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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducerYearsort iconAccession NumberDuration
MigratorySiri Stensberg202171622:09
MascingElian Mikkola2021716110:09
Answering Machine Tape TravelsRajee P. Jejishergill 201671605:16
None Sticky RiceJae Woo Kang202171597:11
your dataset must dieVishal Kumaraswamy202171582:09
your dataset won't let me thriveVishal Kumaraswamy202171571:55
Cone Worms near Burrard Inletsunny nestler202171561:52
Tricky EyesVIVO2021715542:30
New Vancouver Works + New Toronto Works Artist TalkVIVO2021715531:29
La Parte de Atrás de la Arpillera (The Back of the Arpillera)Soledad Fátima Muñoz2020714323:14
Galo Preto ColetivoSarah Shamash2021714215:38
A Safe DistanceGloria Mercer202071417:37
Hand JobKara Hornland2019714015:39
Earth FleshTJ Cuthand199871391:30
untitled part 9: this timeJayce Salloum202071386:13
Terror FervorPhoebe Parsons201971376:00
Think Before You Think: A Portrait of Rick RaxlenAlex MacKenzie2020713631:00
The Smell of the GreenClark Nikolai202071356:00
YarlungKunsang Kyirong202071345:24
EscapeJulianne Chapple202071333:52
TraitorMatthew Williamson202071324:03
Tell The DogsLindsay Lorraine202071313:16
Not your pandaTigris Sakda201971305:27
BOOKANIMA: Martial ArtsShon Kim2019712910:52
An Event So FastKara Ditte Hansen2020712837:05
A Shot is a Stanza: 23 Video Poems for PhonesAgonyKlub2020712723:51
This film has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit this screen.Khanhthuan Tran2019712644:07
WinterLisa G201471256:50
Glen and LongwoodRobert Hamilton202071241:00
PandemiaRobert Hamilton202171234:10
Summer Femme Winter ButchLisa G202071221:17
Tidal PhenomenaLisa G202071219:36
DisconnectedLisa G201971204:53
A Private ViewLisa G201871193:20
581 Bloor Street WestLisa G201771182:45
86 SE MarineLisa G201671173:55
Harbeck HomageLisa G201671163:01
Like a CANNONLisa G201671153:22
We Are HereLisa G201571143:10
lil' bunnyLisa G201471133:36
Not Just Black & WhiteLisa G201371126:36
Coco Means GhostGabi Dao2019711125:24
Stockhausen SyndromeClark Nikolai202071101:00
Forgive Us Our DebtsHoward Mitchell2020710915:00
Refuge in the RockiesKaio Kathriner2018710812:19
s01e03Kurt Walker2020710757:20
Thoughts and PrayersChristopher Logan202071062:33
Framing DeviceAndrew James Paterson2019710527:00
What Connects UsElijah Hasan2020710417:55
Less Lethal FetishesTJ Cuthand202071039:24
I dream a queer allegoryMichael V Smith202071022:17
Sunken Cave and a Migrating BirdQiuli Wu2020710110:31
The Confidence PonyLianne Zannier201271002:00
Forwards, backwardMitchell Stafiej202070994:23
Debauched, Deflowered, DisenchantedTJ Cuthand199770983:58
Vague Images at the Beginning and End of the DayCarl Elsaesser201570978:00
The Misbehaving ImageCarl Elsaesser2016709613:00
Project GasbuggyCarl Elsaesser201470957:00
Itinerary of SurfacesCarl Elsaesser202070948:00
Exercises in ResistanceCarl Eisaesser2018709324:00:00
Supa Roof TopMichael Venus20207092_r2:49
StampedeAllison Hrabluik2019709112:58
HekademiaGloria Mercer2020709216:01
VEB FRAU TV: Season 9Margaret Dragu2020709035:49
VERB FRAU TV: Season 8Margaret Dragu202070891:00:00
VERB FRAU TV Seasons 1-7: an evening with Margaret DraguMargaret Dragu201970881:25:47
VERB FRAU TV: Season 7Margaret Dragu201770871:55:03
VERB FRAU TV: Season 6Margaret Dragu201770861:09:17
VERB FRAU TV: Season 4 (Poland)Margaret Dragu20167084b1:11:27
VERB FRAU TV: Season 5Margaret Dragu201670851:50:29
VERB FRAU TV: Season 4 (web)Margaret Dragu20167084a9:07
VERB FRAU TV: Season 3Margaret Dragu2015708327:07
VERB FRAU TV: Season 2Margaret Dragu2015708250:52
VERB FRAU TV: Season 1Margaret Dragu201370813:57:02
Return to SenderSara Wylie 2019708015:31
Garbage ConglomerateJennifer O'Connor2020707900:13
Trash Talk Episode 7 (Pierre)Jennifer O'Connor2020707810:56
Trash Talk Episode 6 (Vin) Jennifer O'Connor202070778:47
Trash Talk Episode 5 (Eva)Jennifer O'Connor2020707611:08
Trash Talk Episode 4 (Shayla) Jennifer O'Connor202070755:37
Trash Talk Episode 3 (Molly) Jennifer O'Connor202070743:24
Trash Talk Episode 2 (Cherry)Jennifer O'Connor202070738:27
Trash Talk Episode 1 (Jonathan & Martin) Jennifer O'Connor202070728:00
Distracted BlueberryBarry Doupé201970714:35:00
MoonboyChristopher Logan2020707010:25
Collective QuestioningsTracey Vath201970697:41
At Home... in a StateHope Peterson199370683:55
MiraslavaRoberto Santaguida200770667:25
StonerSydney Southam201970656:30
The Day JobChristian Nicolay201670646:56
RiderSvava Tergesen201970637:19
In Search of Martin KleinJoseph Wilcox2017706118:51
PoplifeSam Mohseni2019706017:20
Blossom 3Jesi Jordan201970593:24
Blossom 2Jesi Jordan201970583:01
Blossom 1Jesi Jordan201970573:52
StevestonKen Kuramoto19780888b20:43
The Edge of LifeMaxi Cohen1984211419:00
AngerMaxi Cohen1986211520:00
June 30Isabelle Pauwels200970557:55