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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
19321988Susan Rynard9:00In Distribution1654
Fictions1989Vern Hume9:00In Distribution1817
Jaws1992Susan Harman9:00In Distribution1830
Body Hair1989Carla Wolf9:00In Distribution1930
Visions1992Annie Frazier Henry9:00In Distribution2132
Word for Word1995Elizabeth MacKenzie9:00In Distribution2177
XXXSpacejunk1996Shawn Chappelle9:00In Distribution2238f
Urbaneutics1998Terence Anthony9:00In Distribution2302
Hose1998Ken Anderlini9:00In Distribution2303
Black Flag1998Istvan Kantor9:00In Distribution2316
Condola DC 231999Geoffrey Farmer9:00In Distribution24298
Luv Ain't Tha Onlee Truth...1999Gloria Orangeena Hole9:00In Distribution2435
Five Visits to the Doctor1997Marlene Madison9:00In Distribution2448
Seuls les ƒternuements sont ƒternels1998laura jeanne lefave9:00In Distribution2475
How to Fake an Orgasm1999Dayna McLeod9:00In Distribution2540a
Cats Vs. Alarm Clocks2001A.J. Brown9:00In Distribution2565
Theft of the Agony of St. Pengui2001Nikola Marin9:00Special2592b
Anhedonia2001TJ Cuthand9:00In Distribution2602
What's News Representations of Take Back the Night2002Nikola Marin9:00In Distribution2636
Forced being Forced2001Kim Dawn9:00In Distribution2672
Pimp & Ho : Adventures in Queersploitation2001Mark Kenneth Woods9:00In Distribution2744a
Lesbian Robot Zombie at Door2002Kiley Fithen9:00In Distribution2768 a
FRIENDS (TM)2004Tricia Middleton9:00In Distribution2770 c
Automatopoeia2004Laiwan9:00In Distribution2786
Dad, Don't Be Mad2004Dayna McLeod9:00In Distribution2793
Catalogue of the Original2004Daniel Barrow9:00In Distribution2807b
Plum Sauce2001Karen Tam9:00In Distribution2891
Dredger2007Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)9:00In Distribution3012
Terminal City2007Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)9:00In Distribution3014
Young and Sexy 2004Meesoo Lee9:11In Distribution2818 A
The Birthday Party2004Gwen Groening9:25In Distribution2790
Queer Sisters In The Brotherhood2004Ellen Pond9:27In Distribution2817
...And The Word Was God1987Ruby Truly9:30In Distribution1541
Thinking of You2001WG Burnham9:30In Distribution2574
Lines2006Stephanie Loveless9:30In Distribution2918
A day in the life of Gilbert & George2007Stuart Pound9:30In Distribution2928 f
Sometimes Stitches are Necessary1997Christof Migone9:34In Distribution2396a
Robert Hamilton - 4 Videos / DVD2004Robert Hamilton9:38In Distribution2826 A - D
Comfort Suite1996Rae Staseson9:40In Distribution2225
My Dead Mother Mother Project1998Kerri Lattimer9:40In Distribution2305
Attention Public2005Emily Vey Duke9:40In Distribution2814
Hybred2007Christine Kirouac9:40In Distribution3007
Hope2007Dana Claxton9:51In Distribution2992
Fish Bowl2002WG Burnham9:54In Distribution2634
World Briefing2007Oliver HockenhullinstaIn Distribution2923
Success (aka Hack)2003Kiley FithenloopIn Distribution2768 c