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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Punjabi Tape1974Becky Munsie30In Library Only78
Chinese New Year1973Optic Nerve8In Library Only79
Balloon 1 / Kung Fu / Genisis1973Bob Chappell31In Library Only80
Children Of One1971Dan Drasin20In Library Only81
Building Demolition2023Sheila Smyth3In Library Only0082a
Evelyn Roth2023Sheila Smyth20In Library Only0082b
Earth2023Unknown17In Library Only83
Wounded Knee Dispatch1973Peter Berg29:00In Library Only0084
Kinetic Sampler1972Steve Christiansen30In Library Only85
Lip-info-lip1972Videographe33In Library Only86
Spirals1972Annabel Nicholson35In Library Only87
Expressions1975Dana Atchley29In Library Only88
Guitar1973Trish Hardman26In Library Only89
Life In The City1973Videofreex57In Library Only90
Space Circus - Homemade Baby1973Michael Goldberg19:00In Library Only0091b
Where Do The Children Play?1972Mike Coyle33In Library Only93
Video Freex Sampler [1/2]1971Video Freex30In Library Only94
Video Freex Sampler [2/2]1971Video Freex30In Library Only95
Nihilist Spasm Band At The York Hotel1971Ian Galloway33In Library Only96
Vain Victory1971Frank Cavestani20In Library Only97
Water Current1971Frank Cavestani30In Library Only99
Vasulkas Early Experiments [1/2]1971Steina Vasulkas30In Library Only100
Vasulkas Early Experiments [2/2]1971Woody Vasulkas30In Library Only101
Video Free America - Early Sampler1973Video Free America33:00In Library Only0102
Et puis, c'est la fin d'une vie1972Section Journalisme (U.L.B.)26In Library Only0103
Ballad Of A.j. Weberman1971John Reilly25In Library Only104
Life Craft Earth1972Fitch Cady50In Library Only0105
Self Portrait / Homage To Colonel Sanders2016Michael Hayden60In Library Only0106
Power Flick Chronicles1972Allen Frederickson17In Library Only107
Pilchuk Workshop Highlights1973Buster Simpson28In Library Only108
Music With Balls1968Terry Riley24In Library Only109
Lausanne- Switzerland1972Werner Aellen26In Library Only110
Inter-action England1972Werner Aellen30In Library Only111
Germany & Sweden1972Werner Aellen31In Library Only112
Holland1972Werner Aellen32In Library Only113
Why Wounded Knee?1974Miles Mogulescu28:00In Library Only0114
France1972Werner Aellen30In Library Only115
Trans-sexual Lifestyle1971Roberta Kalargirou60:00In Library Only0116
Renaissance1974Irene Halikas15In Library Only117
Confession of an Adolescent Murderer1972Jan Zimmerman9In Library Only0118a
Thirteen1973Jan Zimmerman19In Library Only0118b
Mudflats1973June Boe14In Library Only119
Japanese Gardens1973June Boe10In Library Only120
Access To Communications1972Simon Nicholson8In Library Only121
Mentally Handicapped1973Mo Simpson17In Library Only123
Know Your Turtle1973Lisa Steele20In Library Only125
Confirmation By Doing #8-7-9.1973Keigo Yamamoto11In Library Only127
Reel To Reality1973Video Access Centre20In Library Only129
Video Art1973June Boe15In Library Only130
Continuons Le Combat1974Pierre Falardeau31In Library Only0132
L'école aux mains des étudiants1973Daniel Poirier56In Library Only0133
Defaite En Defaite Jusqu'a La Victoire1974Jo Laforce62In Library Only134
Montgomery - Hyde Park1973Kim Block26:00In Library Only0135
Distortion #11973Neil Goldstein10In Library Only0136
Lets Eat2016Randy Gledhill20In Library Only0137a
Video Inn Feedback1974Video Inn12In Library Only0137b
Sculpture in Movement1974Evelyn Roth26:00In Library Only0138
Bust Of Timothy Leary1971Elridge Cleaver32In Library Only139
Women's Self Help Clinic2016Mo Simpson15In Library Only0140
I Wanna Work1972Connexions26:00In Library Only0142
Good Friday1972Lory Harach8In Library Only0143a
Merchants Of Death1972Richard Ward16In Library Only0143b
The Day Sex Ended1973Richard Ward13In Library Only0144
Cotton: The Industrial Web [1/2]2016Denys Arcand60In Library Only145
Cotton: The Industrial Web [2/2]2016Denys Arcand60In Library Only146
Four More Years1972Top Value TV60In Library Only147
Peace Tv2016Nelson Becker16In Library Only148
Sandpile1973Tom Burrows60In Library Only149
April Video Conference1972Howie Arfin30In Library Only150
Stockholm Experience1972Howie Arfin30In Library Only151
Le temps d'une priere1973Jacques Benoit32In Library Only0152
Mierda Los Patrones [1/3]1972Alain Ambrost20In Library Only0153
Mierda Los Patrones [2/3]1972Alain Ambrost18In Library Only154
Mierda Los Patrones [3/3]1972Alain Ambrost22In Library Only155
Pour Une Civilisation Creditiste1973Marie Chamberland20In Library Only156
Babel 781974Michel Latraverse32In Library Only157
Suzanne Et Lucie: Danseuses a go-go1973Richard Boutet24:00In Library Only0158
Anna And The Boys1974Allan Moyle10In Library Only159
Vous Savez Ca- Monsieur Le Ministre1973Robert Favreau50In Library Only160
Activities At Vehicule1974Andree Duchaine28In Library Only161
Quebec! Ke Ce Ca? #41974Videographe27In Library Only162
Bridges1973Ed Harding29In Library Only0163
Survival In The City1973Dan E. Burns26In Library Only0164
Festivale De Musique Traditionelle1973Marcus Pons31In Library Only0165
Deccadance1975Ant Farm52In Library Only166
Gilbert And George1973Les Levine4In Library Only0167a
Christmas Card1973Les Levine10In Library Only0167b
Outside The Republican Convention1972Les Levine13In Library Only0167c
Space Walk1974Les Levine35In Library Only168
The Troubles. An Artist's Document of Ulster1972Les Levine54In Library Only0169
Stand Up Cop1971Les Levine60In Library Only171
Whatever1973Les Levine25In Library Only172
Topesthesia1970Les Levine20In Library Only173
Wounded Knee Discussion1975Metro Media60:00In Library Only174
C Major Response Time Sheet1974Don Druick46In Library Only176
Rume1974Don Druick22:00In Library Only0177
What's Stewing1974Video Free U. Vancouver27In Library Only0178
Killer Whales And Friends1973Paul Spong18:00In Library Only0179
Beemaster's Short Course1974John Korner55In Library Only180
Portfill1972Metro Media14In Library Only0181a