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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
Titlesort iconProducerYearAccession NumberDuration
Chinatown: Immigrants In AmericaDowntown Community TV197694858:00
Chinese Cafes In Rural SaskatchewanAnthony Chan1985157326:00
Chinese Noodlemaking: Backwards And ForwardsSkip Blumberg199017625:00
Chopstick Bloody ChopstickWayne Yung2001257214:16
Chosen FamilyMaureen Bradley2001253713:00
Christian Prigent Revue Parlee TxtChristian Prigent1981135718
Christine's SecretCandida Royalle2017205272
Ciao CiaoMichelle Irving200125475:30
Class ClownRoseAnne Archibald20052886B5:00
Class of 2000: Unite Against RacismPaul Wong20002524
Clayoquot SoundsBrenda Mary1993202828
ClosureNickolaos Stagias20042788 C2:44
ClownKim Dawn200226814:30
Colonization: the Second ComingTJ Cuthand199622723:30
ColvilleJocelyn Robert19962306c2:15
Come Fly With Sonny DayFraser Finlayson1984129010:00
Comfort SuiteRae Staseson199622259:40
Coming Out Of The ClosetSusan Harman199319124:00
Commercial CulturePopular Projects19851371b5:00
Community Economic Development In B.C.SPARC of B.C.1987151227:00
Concerned Aboriginal Women Occupy The Department of Indian AffairsAmelia Productions1981100260
CondolaJonathan Wells1997219811:00
Condola DC 23Geoffrey Farmer1999242989:00
Confessions Of A ChameleonLynn Hershman19861562b10:00
ConfidenciasSolidad Farina19851508c6:16
Confirmation of My SinsZachery Longboy1995269612:00
ConfusedPaul Wong1984129452:00
Confused Sexual Views (compilation Edit)Paul Wong1984158929:00
Confused Sexual Views: AndyJeanette Reinhardt1984132312
Confused Sexual Views: AnnaJeanette Reinhardt1984132410
Confused Sexual Views: BevJeanette Reinhardt1984132520
Confused Sexual Views: BradJeanette Reinhardt1984132619
Confused Sexual Views: Bruce- Liz And AnyaJeanette Reinhardt1984132710
Confused Sexual Views: ChickJeanette Reinhardt1984132815
Confused Sexual Views: ColinJeanette Reinhardt1984132921
Confused Sexual Views: CorryJeanette Reinhardt1984133026
Confused Sexual Views: DougJeanette Reinhardt1984133114
Confused Sexual Views: GaryJeanette Reinhardt1984133225
Confused Sexual Views: Gary And GinaJeanette Reinhardt1984133330
Confused Sexual Views: GinaJeanette Reinhardt1984133416
Confused Sexual Views: JeanetteJeanette Reinhardt1984133525
Confused Sexual Views: JeanieJeanette Reinhardt198413366
Confused Sexual Views: JocelynJeanette Reinhardt1984133725
Confused Sexual Views: JoeJeanette Reinhardt1984133811
Confused Sexual Views: KathyJeanette Reinhardt1984133912
Confused Sexual Views: Mark And DedreJeanette Reinhardt1984134018
Confused Sexual Views: MarleneJeanette Reinhardt1984134115
Confused Sexual Views: MichaelJeanette Reinhardt1984134210
Confused Sexual Views: PaulJeanette Reinhardt1984134326
Confused Sexual Views: Sara And KellieJeanette Reinahardt1984134438
Confused Sexual Views: Terry And WalterJeanette Reinhardt1984134823
Confused Sexual Views: TimJeanette Reinhardt1984134510
Confused Sexual Views: TommyJeanette Reinhardt1984134617
Confused Sexual Views: Tony And TinaJeanette Reinhardt1984134723
Confused Sexual Views: ZippyJeanette Reinhardt1984134913
Confused: The ControversyRobert Harvey1984115745:00
CongruenceKeigo Yamamoto19766924
Connecticut PapooseErnest Gusella1981172550
Conspiracy Of SilenceLynn Hershman1991182615:00
Contact LensShawn Preus19780450a3:00
Contests USASkip Blumberg1980177338
Cooked! Politics- Performance and Kitchen Sink Video20232552
Cop StringsHo Tam19992403b6:00
CoreTerry Harasym19861514a6
Corpse And MirrorTony Allard1996220725:00
Cory CoryJumpstart20181714a13
CountdownAkram Zaatari19952262b7:00
Couple Of ChangesMichael Goldberg1982101255:00
Couples Photo AlbumVivan Sundaram1994218820:00
Cover Girl: A Gift from GodNguyen Tan Hoang20002690W18:00
Covered With Cold SweatLydia Schouten19831287c8:00
Cow at My TableJennifer Abbott1998238390:00
Cow Tipping-the Militant Indian WaiterRandy Redroad199118629
Coyote CowPaula Levine199422104:00
Crazy of YouAkram Zaatari1997226326:00
CreeperKim Dawn200126825:00
CrimsonGino T.200026904:00
Crimson (NH)Nguyen Tan Hoang20002690V4:00
Crossing The 49thMark Verabioff19851296c10
CRTC Alternative Hearing- February 23- 1978Video Inn197883530:00
CrusadingKenneth Doren20012579a6:00
CrushedMeesoo Lee20012586
CryingBrian MacDonald20042767 B3:00
Cuba: The People [1/2]Jon Alpert197494260:00
Cuba: The People [2/2]Jon Alpert197694325:00
Curious About Existence Emily Vey Duke2003272311:00
Curse Of The HomoJoe Sarahan1993201524
Curse Of The HomoJoe Sarahan1996220917:00
Custom MamboRuben Torres199220055:20
cyberpowowArcher Pechawis19992462
D/A ConverterElizabeth Vander Zaag198097930:00
Dad, Don't Be MadDayna McLeod200427939:00
Damon In BerlinGabor Body1982123127:00
DanceRodney Werden1977101810:00
Dance ReadingMargaret Dragu1985167123
Dancing For The GodsMandala Arts and Culture2004281651:00
Dancing HandsSkip Blumberg1988176527:00
Dangerous BlissCarla Wolf19942001a6:30
Danielle T- D or PNicole Thompson1993190630:00
Dark BaroqueStuart Pound200528678:04