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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducerYearsort iconAccession NumberDuration
Dark BaroqueStuart Pound200528678:04
The Fish In The Machine #3Stuart Pound200528688:11
Ventura- CaliforniaStuart Pound2005286910:05
Raven HeartTerry Haines2005287212:30
Bad BoyVelveeta Krisp200528764:43
FagHeather DiPinto200528777:00
My Heart Belongs To DataMark Kenneth Woods200528783:45
Degrassi B Girlz HighMark Peacock200528814:35
What Remains HumanMaureen Bradley2005288224:00
Payuk Sashkeehitowin (One Love)RoseAnne Archibald20052886A5:30
Class ClownRoseAnne Archibald20052886B5:00
Stuart Pound Compilation DVDStuart Pound20052864-286940:35
Hidden HungerDeborah O2005290112:30
What don't you understand about "I'm leaving ... again"?Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk200529104:25
autoscopyIgor Santizo2005292112:00
Attraction To Older Men (with french subtitles- for preview only)Clark Nikolai20052855b10:00
Somewhere In BetweenGina Pei Chi Chen200529513:00
TerminalMiriam Needoba20052966a3:00
They Dance AloneJuli Saragosa200529695:00
OutsidersJuli Saragosa200529706:30
bambi/coloursMeesoo Lee200529754:35
ReplicateEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)200530134:00
My First CigaretteNimi Langer2006288316
Video Out Queer Sampler 2006Randy Lee Cutler, et al20062885
Yankee LustClark Nikolai200628873:23
The StormMeesoo Lee20062888 A3:38
ElegyMeesoo Lee20062888 B4:58
Lisa G. Barbie CompilationLisa G20062889
Oysters and ChocolateKarin Lee200628905:45
Mars Womb ManJames Diamond2006289410:00
Cat and MouseDonna Szoke20062895 a3:25
AlbumDonna Szoke20062895b4:52
The BellDonna Szoke20062895 c2:45
CascadiaDonna Szoke20062895 d2:50
PNNDonna Szoke20062895 e6:30
Donna Szoke New WorksDonna Szoke20062895 a-e17:30
Light as a feather / heavy as leadIrene Loughlin200628924:45
Miss PopularityWayne Yung200628936:20
SombrioPaul Manly2006289660:00
Journey Women - Reflections On The Survival Sex TradeLeigh (Jen) Fisher2006289745:00
Video Out Queer Sampler - Summer 2006Various Artists20062898
Video Out Sampler - Summer 2006Various Artists20062899
Wolf LakeMichael V. Smith200629004:15
The Legend of Buck KellyPeggy Anne Berton2006290272:00
The WalkTerry Haines200629033:30
Hiding In Plain SiteEmma Howes200629048:00
The Man From Venus/ Mars Womb ManJames Diamond2006290513:40
Songs Of Praise For The Heart Beyond CureEmily Vey Duke2006290614:40
Two PeanutsMichael V. Smith200629074:35
BarberedAndrew Power200629093:45
Sick Fun La!Winston Xin200629114:22
the tea partyAsa Mori200629121:45
Ancestral ArchetypesVenus Soberanes20062916a17:00
Me and my foreskin- or how I finally got to love my own penisVenus Soberanes20062916b11:11
LinesStephanie Loveless200629189:30
DragonflyTerry Haines200629204:07
I CUM ISacha Fink2006292510:00
I Told You From The Start Just How This Would EndFrederick Cummings2006293112:30
Purveyor of TasteBrendan Baudat200629343:48
3-D SongBrendan Baudat2006293516:04
We Are All in Your HeadSacha Fink200629436:00
BoyfriendLisa G200629455:02
The Merry Sea-Gentleman and the Cod Fisher's Voyage BelowSam Scott200629486:25
A Fleeting MomentGina Pei Chi Chen200629526:00
GachingMiriam Needoba20062966b6:00
Bless YouMiriam Needoba20062966c6:00
Pink FairyJuli Saragosa200629677:00
Sisyphus (MB)Maureen Bradley200629731:30
Patient StormDana Claxton200629898:00
Wolf LakeMichael V. Smith200629004:15
Say It's OkDana Claxton200629902:00
Asian BoyfriendWayne Yung200629951:00
Bio-electric PatinaOliver Hockenhull200729295:00
LoverVenus Soberanes200729178:00
World BriefingOliver Hockenhull20072923insta
New Works Winter 2007Asa Mori et al20072926
New Queer Works Winter 2007Daniel Barrow et al20072927
Stuart Pound 2006-7Stuart Pound20072928 a-f
Bus StopStuart Pound20072928 c4:43
Hotel SevillaStuart Pound20072928 a5:29
Kissing in HatsStuart Pound20072928 e1:30
Montparnasse 001Stuart Pound20072928 b3:14
Reverberations in timeStuart Pound20072928 d2:18
A day in the life of Gilbert & GeorgeStuart Pound20072928 f9:30
Three - A CompilationOliver Hockenhull20072930
Bit PaintOliver Hockenhull20072932
Lovely Corruption (After Edison)Oliver Hockenhull200729332:00
Facing FasdHeidi Slat200729394:00
dry ideaVelveeta Krisp200729402:19
Mary (DS)Donna Szoke200729427:00
Video Art Therapy #1: Journey To A Distant PlanetBrian MacDonald2007294416:32
Donna Szoke Selected Works 2007 BETADonna Szoke20072946
Towards the day... we are all freeMeg Torwl20072947A90:00
Towards the day... we are all free (textless version)Meg Torwl20072947B90:00
movementsStephanie Loveless200729493:20
imMaterialStephanie Loveless200729505:10
S/HeGina Pei Chi Chen2007295312:00
Private PropertyJames Diamond200729596:00