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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
Titlesort iconProducerYearAccession NumberDuration
A Horse- A Filipino- Two Women- A Soldier and Two OfficersNguyen Tan Hoang200528527:20
A MiracleDaniel Barrow20042807a4:00
A Private Dance with Cyd HarlowMeesoo Lee20032756b25:00
a.m.Shani Mootoo1996214730:00
A.M. Radio Was His Only FriendRodney Werden19771014c17:00
Aberrant Motion #1Cathy Sisler1994216711:00
Aberrant Motion #4: Face Story- Stagger StoriesCathy Sisler1994216814:30
AbodePortia Priegert200528595:14
AbooRodney Werden1987148719:00
AbsenceSu Rynard198613645:00
AbstractOliver Hockenhull20222758
Accessory Transit CompanyJorge Lozano19801007b12:00
Aces and 8'sDanaan Dallas20042805
Acid TearsNicole Thompson19911860b7:30
Act Your AgeMeg Torwl2009250842:00
Ads EpidemicJohn Greyson198717094:00
Adventures of A.D.D. GirlTerra Poirier200026744:00
AeonsroomJuli Saragosa2007296830:00
Airline Safety Film #4aDamaged Californians199117783:30
Albert's DinerDavid Clark1997248710:00
AlbumDonna Szoke20062895b4:52
Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of LightOliver Hockenhull19962516ab78:31
Alison KnowlesMorris And Hellen Belkin Gallery2000250227:00
All Good Medicine: Kon-a-wai Kloshe La-mes-tinCease Wyss1993197528:00
All is Well on the BorderfrontAkram Zaatari1997226443:00
All Night Till Next MorningKenneth Doren199622317:00
All Orientals Look The SameValerie Soe19861494a2:00
Alley of AlleyAkira Matsumoto1984153115:00
Allicia MacdonaldL.O.V.E2002267715:12
Alma House Anthropology MuseumJean Irwin [Twin Rainbows]1977182328:00
AloneJulie Harrison19811040b3:00
Am I Happy?Shawn Preus197988231:00
Amass (installation)Paul Wong1976112030:00
Amass/composite 1976Paul Wong197661618:00
Ambling Through GreenScott Robinson19891811e4:00
American NurseAnthony Chan1992184028:45
An Atlas of the MoonWayne Yung200125724:38
An der NordseekusteClark Nikolai200327623:40
Ancestral ArchetypesVenus Soberanes20062916a17:00
And Now The Truth (a Parenthesis)Vera Frenkel198089130:00
AndySteve Reinke19962308c8:30
AngelWayne Yung19982292a5:00
AnhedoniaTJ Cuthand200126029:00
AnimakerKou Nakajima1982108420:00
Animation Compilation 2007Daniel Barrow, et al20172984
Another Day In AmericaAnthony Chan1989169829
AntarcticaMeesoo Lee2001253347:00
Anwolek - Regatta CityDana Claxton200528414:22
Apartment Living & West-Nile ReduxTricia Middleton2004276917:00
Archival Moments In An Ongoing Story Of Power RelationsLeila Sujir1992193810
Aren't You Lucky to Have Brought Your Own ChairMargaret Scott1999241516:00
ArgentinaDaniel Dion19811013c7:00
Art vs. ArtHummer TV1983114760:00
As a Wife Has a CowCornelia Wyngaarden1985138240:00
As The Petals FallTerry Ewasiuk1983111930:00
AscensionJohn Boehme19962499
Ascent Of Man: Parts 1, 2 & 3Jayce Salloum1986152018:30
Asian BoyfriendWayne Yung200629951:00
AsteroidSteve Paxton197869319:00
Ati-Ati-HanMarlin Oliveros198614898:30
AtrocitiesMichelle Oleman20012668d3:30
AttachmentsTricia Middleton2001251413:30
Attention PublicEmily Vey Duke200528149:40
Attraction To Older MenClark Nikolai2005285510:00
Attraction To Older Men (with french subtitles- for preview only)Clark Nikolai20052855b10:00
Audio Performance ToursTagny Duff2001258316:00
AuraMing-Yuen S. Ma199120397:00
AutocriticasMarcela Serrano19801508e5:00
Automatic Music Meesoo Lee20032756 a3:45
Automatic Music re-editMeesoo Lee20032818 B3:36
autoscopyIgor Santizo2005292112:00
Ava's Mountain AdventureRobert Linsley2001259320
AvalancheClark Nikolai200729875:20
Awakening of Elizabeth ShawEva Manly1996217425:00
Ay De Los VencidosLotty Rosenfeld19861504l2:15
Ay Sudamerica!C.A.D.A.19811504f4:00
B-84: Leaving The GroundByron Black19811256a17:00
Baby DollsRodney Werden1978101617:00
Baby EyesElizabeth Vander Zaag198311183:00
Back UpMargret Dragu1978100538:00
Bad BoyVelveeta Krisp200528764:43
Bad Hair DayMeesoo Lee200125497:20
Bad Ideas for ParadiseEmily Vey Duke2002259019:34
Bad PersonDonna Szoke200528491:45
bambi/coloursMeesoo Lee200529754:35
Bangkok (Fighting Aids)John Goss199218356:00
Barbara- Juan And VietBaruch Rafic199220858:00
BarberedAndrew Power200629093:45
Bardo GapMargaret Dragu1994214818:00
BC Hydro et ses projects du Site C et de Hat CreekYan Geofroy1981160028
Bear RiverTerra Poirier200427843:30
Beautiful JewOliver Hockenhull20022689 a-b1:45:
Beauty Becomes the BeastLydia Schouten19851287e10:00
Bed of Fear Lisa G200427945:25
Before the New MilleniumLorna Boschman2007295826:57
Beginner's Curse for Sluts and PsychopathsGoody B. Wiseman200226192:06
Behind the Billboard on Prior StreetMichael Lithgow2005282118:23
Behold The Promised LandArdele Lister1991192123