhelli2008306414:22
Easter EverywhereJeremy Todd2008306268:00
I'm So HappySarah Shamash200830705:16
The Adventure of a PhotographerSarah Shamash200830699:12
WarriorTerry Haines200830686:30
Up the Rabbit HoleAsa Mori200830675:00
SleeperMarina Roy200430298:05
Through Another’s LensBrian Kent Gotro199830355:02
The Final CutBrian Kent Gotro199930361:15
120999041900 (the murder of god and the arrival of the human)Brian Kent Gotro200030373:10
God is a CanadianBrian Kent Gotro200030381:38
Crippled Communication ResolvedBrian Kent Gotro200130394:23
Briefcase on FireBrian Kent Gotro200130402:50
Running Toward ConsequenceBrian Kent Gotro200130412:41
elevenBrian Kent Gotro200330426:40
A 60 Second VideoBrian Kent Gotro200330431:00
ID ErrorBrian Kent Gotro200430443:44
burthBrian Kent Gotro200430456:57
Untitled (2 telephone messages)Brian Kent Gotro200430464:06
absence presence placeBrian Kent Gotro200430473:21
mouth trickBrian Kent Gotro200430482:40
MoodBrian Kent Gotro200530494:41
00:17:06:47 > 00:00:30:00Brian Kent Gotro200630500:30
the notion of self (in 30 seconds)Brian Kent Gotro200730510:30
BEACHBrian Kent Gotro200830523:20
RESONANCE MARKBrian Kent Gotro200830533:41
VIDEOtapeRBGBrian Kent Gotro200830543:15
VIDEOtapeRBGBrian Kent Gotro200830543:15
VIDEOtapeRBG + OwenBrian Kent Gotro200830555:15
WALKBrian Kent Gotro200830561:00
IncidentOliver Hockenhull200830579:16
This Lane Is Our LaneTerry Haines200830586:44
Cybernetic Love TriangleBrendan Baudat200830592:30
Water Squatters (Thinking and Living Outside the Box)Leon Kaplan200730601:15:00
Hey F*** FaceAmber Dawn200830344:15
Intermedia HistoryGlenn Lewis19731 a- b30:00
Brian + VirginieBrian MacDonald200830283:33
ApartmentEric Deis200430271:49
From The Ground Up In Order, EmbraceNick Briz200730261:39
GREYCON4Brandon Blommaert200730256:36
CheckpointAlex Mah2007302412:00
"Couch" (The Dance)Ken Anderlini20082965
"Out" TakesJohn Goss1989161413:00
...And The Word Was GodRuby Truly198715419:30
1-800 Yer MamaTerra Poirier199822966:00
10Dana Claxton200327188:00
100 Greatest Books of All TimeMaija Martin2000253411:10
1000 CumshotsWayne Yung200327020.041
1932Susan Rynard198816549:00
1932Susan Rynard1988W00078
2003 Meesoo Lee CompilationMeesoo Lee2022272635:00
29/92Sara Diamond1992184417:00
3 Squares- 4 CornersKathryn Weiler1998231111:40
3-D SongBrendan Baudat2006293516:04
4Paul Wong1978105845:00
6-6-6- O'Clock NewsPatrick Hughes1986144212:00
60 Unit BruisePaul Wong19760872a5:00
6pm in AmericaMark Kenneth Woods200327474:00
7 Steps to Sticky HeavenNguyen Tan Hoang19962691Z24:00
7 WorksMark Curry20002523 a-b
700 Planos Para KafkaSandra Quilaqueo19851508d24:00
8 LoopsOliver Hockenhull2005284730:00
99 MenHo Tam19982294c3:00
A Cure for Being OrdinaryEmily Vey Duke200528546:30
A BAD HAIR DAY *RE-EDIT*Meesoo Lee20042798 D7:20
A BOY NAMED SUEMeesoo Lee20042798 C3:44
A day in the life of Gilbert & GeorgeStuart Pound20072928 f9:30
A Fleeting MomentGina Pei Chi Chen200629526:00
A Girl Named KaiKai Ling Xue200428468:30