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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Perser House1976Debbie Littman20In Library Only519
Fantasy Flight And Inner Space Vibrations1976Patrick Drake13In Library Only520
Vibrasonic Video1976Patrick Drake60In Library Only521
Sail On Festival Habitat1976Gerry Gilbert30In Library Only522
Vancouver Mental Patients Association1976Dennis Blue43In Library Only523
Microprocessors1975Bob Phillips60In Library Only524
Press Gang1974The Media Mothers20In Library Only527
Clearance1974Valerie Hammer10In Library Only528
Rape: The Reality1976Elaine Velazques38In Library Only530
Cayuga Station: Part 31975Gary Marcuse25In Library Only531
Wall To Floor Exercises1975Peter Dudar17In Library Only532
Running In O And R1975Peter Dudar12In Library Only533
Chilliwack Conference [1/2]1975B.C. Council of Indian Chiefs70In Library Only535
Chilliwack Conference [2/2]1975B.C. Council of Indian Chiefs70In Library Only536
Mary Jane's Diary-a Primer On A Super Herb1976Youngstown State University25In Library Only542
Michael Lewis1976Younstown State University29In Library Only543
Les Masques1973Bruno De Panafiev25In Library Only544
Planification Urbaine1974Dominique Belloir25In Library Only545
Purcell String Quartet1976SFU Video Workshop60In Library Only546
Magnetic Storm1975B. McCrimmon20In Library Only547
Ramelro East Timor1975Clive Scollay28In Library Only548
Loisir1975Lue Blanchard15In Library Only550
Native Land Claims In Bc - An Introduction1976Target Canada20In Library Only551
Danial Buren1976Art/Tapes 22 Production3In Library Only552
Festival De Musique Traditionelle [2/3]1973Marcus Pons30In Library Only553
Festival De Musique Traditionelle [3/3]1973Marcus Pons30In Library Only554
China - Her Sights And Sounds [1/2]1976Audrey Capel Doray60In Library Only556
China - Her Sights And Sounds [2/2]1976Audrey Capel Doray10In Library Only557
Video Journal 11974Sue Hall23In Library Only0558a
Video Journal1974Sue Hall9In Library Only0558b
Battered Wife1975Interaction33In Library Only559
Contact 74-51975Phil Shingler15In Library Only0560a
Kids Video1975Phil Shingler17In Library Only0560b
Video In Community Work1975Interaction15In Library Only561
Kith And Kids1975Interaction33In Library Only562
Preschool Years: An Alternative .01976Jan Abbey17In Library Only563
New Era Video Theatre #21976New Era Social Club30In Library Only564
We Are The Evidence Of The Western Hemisphere1976American Indian Treaty Council60In Library Only565
His Holiness, The Gyalwa Karmapa1974Byron Black20:00In Library Only0567
Belly Dance-ymca1975Shawn Preus23In Library Only568
Rounds1976C. Charleton30In Library Only0569
Sage Project: "a Coming Of Age"1976Richard Fauman31In Library Only570
Noisy White Fever2020Michitaka Nakahara23In Library Only0572
Evelyn Roth Moving Sculpture Co.1976Helen May28In Library Only573
Eating1975Kyoko Michishita30In Library Only574
Jazz-classical Guitarist Michael Kleniee1975Michael Kleniee18In Library Only575
Orgasm - a Discussion1975Michael Goldberg32In Library Only0576
New Era Video Theatre #11977New Era Social Club30In Library Only577
Degenerations Of Atlanta1973Jill Kroesen20In Library Only578
Sliammon Program1976Yves Langlois30In Library Only580
Shoichi Yokoi1977Video Earth Tokyo25In Library Only0581
Magic Mushrooms1976Paul Tucker7In Library Only582
Open Heart [1/2]1974Chuck Kennedy32In Library Only583
Open Heart [2/2]1974Chuck Kennedy30In Library Only584
Six Works1974Keigo Yamamoto26In Library Only585
Mamelle #11976Norm Gould30In Library Only0586a
Six Works1974Keigo Yamamoto26In Library Only0586b
Mamelle #21976Norm Gould30In Library Only587
How Tv Works1977Tom Defanti30In Library Only588
Second Electronic Visualization Event1977Tom Defanti60In Library Only589
Sunbear At Unitarian Church [1/2]1977Twin Rainbows [Jean Irwin]30In Library Only590
Sunbear At Unitarian Church [1/2]1977Twin Rainbows [Jean Irwin]30In Library Only591
Ferron At Co-op Radio1976Shawn Preus30In Library Only0592
The First Step1977Shawn Preus11In Library Only0593
Calico - Australia [1/5]1976Darwin Media Access Centre30In Library Only594
Calico - Australia [2/5]1976Darwin Media Access Centre30In Library Only595
Calico - Australia [3/5]1976Darwin Media Access Centre30In Library Only596
Calico - Australia [4/5]1976Darwin Media Access Centre30In Library Only597
Calico - Australia [5/5]1976Darwin Media Access Centre30In Library Only598
Compilation 19731973Mike Leggett55In Library Only599
Fraser Valley Folk Festival1976Jim Lipkovits0In Library Only601
Simple Histoire D'amours [1/2]1972National Film Board60In Library Only602
Simple Histoire D'amours [2/2]1972National Film Board60In Library Only603
History Of The Chinese Black Baboon1974Patrick Drake14In Library Only604
Sounds Of Silence: The Voyage1977Lin Bennett15In Library Only605
Lenny1974Bob Frederick65In Library Only606
Slow Dazzle1976Terry McGlade12In Library Only0607a
Rocket1976Terry McGlade6In Library Only0607b
Frivolous1974Terry McGlade4In Library Only0607c
Alone1976Terry McGlade17:00In Library Only0609a
Red Dare1976Terry McGlade12In Library Only0609b
Organizing Tenants1976Trinity Square Video24In Library Only611
Global Village Gazette #31977Global Village28In Library Only612
Quebecoise Rient1977Diane Heffernon45In Library Only613
Last Week1977Deborah Fong2In Library Only614
Rule Of Thumb1977Peg Campbell30In Library Only615
Mary Bell1976Nora Scott-Moncrieff25In Library Only617
Sharing The Dance1976Western Front Video60In Library Only618
Morgentaler On Abortion1974Stuart Cryer12In Library Only619
Interview With Heronitis & Means1976Metro Media25In Library Only0620
Films Of June Boe/sarahglow2024June Boe20In Library Only621
Timeis1977Bob Kearney7In Library Only622
Ethnocide [1/3]1976Cine Difusion Sep55In Library Only623
Ethnocide [2/3]1976Cine Difusion Sep55In Library Only0624
Ethnocide [3/3]1976Cine Difusion Sep20In Library Only625
Food Dilemma1975Spokane Community Video33In Library Only626
Whole Universe Catalog Videotape1977Kirk Kelly30In Library Only627
Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird2024Rose Gerry24In Library Only629
Wubbles To Bubbles1975Rod Mabee7In Library Only0631a
Ravel Returns1975Marsha McQuillan10In Library Only0631b