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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
By Courier1974Gary Greenspoon8In Library Only303
Live Lice 1974Clive Robertson29In Library Only305
C'est Tout Pour Nous Et Vous1977Cents Fleurs18In Library Only306
We Apologize For The Delay1974Rick Holyoke47In Library Only307
Statics Of An Egg1975Fujiko Nakaya11In Library Only309
Sculpture-dance Garden1974Michael Goldberg31In Library Only310
Haida Dancing [1/2]2016Charles Naktong Sr.30In Library Only312
Haida Dancing [2/2]2016Charles Natkong Sr.30In Library Only313
Shoecraft-herbicides1973Campbell River TV Association24:00In Library Only0314
Travellin' Faire1975Trish Grossuti34In Library Only0315a
Rosehill Harvest Faire1974Bruce Whibley28In Library Only0315b
Stonecarver And His Craft1974Maureen Sager20In Library Only316
Petit Prince [1/2]2024Yves Trepanier50In Library Only318
Petit Prince [2/2]2024Yves Trepanier20In Library Only319
Gladys- A Queen In Exile [1/2]1975N.Bethune Levine37:00In Library Only320
Gladys- A Queen In Exile [2/2]1975N.Bethune Levine37:10In Library Only321
Conspiration Des Lampadaires [1/2]1974Richard Boutet25In Library Only322
Conspiration Des Lampadaires [2/2]1974Richard Boutet30In Library Only323
Adventures Of The Amazing X1974Dana Atchley29In Library Only324
Little Fairy Hill,<br>Big Fairy Hill1973K. Kay10In Library Only0326
Rape1974Women Alive- Cable 1029In Library Only327
Marshall Mcluhan&#39;s Memorial Music1975Clive Robertson60In Library Only328
Evening With Figtree And Soupe Esqrs.1973Trish Hardman25In Library Only329
Image Bank Colour Research1974Byron Black30In Library Only331
Pier Group Mural Company1974Ardelle Lister30In Library Only332
Video This: Eomor (vol.1 No.1)1973Steven Dilkus30In Library Only333
What Do You Want To See The Harbour For- Anyway?1975Community Planning Assn of Canada35In Library Only334
Common Sense1974Coos County TV58In Library Only335
Mahavishnu1971Walter Wright15In Library Only0342
Doing The Offset Rag1974The Media Project54In Library Only343
Golden Mountain Of The Silver Screen2016KQED-TV29In Library Only345
East Plus/minus West = Music1974Myron Chan58In Library Only346
Video - The New Wave1975WGBH-TV60In Library Only347
Dr. Morgentaler Speaks1974Woman Alive30In Library Only348
Chinese-American Artists2016Mike Chin30In Library Only349
Vonne Griffin #11974Steve Olin50In Library Only350
Birth Of Ludi1974Liz Grumette43In Library Only351
V.o.p. Rehabilitation Workshop1975Kathy Swain31In Library Only352
Point 21974Jean Pierre Poirier16In Library Only353
Portrait Of 3 Chinese-american Women2017Asian-American Workshop28In Library Only354
Life Rhythm Pioneer People's Workshop1975Richard Ward15In Library Only0355
B.C. Video Artists1974Richard Ward25In Library Only356
Landlord And Tenant Act1975Loy Leyland55In Library Only357
Seventy-five Sense: Tv Town Hall [1/2]1974Coos County TV34In Library Only358
Seventy-five Sense: Tv Town Hall [2/2]1974Coos County TV25In Library Only359
Oregon Renaissance Faire1974Medium/Rare27In Library Only360
Vonne Griffin #21973Steve Olin33In Library Only361
Women Of Erin1974Caroline Hatch47In Library Only362
Serendipity1972BC Assn for the Mentally Retarded23In Library Only363
Spanish Tragedy1975Don Druick20In Library Only364
The Bus1975Ross Gentleman18In Library Only0367
Breast Self-examination1975?26:00In Library Only368
Women&#39;s Political Dance1975Elaine Velazquez29In Library Only369
Form Function Fashion1975Sid Morozoff60In Library Only0370
Highlights1975Ross Gentleman22In Library Only371
Willie P. Bennett1974The Video Centre14In Library Only372
Video Archives Intro/ Klas Verboom1974The Video Centre21In Library Only373
Christopher Gosson/peter Borowsky1974The Video Centre28In Library Only374
Chinaman&#39;s Chance1975Frank Chin50In Library Only0375a
Lion Dance1975Chinese Media Committee3In Library Only0375b
Off Limits2008n/a55In Library Only378
Performing Artists Show1975Martin Stubbs28In Library Only0379
Bulletin Colombien1975Odette Brassard15In Library Only0380
Miscellaneous Collage1973Norman Gould30In Library Only381
Year Of The Dragon1975Russell Treye27In Library Only382
Video Dance Experiments1975Mary Sheridan30In Library Only383
Red Mountain1974Sky Kahli32In Library Only384
Twenty Years1974Sakumi Hagiwara6In Library Only385
Three Woman Sculptors1975Leigh Deering30In Library Only389
Le Pois Fou1971Videographe55In Library Only390
James Bond On U.i.c.1975Richard Ward27In Library Only391
Coastal Bird Migration2016Tim Tierney25In Library Only392
Kick The World/zoom Shot/video Port1974Kobuhiro Kawanaka24In Library Only0393
Ac Dc Food Circus1975Sky Kahli32In Library Only394
Lotus In The West1975Victoria Buddhist Society29In Library Only0396
Mary1975Tim Tierney30In Library Only397
Childbirth1976Steven Sky31In Library Only398
Waterfront1975Patrick Chatikian15In Library Only0400
Burning of Custer: The War In South Dakota1973Native American Video30In Library Only401
Women - The Native Experience1973Gail Valaskis30In Library Only0402
Radio Centreville CRTC Appearance1975National Cablevision30In Library Only0406
Moonwalk Synthesized1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0407
Women In The Family1973Ann Sutherland30In Library Only408
Sherlock Holmes Colour Synthesized1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0409
Chinese Buddha Sutras #11974Jack Buchans60In Library Only410
Chinese Buddha Sutra #21974Jack Buchans60In Library Only411
Ewe Ensemble - African Drums / Dance1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0412
Solstanz1975Kalli Paakspou18In Library Only413
Two Families1975Starla Anderson30In Library Only0414
For All The Rude People1975Clive Robertson30In Library Only415
Why Build An Organization?1974Gwen Bassen20In Library Only0416
En quête1973Cristina Collier30In Library Only0417
Baggie Parrot Parody At Narnia1975David McCullough60In Library Only418
Video As A Community Tool -rosedale1976National Film Board30In Library Only419
Communal Living - An Alternative1973Linda Vance30In Library Only0420
Sink1975Allen Bealy19In Library Only421
Getting Better Publicity1974Gwen Bassen28In Library Only425
Consciousness Raising1975Nancy Bernstein30In Library Only426
Making Your Own Publicity1975Gwen Bassen15In Library Only427
Grape Boycott [1/2]1974Trinity Square Video30In Library Only428