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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
Titlesort iconProducerYearAccession NumberDuration
Dating And Mate SelectionGerry Kisil198315337:00
DaveJoe Sarahan1991181212:30
Davie Street BluesWayne Yung19992292c12:47
Day In Glass CityLaura Lamb1987148110
Day in the Life of a Parking Ticket OutlawAriella Pahlke19972426 f2
De-sign Series 0: Rec-zoneVisual Brains19882094a7:00
De-sign Series 1: KunrenVisual Brains19891984a8
De-sign Series 1: KunrenVisual Brains19892094b8:00
De-sign Series 2: 5-7-5 Hi CookVisual Brains19901984b10:00
De-sign Series 2: 5-7-5 Hi CookVisual Brains19902094c10:00
De-sign Series 3: Stand:driftVisual Brains19912094d20:00
De-sign Series 4: Cycle:recycleVisual Brains19932094e15:00
De-sign Series 5: Inside:outsideVisual Brains19942094f14:00
Dead Man Was a WomanCornelia Wyngaarden1992185120:00
Dead Weight of a Quarrel HangsWalid Ra ad1996218316:54
Deaf Rowing ChallengeLisa Anderson200226257:00
Dear DiaryAndy Harvey198289811:00
Dear GuyJeremy Todd2007299783:00
Dear Potato Chip LoverJohn G. Boehme2023248112:00
Dear SisHo Tam19982294d4:20
Death & Love: A Rhythm MythTerence Anthony1997224326:40
Death of the LotusLaurie McDonald198917105:20
Deb and SisiMark Kenneth Woods2007299881:00
Decade ProjectBrian MacDonald20042767 F2:30
Deconstructed DollhouseMargaret Dragu1996215120:00
Dedication To Lee Choon-SopLaurie McDonald19841375b3:00
DefianceMaureen Bradley199320136:15
Degrassi B Girlz HighMark Peacock200528814:35
Delicate IssueKate Craig197985812:00
Delivery: Artist Mothers on TapeElizabeth MacKenzie2000250679
Demonstration of the Fear of PainKim Tomczak19800991a14:00
Der DoppelgängerStuart Pound200528648:50
Des Bouches et le rose et le brunMartine Crispo199419775:00
Designer GaysMark Kenneth Woods200427802:45
Desire ControlElizabeth Chitty1981129712:00
Desire Inc.Lynn Hershman1990175326:00
Desiree Lim DVD CompilationDesiree Lim2004279640:00
Despite The EndlessnessSusan Harman19911813b10:00
Deux PiedsLaurie McDonald19761095c4:00
Devil Music ScreeningVarious2002266941:56
DezineTeri Chmilar1981101031:00
DialogoKaren Rannucci19800952a58:00 Be ContinuedSandra Tivy1989174318
Diamela EltitGloria Camiruaga19861506b5:00
DiAna's Hair Ego: AIDS Info Up FrontEllen Spiro1990179529:00
Diaper BoyFrederick Cummings20012616b
Diasporama (Part I): Dead AirYau Ching (a)1997225087:00
Dig- Dig- DigMelanie Fei-Lin Boyle199419792:30
Dildo Goes HomeLynne Kamm2001258113:38
Dinosaur DazeScott Robinson19911811c4:00
Dirty Little StoryMelodie Calvert1994198620:00
Disarmament Video SurveyDisarmament Video Committee1982107160:00
DiscopediaHo Tam200729778:15
Discover Oral HygieneTagny Duff199723826:00
Disposable LezDesiree Lim199926646:30
DispositionBaruch Rafic1992208416:00
DistanceLuc Bourdon19841361b4:30
Diva TVDiva Research Team1998240939:00
Division de la NatureDaniel Dion19811013f5:00
Dog and FishSabrina Mathews19941983f4:00
Dog Of Luis And SalvadorAgent Orange Inc.19841223e6:20
DogmachineElizabeth Chitty1981156522:00
Doing TimeLorna Boschman1991179427:00
doktor OvakozminskyClark Nikolai19912257h14:20
Dollhouse DiariesRae Staseson199923927:11
Domestic BlitzKyath Battie200729765:00
Dominant CultureStuart Pound2007301014:54
Dominatrix InterviewBlair Stapleton1985129212:00
Donna Szoke New WorksDonna Szoke20062895 a-e17:30
Donna Szoke Selected Works 2007 BETADonna Szoke20072946
Dorothy Davis: Make A WayLaurie McDonald1984137726:00
dos cartas / two lettersHo Tam19992403c3:30
Double TakeLynn Hershman1989175228:00
Double VisionsJean Lamarr1996186320:00
Dr. Lorna's Seven Day Poodle DietLorna Boschman1999231853:00
Drag On a FagNickolaos Stagias199427575:00
DragonflyTerry Haines200629204:07
Drawing The LineLorna Boschman199218287:30
Drawing The LinesAndy Harvey1982102240:00
Dream of BarbellaJay Griggs20012541
Dream of DonutsMeesoo Lee20002485
Dream Voices, Day VoicesJohn Galloway198614476:30
Dreams of the Night CleanersLeila Sujir1995214546:30
DreamtimeLaurie McDonald198816897:00
DredgerEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)200730129:00
DressMark Peacock2002264515:00
dry ideaVelveeta Krisp200729402:19
Dry Kisses OnlyKaucyila Brooks19901791a75:00
Duet For Tap and GaloshesLaurie McDonald19801095a2:00
DusterEric Metcalfe1992185737:00
Dutch Light-Textual Actionmarshalore198198722:35
Dying SwanLaurie McDonald19751095d3:00
Dyke: Just Be It Desiree Lim199926651:30
E V OOliver Hockenhull200226551:17:
E-12 Native Students Demonstration And ProtestMonitor North1988162623
Eagle MountainJohn Huddleston1989168830
Earle Murphy's Winter OlympicsSkip Blumberg1980177229
Earthworks In HarmonyPaul Wong197428732:00
EasyNickolaos Stagias2000252113:51