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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Catholic Children Aid - Part 12022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM137
Catholic Children Aid - Part 22022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM138
Social Workers2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM139
Metro Media Explanation Tape2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM140
Grandview Crackerjacks2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM141
Billy Club/strathcona/intervention At Social Work2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM147
People Speak2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM148
Unemployment2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM149
Theater Co-op2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM150
Midnite Concert2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM151
Interviews With Dancers/artists With Objects2022Metro Media30In Library OnlyM152
Ballet Horizons - Part 12022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM153
Ballet Horizons - Part 22022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM154
Iberian Folk Evening2022Metro Media30In Library OnlyM157
Vinery/folk Singer Lois Theaker2022Metro Media30In Library OnlyM158
Various2022Metro Media50In Library OnlyM164
Vancouver Peoples' Law School: Fighting City Hall2022Metro Media50In Library OnlyM165
Natural Highways2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM169
West Dunbar: Old Folks2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM171
Sfu Senate Speakers2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM172
Primal Therapy2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM174
Greater Vancouver Regional District Conference2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM176
Welfare Rights Commercial2022Metro Media1In Library OnlyM177
Net City Dub/gluttony2022Metro Media30In Library OnlyM182
John Bremmer Talk At Learning Festival2022Metro Media30In Library OnlyM184
Citizen Participation2022Metro Media28In Library OnlyM185
Truck Tape/larry's Leap2022Metro Media40In Library OnlyM189
Interview With Percy W. Bishop2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM190
Raymur Project/life On Wheels/women's Self-help2022Metro Media55In Library OnlyM192
School Days/box Camera/angolese Boycott/handi-2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM193
Metro Media Presents Metro Media2022Metro Media28In Library OnlyM194
Nucleus: Carmon Cadillac- Crystal- Smilin Jack2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM196
Poetry Reading At Metro Media - Part 12022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM209
Poetry Reading At Metro Media - Part 22022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM210
Restaurant And Glider Tape: Silent Flight2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM211
Reach Dental Clinic2022Metro Media8In Library OnlyM221
Strathcona Community Day Activities2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM223
Cooking Demonstration2022Metro Media12In Library OnlyM226
Ann Kinney: Artist2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM228
Goose Creek Symphony2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM229
Family Service2022Metro Media20In Library OnlyM230
Theater Piece2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM231
Gloria K. Galiano - Part 12022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM232
Gloria K. Galiano - Part 22022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM233
Sam Agee2022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM234
Public Meeting At Langara College - Part 12022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM236
Public Meeting At Langara College - Part 22022Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM237
I'm gonna go eat worms2022Alex Jeavons3:00In Library Only2335
Unclean Wiener (A)2022Shawn BristowIn Library Only2341
Hundred Videos (4)2022Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Hundred Videos (5)2022Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Bruce Finlayson Compilation2022Bruce FinlaysonIn Library Only2365
Inclinations Etendus2022In Library Only2396
Bondage Television2022Stev nn HallIn Distribution2436
Jordan River2022John G. Boehme7:00In Distribution
Building Demolition2022Sheila Smyth3In Library Only0082a
Excerpts2022Videographe33In Library Only230
Women Artists2022Mo Simpson30In Library Only250
Indian Fishermen2022Randall Ginger28In Library Only267
Petit Prince [2/2]2022Yves Trepanier20In Library Only319
Films Of June Boe/sarahglow2022June Boe20In Library Only621
Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird2022Rose Gerry24In Library Only629
News Distortions2022S.F.U. Video Workshop7In Library Only0633a
East Indian Temple Dance2022S.F.U. Video Workshop7In Library Only0633b
Paye - Moi Donc Un Cafe2022Nicole Giguere29In Library Only649
O L'enfant Fort2022Jo Laforce60In Library Only656
Pea Soup [1/3]2022Pierre Falardeau30In Library Only735
Pea Soup [2/3]2022Pierre Falardeau30In Library Only736
Pea Soup [3/3]2022Pierre Falardeau30In Library Only737
Eric2022Reel Feelings Media8In Library Only0784b
Satellite Video Exchange Sampler2022Video Inn60In Library Only864
Abortion: A Women's Choice2022Vancouver Status of Women Women Alive25In Library Only1141
Television Generation1970Brian Levin28In Library Only0009a
Louie1970Brian Levin6In Library Only0009b
Quand On Pogne Le 3 [1/2]1970Monique Messier15In Library Only0251
Quand On Pogne Le 3 [2/2]1970Monique Messier15In Library Only252
Culture1970Raven Society of B.C.12In Library Only268
Quebec At Crisis1970Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM013
Quebec At Crisis1970Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM014
Video Art1971Nova Scotia College of Art32In Library Only10
Transient Men1971Diane Lemire30In Library Only0060a
Video Freex Sampler [1/2]1971Video Freex30In Library Only94
Nihilist Spasm Band At The York Hotel1971Ian Galloway33In Library Only96
Trans-sexual Lifestyle1971Roberta Kalargirou60:00In Library Only0116
Bust Of Timothy Leary1971Elridge Cleaver32In Library Only139
Junk Photo Exhibition1971Taki Bluesinger25In Library Only0181b
Le Pois Fou1971Videographe55In Library Only390
Phoenix Observed1971Educational Television Ontario20In Library Only826
Bread- Bible And Bullets1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only827
Unuru! Merdeka! Libertad!1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only828
Cake Of Custom1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only829
Evolution Or Revolution1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only830
Other Two Worlds1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only831
Alas- "We Have Not Come A Long Way- Babies"1971Reel Feelings Media0In Library Only0883b
Gay Activists Alliance: Transsexual Lifestyle1971Metro Media60:00In Library OnlyM108
Youth Media '71 Compilation Tape1971Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM110
Metro Media Meeting June 19711971Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM142
Mccabe And Mrs. Miller - Part 11971Metro Media120In Library OnlyM145
Mccabe And Mrs. Miller - Part 21971Metro Media120In Library OnlyM146
Point Grey And Environmental Discussion1971Metro Media45In Library OnlyM183