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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
So, You Want To Be Popular?Jeanne C. Finley1988164219
Getting To Know The ManJen Weih2003277419:47
Vast TonicJen Weih20022954
SkinnedJennifer Abbott199319316:00
Cow at My TableJennifer Abbott1998238390:00
Woman's Work is Always DoneJennifer Babcock198815482:00
Waiting For BenJennifer Babcock198916966:00
My Heart the ProphetJeremy Drummond20012637g1:45
My Heart the LunchboxJeremy Drummond20012637h
Dear GuyJeremy Todd2007299783:00
No ReturnJoan Woodward198311394:00
VermeerJocelyn Robert19962306a7:00
SnowmobileJocelyn Robert19962306b2:00
ColvilleJocelyn Robert19962306c2:15
Rise and Fall of an EmpireJoe Sarahan1986136711:00
Holy JoeJoe Sarahan1987148310:37
IIIJoe Sarahan1989166411:00
DaveJoe Sarahan1991181212:30
West Coast Homo Love StoryJoe Sarahan1994199745:00
Curse Of The HomoJoe Sarahan1993201524
One Hour Of PeaceJoe Sarahan1987203760
Curse Of The HomoJoe Sarahan1996220917:00
MonkeyJoe Sarahan200226155:30
Writing On The WallJoe Viszmeg1981099723:00
Evil ClericJoel Baird19932009a4:20
Game of CharadesJoel Baird19942438a2:03
Bone DanceJoel Baird19972438b1:28
MiracleJoel Baird19952438c2:45
CandleJoel Baird19982438d2:22
Voice of GodJoel Baird19942438e1:34
LivingJoel Baird19982438f4:30
With the Good WitchJoel Baird19962438g1:40
Pretty Pink SweaterJoel Baird19972438h1:03
MagicJoel Baird19982438i1:25
HistoryJoel Baird19942438j1:30
OICJoel Baird20232438
Best Of GinaJohn Anderson19790901a27:00
Gina Show #13John Anderson19790901b28
AscensionJohn Boehme19962499
Virtual Cockpits Of TomorrowJohn C. Goss1986156710
ExtremitiesJohn C. Goss198315686:00
Tell Me Why: The Epistemology of DiscoJohn Di Stefano1991193223:00
Jordan RiverJohn G. Boehme20237:00
Oral Currency TMJohn G. Boehme202320:00
Dear Potato Chip LoverJohn G. Boehme2023248112:00
Ocularcentrism and Its Relationship to Oral TraditionJohn G. Boehme2023250022:00
Dream Voices, Day VoicesJohn Galloway198614476:30
VictimsJohn Galloway1987144810:00
Wild LifeJohn Goss1985146839:30
He's LikeJohn Goss1986156624:00
"Out" TakesJohn Goss1989161413:00
Stiff SheetsJohn Goss1989161519:00
Bangkok (Fighting Aids)John Goss199218356:00
Flowing Hearts: Thailand Fights AidsJohn Goss19921835a32:00
Wrecked For Life: The Trip And Magic Of Trocadero TransferJohn Goss1993199860:00
Moscow Does Not Believe in QueersJohn Greyson1986144627:00
Kipling Trilogy: Perils Of PedagogyJohn Greyson19841511a5:00
The World Is Sick (sic)John Greyson1989170638:00
The Pink PimpernelJohn Greyson1989170734:00
Ads EpidemicJohn Greyson198717094:00
Video Against AIDS: Program 1John Greyson19891750118
Eagle MountainJohn Huddleston1989168830
Louie Duthie Remembers VancouverJohn Mikitka1989164515
The Agony and the EcstasyJohn Mitchell19760672a8:00
Born AgainJohn Mitchell19780672b8:00
Review Of Kim Tomczak's New PhotosJohn Mitchell19800990b4:00
Reverse PlanetJohn Warren2002262811:30
Vietnam: Picking Up The PiecesJon Alpert197892658:00
Third Avenue: Only The Strong SurviveJon Alpert198092858:00
Health Care: Your Money Or Your LifeJon Alpert197792958
Cuba: The People [1/2]Jon Alpert197494260:00
Cuba: The People [2/2]Jon Alpert197694325:00
Hard Metals Disease And Follow UpJon Alpert1987155860:00
Vietnam: Talking To The PeopleJon Alpert1985155952:00
Lucy & HarrietJonathan Wells1991191010
CondolaJonathan Wells1997219811:00
Sad Story of a Gay SkaterJonathan Wells199621995:00
Kiss My Swollen TheoryJonathan Wells1995253511:00
Pizza 222Jonathan Wells1994253615:00
Strange FascinationsJorge Lozano19811007a26:00
Accessory Transit CompanyJorge Lozano19801007b12:00
Ray Gun and Dream of StaircasesJorge Lozano19801007c6:25
TV ShotsJorge Lozano19801007d5:00
Inside InformationJoshua Blakney19862079a3:23
Under The PrivilegedJoshua Blakney19862079b1:12
Tooth FairyJoshua Blakney19862079c10:23
Pen PalsJoshua Blakney19862079d3:21
Was Ist DasJoyan Saunders19800950a4:30
MarkJoyan Saunders19800950b10:00
The OAC BabyJoyan Saunders19810950c2:30
Untitled (JS)Joyan Saunders19810950d6:00
States Of BeingJoyan Saunders19810950e4:00
Feed (as in Devour)Joyan Saunders19810951a10:00
Message ObscuredJoyan Saunders19810951b8:00
Here in the SouthwestJoyan Saunders19841238a22:30
Video TableauxJoyan Saunders19821238b13:30
Prospect PlaceJoyan Saunders1984124029:00
Tongue Tied And TwistedJoyan Saunders1989167222:00
Brains On Toast: The Inexact Science Of GenderJoyan Saunders1992185826:00
Holy DogJudith Norris199924237:00