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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducerYearsort iconAccession NumberDuration
SleeperMarina Roy200430298:05
Through Another’s LensBrian Kent Gotro199830355:02
The Final CutBrian Kent Gotro199930361:15
120999041900 (the murder of god and the arrival of the human)Brian Kent Gotro200030373:10
God is a CanadianBrian Kent Gotro200030381:38
Crippled Communication ResolvedBrian Kent Gotro200130394:23
Briefcase on FireBrian Kent Gotro200130402:50
Running Toward ConsequenceBrian Kent Gotro200130412:41
elevenBrian Kent Gotro200330426:40
A 60 Second VideoBrian Kent Gotro200330431:00
ID ErrorBrian Kent Gotro200430443:44
burthBrian Kent Gotro200430456:57
Untitled (2 telephone messages)Brian Kent Gotro200430464:06
absence presence placeBrian Kent Gotro200430473:21
mouth trickBrian Kent Gotro200430482:40
MoodBrian Kent Gotro200530494:41
00:17:06:47 > 00:00:30:00Brian Kent Gotro200630500:30
the notion of self (in 30 seconds)Brian Kent Gotro200730510:30
BEACHBrian Kent Gotro200830523:20
RESONANCE MARKBrian Kent Gotro200830533:41
VIDEOtapeRBGBrian Kent Gotro200830543:15
VIDEOtapeRBGBrian Kent Gotro200830543:15
VIDEOtapeRBG + OwenBrian Kent Gotro200830555:15
WALKBrian Kent Gotro200830561:00
IncidentOliver Hockenhull200830579:16
This Lane Is Our LaneTerry Haines200830586:44
Cybernetic Love TriangleBrendan Baudat200830592:30
Water Squatters (Thinking and Living Outside the Box)Leon Kaplan200730601:15:00
Hey F*** FaceAmber Dawn200830344:15
Intermedia HistoryGlenn Lewis19731 a- b30:00
Brian + VirginieBrian MacDonald200830283:33
ApartmentEric Deis200430271:49
From The Ground Up In Order, EmbraceNick Briz200730261:39
GREYCON4Brandon Blommaert200730256:36
CheckpointAlex Mah2007302412:00
My Two Grandmothers- Her Great Grandfather- And MeLeila Sujir2020194231:00
Michelin Bill - The Workers' StoryBill McKiggan20191464a30
BirthdayChris Mullington20181630a0
Cory CoryJumpstart20181714a13
The Buck Stops HereBC Coalition of the Disabled2018202517
New DanceSkip Blumberg2017176625
Christine's SecretCandida Royalle2017205272
Vanessa Kwan CompilationVanessa Kwan2017kwan
Animation Compilation 2007Daniel Barrow, et al20172984
Work Your BodyGay Men's Health Crisis20091750b
Act Your AgeMeg Torwl2009250842:00
"Couch" (The Dance)Ken Anderlini20082965
WinonaRobert Hamilton200830195:45
Bio-electric PatinaOliver Hockenhull200729295:00
LoverVenus Soberanes200729178:00
World BriefingOliver Hockenhull20072923insta
New Works Winter 2007Asa Mori et al20072926
New Queer Works Winter 2007Daniel Barrow et al20072927
Stuart Pound 2006-7Stuart Pound20072928 a-f
Bus StopStuart Pound20072928 c4:43
Hotel SevillaStuart Pound20072928 a5:29
Kissing in HatsStuart Pound20072928 e1:30
Montparnasse 001Stuart Pound20072928 b3:14
Reverberations in timeStuart Pound20072928 d2:18
A day in the life of Gilbert & GeorgeStuart Pound20072928 f9:30
Three - A CompilationOliver Hockenhull20072930
Bit PaintOliver Hockenhull20072932
Lovely Corruption (After Edison)Oliver Hockenhull200729332:00
Facing FasdHeidi Slat200729394:00
dry ideaVelveeta Krisp200729402:19
Mary (DS)Donna Szoke200729427:00
Video Art Therapy #1: Journey To A Distant PlanetBrian MacDonald2007294416:32
Donna Szoke Selected Works 2007 BETADonna Szoke20072946
Towards the day... we are all freeMeg Torwl20072947A90:00
Towards the day... we are all free (textless version)Meg Torwl20072947B90:00
movementsStephanie Loveless200729493:20
imMaterialStephanie Loveless200729505:10
S/HeGina Pei Chi Chen2007295312:00
Private PropertyJames Diamond200729596:00
SuPORNNaturalSacha Fink200729554:00
Subtle ArchitecturesEmma Howes200729648:50
InvitationMichael V. Smith200729575:40
Before the New MilleniumLorna Boschman2007295826:57
Salpuri DanceAlex Young Hwa Cho200729608:00
Her Lens: Familial DistanceVarious Artists2007296172:10
Her Lens: Gender CurrentsVarious Artists2007296265:04
Her Lens: More Unsettling of the WestVarious Artists2007296387:00
AeonsroomJuli Saragosa2007296830:00
Self StorageMaureen Bradley200729723:50
Domestic BlitzKyath Battie200729765:00
Broken FamilyDonna Lee200729868:22
AvalancheClark Nikolai200729875:20
Betty Has A Bad Hair DayTerry Haines200729886:40
DiscopediaHo Tam200729778:15
Queer Works Summer 2007Various Artists2007298254:00
Experimental Works Summer 2007Sam Scott, et al20072981
Recent Acquisitions Summer 2007Gina Pei Chi Chen, et al20072983
The Love That Won't Shut UpIvan E. Coyote2007298521:00
Gunplay (Part Two)Dana Claxton200729911:30
HopeDana Claxton200729929:51
ImmersedPortia Priegert200729933:50
ShatteredKarin Lee2007299422:00
Song for the City with Music in its BonesAmy Lynn Kazymerchyk20072996b13:00
Dear GuyJeremy Todd2007299783:00