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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Life Rhythm #21974Crista Dahl32In Library Only209
Frauen Power1974T.V.Ideo25In Library Only210
Canadian Gypsum1974Vidéographe30In Library Only0211
Crtc Interventions For Television Communitaire1974Videographe40In Library Only213
Camden Housing Finance Act1973Inter-Action Community Media22In Library Only214
Delirium1973Pierre Bonin12In Library Only215
On Est Au Coton1975Denys Arcand60:00In Library Only217
On Est Au Coton [2/2]1975Videographe60In Library Only218
Food Co-op [1/2]1974Metro Media32In Library Only219
Food Co-op [2/2]1974Metro MediaIn Library Only220
Bert Jansch1974Dorrit Sorenson13In Library Only221
Gretchen1974Shawn Preus25In Library Only222
Let It Be1971Woody VasulkasIn Library Only0223a
Don Cherry1971Woody Vasulkas18In Library Only0224a
Iceland1971Woody Vasulkas14In Library Only0224b
Disks And Shapes1971Woody Vasulkas32In Library Only225
Elements Pulsating Scape Expression2024Woody Vasulkas28In Library Only226
In The Event Anyone Disappears1974Videographe60In Library Only227
Interaction Sampler1974Phil Shingler23In Library Only229
Excerpts2024Videographe33In Library Only230
Mummenschanz - Swiss Mime1974Arthur Shatman8In Library Only231
Our Bodies- Our Selves1973Reel Feelings Media24In Library Only0232a
Women In The Arts1973Reel Feelings Media21In Library Only0232b
Tattoo2023Larry Gale28In Library Only0233
Take Her She's Mad1970Marta Segovia Ashley20:00In Library Only0234
Happy Birthday1972Carole Itter17:00In Library Only235
Les p'tits nègres de la Great Lakes [1/2]1974Pierre Joyal30In Library Only0236
Les p'tits nègres de la Great Lakes [2/2]1974Pierre Joyal20In Library Only0237
439 Ans Après [1/2]1973Vidéographe31In Library Only0238
439 Ans Apres [2/2]1973Videographe31In Library Only239
St. Francis Park Party2016Bob Phillips15In Library Only0240
Excerpts From Space Circus1977Video Inn0In Library Only0241c
Pareil-pas Pareil (ou L'inverse)1972Videographe28In Library Only242
Ce Soir On Improvise [1/2]1974Raymond Gervais25In Library Only243
Ce Soir On Improvise [2/2]1972Raymond Gervais30In Library Only244
Pour Faire Changement [1/2]1974Tahany Rashed48In Library Only245
Pour Faire Changement [2/2]1974Tahany Rashed18In Library Only246
Les droits des Indiens1972Vidéographe28In Library Only0247
Une St-Jean "sans commentaire"1974Michel Dion33In Library Only0248
Women Artists2024Mo Simpson30In Library Only250
Quand On Pogne Le 3 [1/2]1970Monique Messier15In Library Only0251
Quand On Pogne Le 3 [2/2]1970Monique Messier15In Library Only252
Metro Media Explanation1973Metro Media28In Library Only253
North Of The North Pole1974Karyn Zajac27In Library Only254
Être enfant à Paris 4º arrondissement1973Sylvain d'Homme25In Library Only0255
Être enfant à Paris 12º arrondissement1973Henrie Dumolie28In Library Only256
South Hill Daycare1973Metro Media15In Library Only257
Dick's Music #21972Elizabeth Walker26In Library Only258
The Sea's Children1974Elizabeth Walker22:00In Library Only0259
Whales: Dr. Paul Spong1974Sheila Smyth13In Library Only260
Johnny Videotape1974Johnny Videotape33In Library Only261
Gay Alliance Meeting1974Metro Media60In Library Only262
Metro Media Sampler 19741974Metro Media45In Library Only263
Experimental Video Art #11974Ron Lazlock25In Library Only0264
Experimental Video Art #21974Ron Lazlock25In Library Only0265
Experimental Video Art #31974Ron Lazlock15In Library Only0266
Indian Fishermen2024Randall Ginger28In Library Only267
Culture1970Raven Society of B.C.12In Library Only268
Kootenay Valley Folk Festival 19721972Jim Lipkovits62In Library Only269
See How We Are1972Raven Society of B.C.20In Library Only0270
Law And How It Works: Buying A House1974University Of Windsor30In Library Only271
Law And How It Works: Impaired Driving1974University Of Windsor30In Library Only272
Vancouver Indian War Dance Club [1/2]1974VIWDC30In Library Only274
Vancouver Indian War Dance Club [2/2]1974VIWDC30In Library Only275
Seconds1973Goddamatch30In Library Only276
Wallpaper Vids1973Phil Darrah19In Library Only0277
Instant Death1974Ace Space CompanyIn Library Only278
Untitled1973Charley Ray13In Library Only0279
Randy Reality1974Gerry Gilbert31In Library Only280
William Burroughs Reading1974Paul Wong42In Library Only281
Video Inn Productions '771977Video Inn60In Library Only282
Funny Money1974Richard Ward27In Library Only0283
Electing Community Resources Boards1974Dave Morgan29In Library Only0284
Artists of the Kootenays - Alex Kowalski: Batik1974Mike McMann21In Library Only0285
Insights Into Alcoholism1974Bud Godderis60:00In Library Only0286
Snack Pack 11975Paul Wong30In Library Only288
Faces Of Summer1974Mike McMann31In Library Only289
Cerizay: Elles ont osé1973Les Cents Fleurs40In Library Only0291a
Ceux De Pédernec1975Cents Fleurs33In Library Only0292b
Four Feats And Three Others1974Cordell Wynne32In Library Only293
Chilkat Blanket1973Derrick Harvey59In Library Only294
Shoecraft-herbicides [1/2]1973Campbell River TV Association54In Library Only295
Tss Fairsea1973Campbell River TV Association58In Library Only296
Dance Solitaire / Body Parts1974Matthew Speier30In Library Only297
An Alternative1974Mike McMann25:00In Library Only0298
Portable Video In Vancouver1975Richard Ward28In Library Only299
Marriage Breakdown & Custody Trial1975Community Law Program29In Library Only300
Evel Knieval Spoof1974Gary Greenspoon22In Library Only301
Pacific Reach: Paul Spong1974Tom Shandel58In Library Only0302
By Courier1974Gary Greenspoon8In Library Only303
Live Lice 1974Clive Robertson29In Library Only305
C'est Tout Pour Nous Et Vous1977Cents Fleurs18In Library Only306
We Apologize For The Delay1974Rick Holyoke47In Library Only307
Statics Of An Egg1975Fujiko Nakaya11In Library Only309
Sculpture-dance Garden1974Michael Goldberg31In Library Only310
Haida Dancing [1/2]2016Charles Naktong Sr.30In Library Only312
Haida Dancing [2/2]2016Charles Natkong Sr.30In Library Only313
Shoecraft-herbicides1973Campbell River TV Association24:00In Library Only0314
Travellin' Faire1975Trish Grossuti34In Library Only0315a
Rosehill Harvest Faire1974Bruce Whibley28In Library Only0315b