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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
Titlesort iconProducerYearAccession NumberDuration
Ho Tam 2001 CompilationHo Tam20012621a-d45:00
Hollywood StoryMarlene Madison20032714b15:00
Holy Cow!Tomiyo Sasaki19871719a12
Holy DogJudith Norris199924237:00
Holy JoeJoe Sarahan1987148310:37
Holy Matrimony BillyMark Kenneth Woods200427774:30
Homage Medulla-OblongataKenneth Doren20012579b11:00
Home StreetGerry Kisil198614908:00
Homecoming '92 - Before The UprootingRuby Truly1993210047:00
Homecoming '92 - Children Of Two CulturesRuby Truly1993210346
Homecoming '92 - Conference OverviewRuby Truly1993197148:00
Homecoming '92 - Exiled To JapanRuby Truly1993210435
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #1Ruby Truly1993210145:00
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #2Ruby Truly1993210240
Homecoming '92 - Redress: The Community In ProcessRuby Truly1993210545
HomelandsPaul Wong198613737:00
Homeless in Two PartsAnnthea Whittaker20012526
HopeDana Claxton200729929:51
HorizonKou Nakajima19801098a8:00
Hormone WarzoneHummer TV1984121711:00
HoseKen Anderlini199823039:00
Hot Chicks on TVElizabeth Vander Zaag198613636:30
Hot FlashBarbara Hammer1989181921:00
Hotel SevillaStuart Pound20072928 a5:29
How Many FingersAndrew James Paterson198113008:30
How Photographs are Stored in the BrainSteve Reinke19982308b7:30
How to be a Recluse: 7 Easy StepsLaurel Swenson199823014:30
How to Fake an OrgasmDayna McLeod19992540a9:00
How to Lose a GuyNickolaos Stagias200327195:36
How to Make Love in an EarthquakeDonna Szoke200125755:57
How To Read Macho Mouse (Para Leer al Macho Mouse)Aaron Anish199118598:00
How To Survive In A Hostile EnvironmentPaula Levine1991207714
Human Body Energy No. 3Keigo Yamamoto19841245a5:00
HumansJames Desjarlais20012668 b6:44
HybredChristine Kirouac200730079:40
Hybrid VigourStephen Arthur199420484
HygieneAndrew James Paterson1985130942:00
I Against ITate Shimozawa1996221610:00
I Am A Conjuror Emily Vey Duke200327228:30
I Can't Believe You Actually Died / the MicrophonesBrian MacDonald20042767 E4:30
I CUM ISacha Fink2006292510:00
I don't care who you are...Vanessa Kwan200327824:30
I ForgotJulie Harrison19821040a2:11
I Hate HouseworkRenee Poisson199924348:00
I Heard Her Angry OnceNora Hutchinson197988621:00
I Make Sad Movies - The EndBrian MacDonald20042767 G2:50
I Told You From The Start Just How This Would EndFrederick Cummings2006293112:30
I Want To Know WhyDana Claxton199419936:30
I'm SorryRodney Werden19741014a5:00
I'm TellingKim A. Hines2000250914:20
I'm With You True BlueNeil R. Armstrong1980102620:00
I'll Bet You Ain't Never Seen Noth'n Like This BeforeRodney Werden1980101936:00
Icarus Landed Kenneth Sherman199322815:00
Ice Skate CanadaMark Peacock200730051:57
Ideal/na(rra)tionYau Ching (a)199421384:00
IdentityLing Chiu199220084:00
IIIJoe Sarahan1989166411:00
IMAG Youth 2001 CompilationIMAG20012668a,b,c,d,e0:25:00
Imagination Of The StreetTerry Harasym19841514d15
Imagined SelfNikki Forrest199018035:00
imMaterialStephanie Loveless200729505:10
ImmersedPortia Priegert200729933:50
ImmortalityAndrew James Paterson19871740b28
ImpermanenceVenus Soberanes200229146:00
Improvisations TrouveesMichael Morris19811262a14
In Living MemoryAmy Gottlieb1997224614:00
In Praise of Non RepresentationNeil R. Armstrong1982102720:00
In Search of Truth from Banana RelationshipsKeith Suriani2003273015:30
In Ten SityPaul Wong1979086724:00
In the Absence of HeroesJayce Salloum1984120843:00
In the Age of Latex SexJudy Cheung19916:00
In The BeginningScott Robinson19911811b4:00
In the Blue LightKenneth Sherman199322835:00
In The Northwest CornerNimi Langer200528113:30
In the Wake of StarsScott Robinson19911811a7:00
Incident on Ballantyne PierElana Herman (Lupis)2000249619:19
India Hearts BeatLeila Sujir1988170514:00
Influences of My MotherSara Diamond1982105226:00
InfraductionMonty Cantsin198214327
Inherent Rights- Vision RightsLawrence Paul Yuxweluptun1992222812:00
Inn Counter 1977Janet Miller197783929:00
Inner Landscape - Insight ImagesUlrike Rosenbach1984122116:00
InsideTrish Garner200327275:44
Inside InformationJoshua Blakney19862079a3:23
Intellectually AsexualAndy Harvey19800897b7:00
Intermedia HistoryGlenn Lewis19731 a- b30:00
Intermedia HistoryGlenn Lewis19730001b30:00
Intermedia HistoryGlenn Lewis19731 a- b30:00
Intermedia SamplerMichael Goldberg1972006730:00
Interview With My DadVanessa Kwan20022781 b2:30
Intimate Aesthetics20232550
IntroductionChristine Kirouac200730084:00
Inversion De EscenaC.A.D.A.19791504e5:00
Invisible Citizens: Japanese AmericansKeiko Tsuno1982118060:00
Invision Series 200020232550-2553
InvitationMichael V. Smith200729575:40
Iron Heart...An Industrial RomanceMarty St. James19861414a8:30
IrresistibleAnnthea Whittaker199924113:30
Is There Anything Specific You Want Me to Tell You About?Yau Ching (a)1991213712:00
Is Your Mother Living?Paula Levine1984124220:00