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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Supa NaturalMichael Venus201250993:21
Supa SonicMichael Venus200150984:16
Supa ShowfolkMichael Venus200150973:10
Supa GirlMichael Venus200150964:18
Supa HotMichael Venus200150952:58
Supa Fun In The SunMichael Venus200150943:23
Supa HorrorMichael Venus200150932:37
Supa PowersMichael Venus200150922:31
Supa ImposedMichael Venus200150912:34
SeminalBren Ryder2012509010:24
Time CodeStuart Pound201250891:00
Music BoxStuart Pound201250881:00
A WOMAN FROM THE PAST, MUCH LOVEDStuart Pound201250871:25
Breath DanceStuart Pound201250864:10
FootworkStuart Pound201250851:00
Dancing Man (Ismailia)Stuart Pound201250841:10
Fountain (Rooms)Stuart Pound201250831:00
LaundryStuart Pound201250821:00
DIE NEBENSONNENStuart Pound201250812:24
ein, zwei, drei Stuart Pound201250801:00
WalkingStuart Pound201250791:00
FountainsStuart Pound201250784:01
DANCE 0 - 19Stuart Pound201250773:22
Times New RomânStuart Pound201250761:00
softwareStuart Pound201250751:17
The Temple of the Sacred Lady Crayon goes percussionClark Nikolai198450746:53
Them F*ckin' RobotsIne Poppe2011507353:00
PARIS 1994Nicolaos Stagias 201250722:30
Ungendered PronounAyaz Kamani201250715:00
The Whale StoryTess Martin201250703:36
Finish LineGina Pei Chi Chen2011503513:00
Freewheel & FixieLee Henderson201250697:32
look_im_aznNguyen Tan Hoang201250685:35
(Dis) location - SampaSarah Shamash2011506742:00
Well DonePaul Wong201250656:34
Vigil 5.4Paul Wong201250648:29
The HotelPaul Wong2012506317:13
The FallenPaul Wong201250624:19
Set FiresPaul Wong201250624:25
ScorchedPaul Wong201250608:50
SallyPaul Wong200850598:00
Running in a MazePaul Wong200850583:00
Ooooo CanadaPaul Wong2010505728:34
Luminous PollutionPaul Wong201150561:00
Last YearPaul Wong201050556:23
Exit Upon ArrivalPaul Wong201050542:45
Enter The Dragon 1973- 2008Paul Wong201050535:58
EastVan “John”Paul Wong2008505238:00
Easter ParadePaul Wong201050515:34
Downtown EastsidePaul Wong201050508:00
DovetailPaul Wong201050492:49
DiamondbackPaul Wong200850485:00
CHELSEA HOTEL Room 207Paul Wong200850478:00
Car CrashPaul Wong201050464:18
8th AvenuePaul Wong201050452:38
7 Day ActivityPaul Wong200850448:30
GardenYi Xin Tong201050437:18 / 8:25
In The Two-dimensional Field of Retrospective FutureYi Xin Tong201150662:24
The First Breath of a Withered Plant. the Last Glance of a Being Rock Yi Xin Tong201150423:00
SchwanzfilmWayne Yung201150335:38
Canadian Time 2Christine Kirouac201150394:30
Don't Go AwayChristine Kirouac2011504025:15
Kitchen SemioticsRandy Lee Cutler2011503616:00
BunnySeth Poulin 2011503810:40
Treviano e la LunaClark Nikolai2011503210:10
Mineral IntelligenceMarina Roy2010502710:00
Notik MasowanFrederick Cummings201050244:49
On Location 2: Four Double BillsMichael Turner2011502922:00
On Location 1: Elvy Del Bianco's Annotated Film CollectionMichael Turner2011502811:00
I Got You Under My Spell 2: Bon Appetit Mr. Landlord, Please Lower My RentMaya Suess201150314:52
I've Got You Under My Spell 1: Radical Transmutation Forcefield SongMaya Suess201150304:52
What's It Like?Pablo Griff201150231:44
You Happy?Pablo Griff201150222:36
Shore LeavePablo Griff201150215:48
Plain FaceTess Martin2011501310:42
By Being PaintedOrland Nutt201050122:02
Elegant ThingsOrland Nutt201050112:07
Only When IOrland Nutt201050100:48
Dear PeterOrland Nutt200950081:40
Equanimous PassageOrland Nutt200950076:26
Trinity of Three DragonsOrland Nutt200850068:42
Buffalo to the MoonOrland Nutt200750041:20
You Come Home To ThisOrland Nutt200650035:35
Goat Chase RaccoonOrland Nutt200550021:20
VolleysOrland Nutt200250012:55
LandscapesLaurel Degutis200940996:36
You Make Me IliadMary Reid Kelley2011409814:47
Beauty Plus PityEmily Vey Duke2009409714:26
The Snow QueenJuli Saragosa2011409617:34
CoinedElijah Hasan201140957:34
Is That Me?Elijah Hasan201140945:28
Losing GroundIsabelle Hayeur2009409013:00
Mother and BabeLief Hall201140811:14
25/27Lief Hall2008408014:22
HorseyBren Ryder201040934:45
Blimey DaysPablo Griff201040925:08
A Moment's ReverieTess Martin2007409110:15
Lasting Present Until You Walk Away, Your YouthYi Xin Tong20094089loop
StillYi Xin Tong200940881:58
The Furthermost ImaginableYi Xin Tong2010408752:27