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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducerYearsort iconAccession NumberDuration
ClosureNickolaos Stagias20042788 C2:44
ScatNickolaos Stagias200427892:44
The Birthday PartyGwen Groening200427909:25
PaintingJason Lowe2004279114:00
Out, Black + Proud in BCApril Sumter-Freitag2004279213:15
Dad, Don't Be MadDayna McLeod200427939:00
Bed of Fear Lisa G200427945:25
Girl On Girl Miss Nomer Collective20042794b16:43
Mom On the SkytrainNimi Langer200427958:30
Desiree Lim DVD CompilationDesiree Lim2004279640:00
Shan Xia Di: Under The MountainWayne Yung2004279738:00
Meesoo Lee 4 VideosMeesoo Lee20042798A -D20:00
Trauma QueensHeidi Slat2004280010:06
StrandedMaureen Bradley200428013:56
Get It Together GirlMark Kenneth Woods200428025:30
Mark Kenneth Woods compilation DVDMark Kenneth Woods20042803
easy rollin'Hadas Levy2004280417:15
Aces and 8'sDanaan Dallas20042805
A MiracleDaniel Barrow20042807a4:00
Catalogue of the OriginalDaniel Barrow20042807b9:00
Buried TreasureDonna Szoke200428084:30
supra-national prayer wheelNikola Marin200428092:45
MoonshotMeesoo Lee20042798 A4:34
SPACESHIP 2000Meesoo Lee20042798 B3:20
A BOY NAMED SUEMeesoo Lee20042798 C3:44
A BAD HAIR DAY *RE-EDIT*Meesoo Lee20042798 D7:20
Selected Works 1998-2004 (Duke &Battersby) DVDEmily Vey Duke20042810
The New Freedom FoundersEmily Vey Duke2004281526:00
Dancing For The GodsMandala Arts and Culture2004281651:00
Queer Sisters In The BrotherhoodEllen Pond200428179:27
Young and Sexy Meesoo Lee20042818 A9:11
Would It Move YouShafin Karim200428197:36
Queer DNARandy Lee Cutler200428223:00
Robert Hamilton - 4 Videos / DVDRobert Hamilton20042826 A - D9:38
The RaceRobert Hamilton20042826 A2:00
Shopping StreetRobert Hamilton20042826 B2:10
FietsRobert Hamilton20042826 C3:28
Wall of NailsRobert Hamilton20042826 D2:00
Peuk Nepi - Meeting WaterwomanJames Nicholas200428295:16
to the living, the dead, and those yet unbornJames Nicholas2004283010:45
A Girl Named KaiKai Ling Xue200428468:30
usagiasa mori200428733:50
SignificanceKathy March200428748:00
FireWaterWoodKathy March2004287515:31
Sure- I'm Fine!Alex Young Hwa Cho2004291916:00
Some Real FangsDesiree Lim2005279934:00
White(ness)Mark Kenneth Woods200528062:00
In The Northwest CornerNimi Langer200528113:30
Mon Coeur la Pompe de SangClark Nikolai20052813 A1:35
Fluid From MotionClark Nikolai20052813b4:11
Le Fluide du MouvementClark Nikolai20052813 C4:11
Attention PublicEmily Vey Duke200528149:40
The Thoughts of Mary-Jane / Rock n Roll FantasyMeesoo Lee20052823 A-B4:18,
Skin For LifeTerry Haines200528205:55
Behind the Billboard on Prior StreetMichael Lithgow2005282118:23
The Thoughts of Mary Jane Meesoo Lee20052823 A4:18
Rock n Roll FantasyMeesoo Lee20052823 B4:06
Painted PositiveTerry Haines2005282812:34
Love/Censored/TruthDesiree Lim200528355:35
Kathleen's ClosetSheila Jordan2005283613:09
Pimp & Ho: Terror In Pansy HillsMark Kenneth Woods2005283710:00
One's Own SnoreOliver Hockenhull2005283821:00
Shane RemediatedOliver Hockenhull2005283915:00
EspacePierre Andre Sonolet2005284056:00
Anwolek - Regatta CityDana Claxton200528414:22
Chick On ChickS. Saii200528423:07
The Tantrum ProjectS. Saii200528435:05
Willingdon DreamsDonna Lee200528443:30
Murder and UFOsBrian MacDonald2005284520:00
8 LoopsOliver Hockenhull2005284730:00
likeDonna Szoke200528484:30
Bad PersonDonna Szoke200528491:45
The Class From 9 to 5Nimi Langer2005285012:50
Pleasure ZoneDayna McLeod2005285118:00
A Horse- A Filipino- Two Women- A Soldier and Two OfficersNguyen Tan Hoang200528527:20
Pimp & Ho: Sissy SinsMark Kenneth Woods2005285310:00
A Cure for Being OrdinaryEmily Vey Duke200528546:30
Attraction To Older MenClark Nikolai2005285510:00
Temporal TransmissionsAlternator Gallery2005285757:00
Welcome To OgopogolandRandy Grskovic200528585:57
AbodePortia Priegert200528595:14
Klwn Cntnl ClbrtnPatrick Connelly200528603:43
May You Prosper In The Golden LandKaren Tam200528616:38
Paper TrailsChristian Nicolay200528625:33
untitled part 4 terra incognitaJayce Salloum2005286337:30
Der DoppelgängerStuart Pound200528648:50
English Lessons (SP)Stuart Pound200528652:15
Writing BehaviourStuart Pound200528663:10
Dark BaroqueStuart Pound200528678:04
The Fish In The Machine #3Stuart Pound200528688:11
Ventura- CaliforniaStuart Pound2005286910:05
Raven HeartTerry Haines2005287212:30
Bad BoyVelveeta Krisp200528764:43
FagHeather DiPinto200528777:00
My Heart Belongs To DataMark Kenneth Woods200528783:45
Degrassi B Girlz HighMark Peacock200528814:35
What Remains HumanMaureen Bradley2005288224:00
Payuk Sashkeehitowin (One Love)RoseAnne Archibald20052886A5:30
Class ClownRoseAnne Archibald20052886B5:00
Stuart Pound Compilation DVDStuart Pound20052864-286940:35