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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Mothers Are Working People1973National Film Board6:00In Library Only0193
Joel Schatz1973Image Transfer Company60In Library Only197
Howard Odum1973Joel Schatz50In Library Only198
Confirmation By Doing: Sampler1973Keigo Yamamoto11In Library Only0206
Dance Soap1973Marien Lewis54In Library Only208
Camden Housing Finance Act1973Inter-Action Community Media22In Library Only214
Delirium1973Pierre Bonin12In Library Only215
Our Bodies- Our Selves1973Reel Feelings Media24In Library Only0232a
Women In The Arts1973Reel Feelings Media21In Library Only0232b
439 Ans Après [1/2]1973Vidéographe31In Library Only0238
439 Ans Apres [2/2]1973Videographe31In Library Only239
Metro Media Explanation1973Metro Media28In Library Only253
Être enfant à Paris 4º arrondissement1973Sylvain d'Homme25In Library Only0255
Être enfant à Paris 12º arrondissement1973Henrie Dumolie28In Library Only256
South Hill Daycare1973Metro Media15In Library Only257
Seconds1973Goddamatch30In Library Only276
Wallpaper Vids1973Phil Darrah19In Library Only0277
Untitled1973Charley Ray13In Library Only0279
Cerizay: Elles ont osé1973Les Cents Fleurs40In Library Only0291a
Chilkat Blanket1973Derrick Harvey59In Library Only294
Shoecraft-herbicides [1/2]1973Campbell River TV Association54In Library Only295
Tss Fairsea1973Campbell River TV Association58In Library Only296
Shoecraft-herbicides1973Campbell River TV Association24:00In Library Only0314
Little Fairy Hill,<br>Big Fairy Hill1973K. Kay10In Library Only0326
Evening With Figtree And Soupe Esqrs.1973Trish Hardman25In Library Only329
Video This: Eomor (vol.1 No.1)1973Steven Dilkus30In Library Only333
Vonne Griffin #21973Steve Olin33In Library Only361
Miscellaneous Collage1973Norman Gould30In Library Only381
Burning of Custer: The War In South Dakota1973Native American Video30In Library Only401
Women - The Native Experience1973Gail Valaskis30In Library Only0402
Moonwalk Synthesized1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0407
Women In The Family1973Ann Sutherland30In Library Only408
Sherlock Holmes Colour Synthesized1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0409
Ewe Ensemble - African Drums / Dance1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0412
En quête1973Cristina Collier30In Library Only0417
Communal Living - An Alternative1973Linda Vance30In Library Only0420
Video Festival Promo1973Trinity Square Video29In Library Only431
Unidentified Flying Bandwagon #11973Marty Dunn30In Library Only432
Unidentified Flying Bandwagon #21973Marty Dunn30In Library Only433
Save The Island Homes [1/3]1973Bill George30In Library Only434
Save The Island Homes [2/3]1973Bill George30In Library Only435
Save The Island Homes [3/3]1973Bill George20In Library Only436
Pointe Equal Rights Movement vs Samuel Cohen Realtor1973Gwen Bassen25In Library Only0448
Like The Trees1973Kathleen Shannon15In Library Only492
Les Masques1973Bruno De Panafiev25In Library Only544
Festival De Musique Traditionelle [2/3]1973Marcus Pons30In Library Only553
Festival De Musique Traditionelle [3/3]1973Marcus Pons30In Library Only554
Degenerations Of Atlanta1973Jill Kroesen20In Library Only578
Compilation 19731973Mike Leggett55In Library Only599
First National Lesbian Conference1973Vulva Video25In Library Only728
Strathcona Open House1973Gas ProductionIn Library OnlyW0101
False Creek Autumn Fair1973Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM044
CKLG 73 Flashback Weekend1973Metro Media32:41In Library OnlyM068
York Street Commune1973Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM131
Community Learning Festival/arts In The Forum1973Metro Media60In Library OnlyM159
Festival Of Fine Arts1973Metro Media30In Library OnlyM160
Metro Media Program1973Metro Media31In Library OnlyM167
Knight Street/open Studio/learning Festival1973Metro Media28In Library OnlyM168
Vancouver Free Program1973Metro Media60In Library OnlyM173
Metro Media Program1973Metro Media50In Library OnlyM175
Compilation Of Metro Media Programs1973Metro Media60In Library OnlyM180
Iberian Folk/burnaby Coop/wounded Knee Open Studio1973Metro Media31In Library OnlyM186
Naf Arts & Crafts/kraft Boycott/wounded Knee1973Metro Media60In Library OnlyM195
Metro Media Program1973Metro Media30In Library OnlyM197
Metro Media1973Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM207
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution0001b
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution1 a- b
Spoon Carver: John Zmaeff1974Mike McMann30In Library Only0028
Quebec Ke Ce Ca #61974Videographe29In Library Only0052
Tournesol1974Terry Mcglade17In Library Only71
Homemade Baby1974Connexions24In Library Only72
Punjabi Tape1974Becky Munsie30In Library Only78
Why Wounded Knee?1974Miles Mogulescu28:00In Library Only0114
Renaissance1974Irene Halikas15In Library Only117
Continuons Le Combat1974Pierre Falardeau31In Library Only0132
Defaite En Defaite Jusqu&#39;a La Victoire1974Jo Laforce62In Library Only134
Video Inn Feedback1974Video Inn12In Library Only0137b
Sculpture in Movement1974Evelyn Roth26:00In Library Only0138
Babel 781974Michel Latraverse32In Library Only157
Anna And The Boys1974Allan Moyle10In Library Only159
Activities At Vehicule1974Andree Duchaine28In Library Only161
Quebec! Ke Ce Ca? #41974Videographe27In Library Only162
Space Walk1974Les Levine35In Library Only168
C Major Response Time Sheet1974Don Druick46In Library Only176
Rume1974Don Druick22:00In Library Only0177
What's Stewing1974Video Free U. Vancouver27In Library Only0178
Beemaster&#39;s Short Course1974John Korner55In Library Only180
Vancouver Co-op Radio C.R.T.C. Application1974Palladin Portapacks20:00In Distribution0182
Sur Les Pas De Baudelaire1974Richard Garrido20In Library Only0184a
Fontevraud aux paysans1974Richard Garrido13In Library Only0184b
Video Inn Dance Sampler1974Michael Goldberg30In Library Only185
Oboade Dance And Drum Ensemble1974Seattle Parks And Recreation29In Library Only186
Chasse A L&#39;orignal Telepharoun1974Videographe31In Library Only187
Food For Thought1974Dallas Selman26In Library Only188
Tribal Vision1974Simon Riley15In Library Only189
Five Unrelated Notebook Tapes1974Irvin Tepper30In Library Only192
Miss General Idea1974Western Front Video30In Library Only194
Deccadance Exhibit1974Hank Bull27:00In Library Only195
Love Hotel1974Taki Bluesinger10:00In Distribution196
Pass- Freak Creek1974Jim Lipkovits30In Library Only0200