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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
People Speak2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM148
Unemployment2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM149
Theater Co-op2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM150
Midnite Concert2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM151
Interviews With Dancers/artists With Objects2024Metro Media30In Library OnlyM152
Ballet Horizons - Part 12024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM153
Ballet Horizons - Part 22024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM154
Iberian Folk Evening2024Metro Media30In Library OnlyM157
Vinery/folk Singer Lois Theaker2024Metro Media30In Library OnlyM158
Various2024Metro Media50In Library OnlyM164
Vancouver Peoples' Law School: Fighting City Hall2024Metro Media50In Library OnlyM165
Natural Highways2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM169
West Dunbar: Old Folks2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM171
Sfu Senate Speakers2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM172
Primal Therapy2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM174
Greater Vancouver Regional District Conference2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM176
Welfare Rights Commercial2024Metro Media1In Library OnlyM177
Paris Compilation Video Assembly2024Metro Media60In Library OnlyM178
Paris Compilation - French Version2024Metro Media60In Library OnlyM179
Net City Dub/gluttony2024Metro Media30In Library OnlyM182
John Bremmer Talk At Learning Festival2024Metro Media30In Library OnlyM184
Citizen Participation2024Metro Media28In Library OnlyM185
Contents Unknown2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM187
Truck Tape/larry's Leap2024Metro Media40In Library OnlyM189
Interview With Percy W. Bishop2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM190
Raymur Project/life On Wheels/women's Self-help2024Metro Media55In Library OnlyM192
School Days/box Camera/angolese Boycott/handi-2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM193
Metro Media Presents Metro Media2024Metro Media28In Library OnlyM194
Nucleus: Carmon Cadillac- Crystal- Smilin Jack2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM196
Compilation Music Tape2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM198
Jazz Quartet2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM199
Monty Python2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM200
Plan Mayardville2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM201
Daycare/chinese New Year2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM202
Automatic Pilot Easter2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM205
Glorious People Television2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM206
Canada Council Application2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM208
Poetry Reading At Metro Media - Part 12024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM209
Poetry Reading At Metro Media - Part 22024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM210
Restaurant And Glider Tape: Silent Flight2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM211
Autumn Crafts Fair2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM212
Fine Arts Forum2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM213
F.g.r. Drug Tape2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM214
Monty Python2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM217
Dick Payne Music/the Day Sex Ended2024Metro Media30In Library OnlyM218
Canadian Shield2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM219
Multi-cultural Festival2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM220
Reach Dental Clinic2024Metro Media8In Library OnlyM221
Strathcona Community Day Activities2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM223
Canada- Angola And Portugese Imperialism2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM224
Sikh Tape2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM225
Cooking Demonstration2024Metro Media12In Library OnlyM226
Paul Spong On Whales2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM227
Ann Kinney: Artist2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM228
Goose Creek Symphony2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM229
Family Service2024Metro Media20In Library OnlyM230
Theater Piece2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM231
Gloria K. Galiano - Part 12024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM232
Gloria K. Galiano - Part 22024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM233
Sam Agee2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM234
Glorious People2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM235
Public Meeting At Langara College - Part 12024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM236
Public Meeting At Langara College - Part 22024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM237
Homeskin - Part 12024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM239
Homeskin - Part 22024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM240
China Report Tape #22024Metro Media60In Library OnlyM241
China Report Tape #42024Metro Media60In Library OnlyM242
China Report Tape #52024Metro Media60In Library OnlyM243
"crtc: A. Clements- D. Seeley- J. Lipkovitz"2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM245
Four Sets2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM246
Culture Jammin' Pt. 22024Kira Wu42:00In Library Only2271
Culture Jammin' Pt.12024Shani Mootoo33:00In Library Only2270
New Acquisitions Winter 98-99202460:00In Library Only2313b
I'm gonna go eat worms2024Alex Jeavons3:00In Library Only2335
Ganser Syndrome2024Clive Robertson46:15In Library Only2339
Unclean Wiener (A)2024Shawn BristowIn Library Only2341
All The World's A Stage2024Bev Caron4:00In Library Only2343
Luis Valdovino 1990-19942024Luis ValdovinoIn Library Only2346
Barby Nai:Native American Barbie2024Marie Humber ClementsIn Library Only2347
East Facing West (Monitor Left)2024Paula LevineIn Library Only2350
Hundred Videos (4)2024Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Hundred Videos (5)2024Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Triad (tape 1/2/3)2024Sandra VidaIn Library Only2359
Video Sketches2024Ryan TurncliffeIn Library Only
Artifacts of Touch2024Thecla Schiphorst10In Library Only2364
Bruce Finlayson Compilation2024Bruce FinlaysonIn Library Only2365
Pixel Vision2024Eric SaksIn Library Only2372
Accidents in the home2024G YoungIn Library Only2373
Biometrika2024S RobertshawIn Library Only2373
Flying Trunk2024D FinchIn Library Only2373
Arttape 22024In Library Only2376
Brigitta2024B KocsisIn Library Only2379
Shards2024Hank BullIn Distribution
Inclinations Etendus2024In Library Only2396
Ambiguously Gay Duo #1-82024In Library Only2525a
Hete Roy2024In Library Only2525b
Bondage Television2024Stev nn HallIn Distribution2436
New Acquisitions Winter 1999 tape 22024In Distribution2443b
Wayne Yung Compilation 1998-992024Wayne YungIn Distribution
Lasting Impakt2024In Library Only2424