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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducerYearsort iconAccession NumberDuration
New Animal WorkToni LaTour20032750b3:39
Trust (1-3)Lisa G20032734a-c7:30
Shop Until We All DropMark Kenneth Woods200327515:00
Still Lives (In the Americas)Ho Tam2003275220:00
Nostalgia For ElevatorsMeesoo Lee2003275533:00
Automatic Music Meesoo Lee20032756 a3:45
A Private Dance with Cyd HarlowMeesoo Lee20032756b25:00
Window (LS) Laurel Swenson20032761a5:49
An der NordseekusteClark Nikolai200327623:40
Success (aka Hack)Kiley Fithen20032768 cloop
Land of The KhmerKiley Fithen20032768 d2:45
Selected Works 2003Tricia Middleton20032770 a-c35:00
Midnight Studio Rambles #1 (shorts and cuts)- 13:00Tricia Middleton20032770 a13:00
Midnight Studio Rambles #2 (one location- one cut)Tricia Middleton20032770 b13:00
PINKMichael V. Smith200327723:20
Getting To Know The ManJen Weih2003277419:47
I don't care who you are...Vanessa Kwan200327824:30
ElevatorNickolaos Stagias2003271315:50
Automatic Music re-editMeesoo Lee20032818 B3:36
Under My PillowKyath Battie200328247:00
Her (KLX)Kai Ling Xue2003283110:00
TiltedKai Ling Xue200328323:23
SK8 OnKai Ling Xue2003283410:00
The Moon's PyramidVenus Soberanes200329158:30
EatPaul Wong200330023:45
Triple Axxxellamathilde200330183:30
Designer GaysMark Kenneth Woods200427802:45
Mother- Father- Son Oliver Hockenhull200427533:00
Elementary PartsOliver Hockenhull2004275417:00
Persistent Opacity: Malevich's Black SquareOliver Hockenhull2004275968:36
Cherry Laurel Swenson20042761b3:25
More Than I Can SayMeesoo Lee200427646:40
January 15thMonique Moumblow200427663:35
Memories of EarthBrian MacDonald20042767 A-G21:00
Apartment Living & West-Nile ReduxTricia Middleton2004276917:00
FRIENDS (TM)Tricia Middleton20042770 c9:00
More Than Hair Care ProductsPendra Wilson2004277113:30
SalutMarco Dube200427733:20
My German BoyfriendWayne Yung2004277518:29
NauseaBrian MacDonald20042767 A1:23
CryingBrian MacDonald20042767 B3:00
Elaine CryingBrian MacDonald20042767 C2:45
The Evil VillainBrian MacDonald20042767 D2:15
I Can't Believe You Actually Died / the MicrophonesBrian MacDonald20042767 E4:30
Decade ProjectBrian MacDonald20042767 F2:30
I Make Sad Movies - The EndBrian MacDonald20042767 G2:50
Straightening Out the Gay Lisa G20042776 a11:00
Writer's Block Lisa G20042776 b6:50
Holy Matrimony BillyMark Kenneth Woods200427774:30
GunplayDana Claxton200427782:45
The Hill Dana Claxton200427793:49
SaraniaVelveeta Krisp200427834:45
Bear RiverTerra Poirier200427843:30
Raw TalentMark Peacock2004278522:00
Love and NumbersTJ Cuthand200427878:03
Recollect Nickolaos Stagias20042788 A5:38
Toronto- TorontoMark Peacock20042788 B4:16
ClosureNickolaos Stagias20042788 C2:44
ScatNickolaos Stagias200427892:44
The Birthday PartyGwen Groening200427909:25
PaintingJason Lowe2004279114:00
Out, Black + Proud in BCApril Sumter-Freitag2004279213:15
Dad, Don't Be MadDayna McLeod200427939:00
Bed of Fear Lisa G200427945:25
Girl On Girl Miss Nomer Collective20042794b16:43
Mom On the SkytrainNimi Langer200427958:30
Desiree Lim DVD CompilationDesiree Lim2004279640:00
Shan Xia Di: Under The MountainWayne Yung2004279738:00
Meesoo Lee 4 VideosMeesoo Lee20042798A -D20:00
Trauma QueensHeidi Slat2004280010:06
StrandedMaureen Bradley200428013:56
Get It Together GirlMark Kenneth Woods200428025:30
Mark Kenneth Woods compilation DVDMark Kenneth Woods20042803
easy rollin'Hadas Levy2004280417:15
Aces and 8'sDanaan Dallas20042805
A MiracleDaniel Barrow20042807a4:00
Catalogue of the OriginalDaniel Barrow20042807b9:00
Buried TreasureDonna Szoke200428084:30
supra-national prayer wheelNikola Marin200428092:45
MoonshotMeesoo Lee20042798 A4:34
SPACESHIP 2000Meesoo Lee20042798 B3:20
A BOY NAMED SUEMeesoo Lee20042798 C3:44
A BAD HAIR DAY *RE-EDIT*Meesoo Lee20042798 D7:20
Selected Works 1998-2004 (Duke &Battersby) DVDEmily Vey Duke20042810
The New Freedom FoundersEmily Vey Duke2004281526:00
Dancing For The GodsMandala Arts and Culture2004281651:00
Queer Sisters In The BrotherhoodEllen Pond200428179:27
Young and Sexy Meesoo Lee20042818 A9:11
Would It Move YouShafin Karim200428197:36
Queer DNARandy Lee Cutler200428223:00
Robert Hamilton - 4 Videos / DVDRobert Hamilton20042826 A - D9:38
The RaceRobert Hamilton20042826 A2:00
Shopping StreetRobert Hamilton20042826 B2:10
FietsRobert Hamilton20042826 C3:28
Wall of NailsRobert Hamilton20042826 D2:00
Peuk Nepi - Meeting WaterwomanJames Nicholas200428295:16
to the living, the dead, and those yet unbornJames Nicholas2004283010:45
A Girl Named KaiKai Ling Xue200428468:30
usagiasa mori200428733:50