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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Jordan River2023John G. Boehme7:00In Distribution
Dream Voices, Day Voices1986John Galloway6:30In Distribution1447
Victims1987John Galloway10:00In Distribution1448
Caravan1975John Garner29In Library Only479
Stiff Sheets1989John Goss19:00In Distribution1615
Manzana For Manzana1983John Greyson35In Library Only1176
Perils Of Pedagogy1984John Greyson5:00Special1216
Moscow Does Not Believe in Queers1986John Greyson27:00In Distribution1446
Kipling Trilogy: Perils Of Pedagogy1984John Greyson5:00In Distribution1511a
Kipling Trilogy: The Jungle Boy1985John Greyson15:00Special1511b
Kipling Trilogy: Kipling Meets The Cowboys1985John Greyson22:00Special1511c
The World Is Sick (sic)1989John Greyson38:00In Distribution1706
Ads Epidemic1987John Greyson4:00In Distribution1709
Video Against AIDS: Program 11989John Greyson118In Distribution1750
Beemaster's Short Course1974John Korner55In Library Only180
Louie Duthie Remembers Vancouver1989John Mikitka15In Distribution1645
The Agony and the Ecstasy1976John Mitchell8:00In Distribution0672a
Born Again1978John Mitchell8:00In Distribution0672b
Review Of Kim Tomczak's New Photos1980John Mitchell4:00In Distribution0990b
Year Zero The Silent Death Of Cambodia1979John Pilger56In Library Only860
Luminare1985John Sanborn7In Library Only1308
Axis Mime At Van Tech1978John Sawyer25In Library Only708
Reverse Planet2002John Warren11:30In Distribution2628
Lucy & Harriet1991Jonathan Wells10In Distribution1910
Condola1997Jonathan Wells11:00In Distribution2198
Sad Story of a Gay Skater1996Jonathan Wells5:00In Distribution2199
Kiss My Swollen Theory1995Jonathan Wells11:00In Distribution2535
Pizza 2221994Jonathan Wells15:00In Distribution2536
Videos for Limousines2001Jonathan Wells17:00In Library Only2584
Strange Fascinations1981Jorge Lozano26:00In Distribution1007a
Accessory Transit Company1980Jorge Lozano12:00In Distribution1007b
Ray Gun and Dream of Staircases1980Jorge Lozano6:25In Distribution1007c
TV Shots1980Jorge Lozano5:00In Distribution1007d
Inside Information1986Joshua Blakney3:23In Distribution2079a
Under The Privileged1986Joshua Blakney1:12In Distribution2079b
Tooth Fairy1986Joshua Blakney10:23In Distribution2079c
Pen Pals1986Joshua Blakney3:21In Distribution2079d
Was Ist Das1980Joyan Saunders4:30In Distribution0950a
Mark1980Joyan Saunders10:00In Distribution0950b
The OAC Baby1981Joyan Saunders2:30In Distribution0950c
Untitled (JS)1981Joyan Saunders6:00In Distribution0950d
States Of Being1981Joyan Saunders4:00In Distribution0950e
Feed (as in Devour)1981Joyan Saunders10:00In Distribution0951a
Message Obscured1981Joyan Saunders8:00In Distribution0951b
Ingrained Legacy: Early Prarie Woodworkers1997Judith Silverthorne23:50In Library Only2330
Speakeasy1978Judith Marcuse20In Library Only0770
Holy Dog1999Judith Norris7:00In Distribution2423
In the Age of Latex Sex1991Judy Cheung6:00In Distribution
On Hypochondria1998Judy Jheung20:00In Distribution2417
Bennu1987Judy Norris13In Library Only1476
Pink Fairy2006Juli Saragosa7:00In Distribution2967
Aeonsroom2007Juli Saragosa30:00In Distribution2968
They Dance Alone2005Juli Saragosa5:00In Distribution2969
Outsiders2005Juli Saragosa6:30In Distribution2970
I Forgot1982Julie Harrison2:11In Distribution1040a
Out Of Context1982Julie Healey11In Library Only1042
Lacuna1985Julie Healey12In Library Only1282
Cory Cory2018Jumpstart13In Distribution1714a
Out of the Glass Backwards1984Jumpstart Productions25:00In Distribution1178
Profiles Of Women1972June Boe15:00In Library Only0018a
Al Neil - Piano Antics1973June Boe48In Library Only0018b
Mudflats1973June Boe14In Library Only119
Japanese Gardens1973June Boe10In Library Only120
Video Art1973June Boe15In Library Only130
Films Of June Boe/sarahglow2023June Boe20In Library Only621
June Boe Pot Pourri1976June Boe50In Library Only647
Little Fairy Hill,<br>Big Fairy Hill1973K. Kay10In Library Only0326
V.L.T.1997k.g. Guttman8:00In Distribution2429
Mind Fuck1995Kagan Goh25:00In Distribution2244
Her (KLX)2003Kai Ling Xue10:00In Distribution2831
Tilted2003Kai Ling Xue3:23In Distribution2832
Kitore2001Kai Ling Xue10:00In Distribution2833
SK8 On2003Kai Ling Xue10:00In Distribution2834
A Girl Named Kai2004Kai Ling Xue8:30In Distribution2846
Solstanz1975Kalli Paakspou18In Library Only413
100% Woman2004Karen Duthie50:58Special2812
Rally For The Arts1985Karen Henry29In Library Only1358
May You Prosper In The Golden Land2005Karen Tam6:38In Distribution2861
Plum Sauce2001Karen Tam9:00In Distribution2891
Oysters and Chocolate2006Karin Lee5:45In Distribution2890
Shattered2007Karin Lee22:00In Distribution2994
North Of The North Pole1974Karyn Zajac27In Library Only254
New View- New Eyes1993Kaspar Saxena50:00In Distribution2003
Skins1975Kate Craig30:00In Distribution498
Delicate Issue1979Kate Craig12:00In Distribution858
Straight Jacket1980Kate Craig7:00In Distribution1006
Wiencouver IV1983Kate Craig28:30In Distribution1152
Ma1986Kate Craig16:30In Distribution1497
Mary Lou (KC)1989Kate Craig28:00Special1679
Banyacya At Habitat Forum1976Kate French52In Library Only514
Trust You1991Katharine Setzer1:40In Distribution1836
Like The Trees1973Kathleen Shannon15In Library Only492
Voicing the Real1999Kathryn Weiler23:00In Distribution2416
3 Squares- 4 Corners1998Kathryn Weiler11:40In Distribution2311
Significance2004Kathy March8:00In Distribution2874
FireWaterWood2004Kathy March15:31In Distribution2875
V.o.p. Rehabilitation Workshop1975Kathy Swain31In Library Only352
Blue Collar And Buddha1987Kati Johnson57In Distribution2041
Foot No. 61978Keigo Yamamoto8In Distribution804
Shadow Of Wall No. 11979Keigo Yamamoto5:00In Distribution1043a