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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Wired World Insanity1972Waterloo Community Media32In Library Only8
Wired Into The Future1981Jeanette Reinhardt7In Library Only937
Winona2008Robert Hamilton5:45In Distribution3019
Winning Of The North1989Eva Manly10:00In Distribution1751
Window/Fenêtre1997Nelson Henricks3:00In Distribution2217
Window (LS) 2003Laurel Swenson5:49In Distribution2761a
Wills - Should You Have One?1979Peoples Law School24In Library Only793
Willingdon Dreams2005Donna Lee3:30In Distribution2844
Willie P. Bennett1974The Video Centre14In Library Only372
William Burroughs Reading1974Paul Wong42In Library Only281
Wiencouver IV1983Kate Craig28:30In Distribution1152
Why I Hate Modern Dance2000Meesoo LeeIn Distribution2486
Why Build An Organization?1974Gwen Bassen20In Library Only0416
Who Needs Daycare?1974Audrey Bryant25In Library Only452
Who Killed Professor Wordsworth?1990Andrew James Paterson19:00In Distribution1740a
Whitewash (JP)1990Jan Peacock14:00In Distribution1781
Whitewash1995Kira Wu10:00In Distribution2213
White(ness)2005Mark Kenneth Woods2:00In Distribution2806
White Roots Of Peace1974National Film Board30In Library Only0453
White Palace2003Leigh (Jen) Fisher4:00In Distribution2740
White Orpheus1984Ivo Zanatta8:00In Library Only1266
White Dawn1988Lisa Steele9:00In Distribution1554
White Christmas1998Jeremy Drummond1:32In Library Only2637e
where have all the lesbians gone?2000Meg Torwl7:20In Distribution2517
Where Do The Children Play?1972Mike Coyle33In Library Only93
What's Stewing1974Video Free U. Vancouver27In Library Only0178
What's My Mother !#@$ Name2007Amber Dawn4:25In Distribution3004
What's News Representations of Take Back the Night2002Nikola Marin9:00In Distribution2636
What!! (fechner's Law)1987Chris Mullingron3In Distribution1472
What Will I Be?1975Women In Focus30In Library Only508
What Will I Be?1975Women in Focus28In Library OnlyW0065
What Remains Human2005Maureen Bradley24:00In Distribution2882
What Is Technology?1973Video Ring60In Library Only0063
What I Remember1998Maureen Bradley6:00In Distribution2287
What Happened In Chile1976Loni Ding28In Library Only0644
What don't you understand about "I'm leaving ... again"?2005Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk4:25In Distribution2910
What Do You Want To See The Harbour For- Anyway?1975Community Planning Assn of Canada35In Library Only334
Whales: Dr. Paul Spong1974Sheila Smyth13In Library Only260
West End: Collage Of Opinion2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM127
West End Reference Group2023In Library OnlyW0080
West Dunbar: Old Folks2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM171
West Coast Homo Love Story1994Joe Sarahan45:00In Distribution1997
West Broadway Citizen's Committee Vs.central Mort2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM031
West1990Celine Godberson14:00In Distribution1793
Wen Do Womens Self Defence Demo1981Amelia Production17In Library Only1164
Welfare Rights Commercial2023Metro Media1In Library OnlyM177
Welcome To Ogopogoland2005Randy Grskovic5:57In Distribution2858
Welcome to Africville1999Dana Inkster15:00In Distribution2408
Weight of Women's Eyes1994Maureen Bradley10:00In Distribution2001b
Webbed 2003Laurel Swenson3:00In Distribution2741
We're Here- We're Queer- We're Fabulous1990Maureen Bradley27:00In Distribution1922
We Will Not Be Beaten1980Peg Campbell30In Library Only853
We Want Moshiach Now! Portrait of a Chassidic Community1985Paula Levine60:00In Distribution1477
We Are All in Your Head2006Sacha Fink6:00In Distribution2943
Wcfvs Promotional Tape2023In Library OnlyW0100
Waters Of Japan1980Andrew Krumins13In Library Only0913b
Waterfront1975Patrick Chatikian15In Library Only0400
Water Into Fire1994Zachery Longboy10:00In Library Only1974
Water Into Fire1994Zachery Longboy10:30In Distribution2699
Watching Lesbian Porn2001Dayna McLeod10:30In Distribution2540b
Wasted2002Scott Russell20:00In Distribution2684
Was Ist Das1980Joyan Saunders4:30In Distribution0950a
Warriors on the Water2002Nitanis Desjarlais27:00In Distribution2624
Wallpaper Vids1973Phil Darrah19In Library Only277
Wallflower Order1982Marion Barling59In Library OnlyW0114
Wallace & Theresa1985Jan Peacock9:00In Distribution1371a
Wall To Floor Exercises1975Peter Dudar17In Library Only532
Wall of Nails2004Robert Hamilton2:00In Distribution2826 D
Waiting For Ben1989Jennifer Babcock6:00In Distribution1696
Waglisla Artists (bella Bella B.c.)1982Heiltsuk Community TV24In Library Only1067
W1983Ed Mowbray9:00In Distribution1248
Vous Savez Ca- Monsieur Le Ministre1973Robert Favreau50In Library Only160
Voicing the Real1999Kathryn Weiler23:00In Distribution2416
Voices by the Rivers1983Dora Fitzgerald28In Library Only1215
Voice: Roy Kiyooka1999Michael de Courcy40:00In Distribution2440
Vixen1998Kyath Battie5:00In Library Only2825
Visual Race1987Scott Robinson6:00In Distribution1529a
Visual Gong1984Ulrike Rosenbach15:00In Distribution1222
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko28:00In Distribution1190
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko9In Library Only1190a
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko9In Library Only1190b
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko10In Distribution1190c
Visions1992Annie Frazier Henry9:00In Distribution2132
Visage1985Ken Kuramoto3In Library Only0855b
Viral Cleansing2002Frederick CummingsIn Distribution2616d
Vinery/folk Singer Lois Theaker2023Metro Media30In Library OnlyM158
View2000Shani Mootoo6:45In Distribution2507
Vie C'est Pour Le Restant De Mes Jours1980Robert Morin28In Library Only1096
Videotape Tape: Suite For Mood1982Nick Hall0In Library Only1172
Videos for Limousines2001Jonathan Wells17:00In Library Only2584
Videonomic2023Denis L Esperance17In Library Only0698b
Videoheads: Retrospective Clips 1968-19761977Jack Henry Moore69In Library Only1153
Video Verite compilation for 1996 IFVA AGM199660:00In Library Only2384
Video This: Eomor (vol.1 No.1)1973Steven Dilkus30In Library Only333
Video Ring Rgtv1973Michael Hayden60In Library Only64
Video Out Sampler 20052005Various ArtistsSpecial2884
Video Out Sampler - Summer 20062006Various ArtistsIn Distribution2899
Video Out Queer Sampler 20062006Randy Lee Cutler, et alIn Distribution2885
Video Out Queer Sampler - Summer 20062006Various ArtistsIn Distribution2898
Video Narcissus1979Michael Morris18:00In Distribution1653