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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Queer Works Summer 20072007Various Artists54:00In Distribution2982
Experimental Works Summer 20072007Sam Scott, et alIn Distribution2981
Recent Acquisitions Summer 20072007Gina Pei Chi Chen, et alIn Distribution2983
Animation Compilation 20072017Daniel Barrow, et alIn Distribution2984
The Love That Won't Shut Up2007Ivan E. Coyote21:00In Distribution2985
Patient Storm2006Dana Claxton8:00In Distribution2989
Wolf Lake2006Michael V. Smith4:15In Distribution2900
Say It's Ok2006Dana Claxton2:00In Distribution2990
Gunplay (Part Two)2007Dana Claxton1:30In Distribution2991
Hope2007Dana Claxton9:51In Distribution2992
Immersed2007Portia Priegert3:50In Distribution2993
Shattered2007Karin Lee22:00In Distribution2994
Asian Boyfriend2006Wayne Yung1:00In Distribution2995
Song for the City with Music in its Bones2007Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk13:00In Distribution2996b
Dear Guy2007Jeremy Todd83:00In Distribution2997
Deb and Sisi2007Mark Kenneth Woods81:00In Distribution2998
Running In A Maze2007Paul Wong2:15In Distribution3000
Perfect Day2007Paul Wong7:25In Distribution3001
Eat2003Paul Wong3:45In Distribution3002
Near-Perfect Wedding2007Michael V. Smith1:33In Distribution3003
What's My Mother !#@$ Name2007Amber Dawn4:25In Distribution3004
Ice Skate Canada2007Mark Peacock1:57In Distribution3005
Canada's Next Top Showgirl2007Mark Peacock5:09In Distribution3006
Hybred2007Christine Kirouac9:40In Distribution3007
Introduction2007Christine Kirouac4:00In Distribution3008
SF2007Stuart Pound8:40In Distribution3009
Dominant Culture2007Stuart Pound14:54In Distribution3010
Life On Mars2007Stuart Pound5:24In Distribution3011
Dredger2007Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)9:00In Distribution3012
Replicate2005Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)4:00In Distribution3013
Terminal City2007Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)9:00In Distribution3014
Pink Comb2007lamathilde3:56In Distribution3015
Sexnoys2006lamathilde1:29In Distribution3016
Dildances2006lamathilde1:22In Distribution3017
Triple Axxxel2003lamathilde3:30In Distribution3018
Winona2008Robert Hamilton5:45In Distribution3019