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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Interview With Percy W. Bishop2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM190
Fred Quilt1974Metro Media42In Library OnlyM191
Raymur Project/life On Wheels/women's Self-help2023Metro Media55In Library OnlyM192
School Days/box Camera/angolese Boycott/handi-2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM193
Metro Media Presents Metro Media2023Metro Media28In Library OnlyM194
Naf Arts & Crafts/kraft Boycott/wounded Knee1973Metro Media60In Library OnlyM195
Nucleus: Carmon Cadillac- Crystal- Smilin Jack2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM196
Metro Media Program1973Metro Media30In Library OnlyM197
Life On Wheels/alexis (folksinger)1974Metro Media28In Library OnlyM203
Metro Media1973Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM207
Poetry Reading At Metro Media - Part 12023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM209
Poetry Reading At Metro Media - Part 22023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM210
Restaurant And Glider Tape: Silent Flight2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM211
Public Access To N.e.b.1980Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM217a
Reach Dental Clinic2023Metro Media8In Library OnlyM221
C.r.t.c.1979Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM222
Strathcona Community Day Activities2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM223
Cooking Demonstration2023Metro Media12In Library OnlyM226
Ann Kinney: Artist2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM228
Goose Creek Symphony2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM229
Family Service2023Metro Media20In Library OnlyM230
Theater Piece2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM231
Gloria K. Galiano - Part 12023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM232
Gloria K. Galiano - Part 22023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM233
Sam Agee2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM234
Public Meeting At Langara College - Part 12023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM236
Public Meeting At Langara College - Part 22023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM237
Goose Creek Symphony1974Metro Media28In Library OnlyM238
Larry's Leap Daycare2001Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM244
Community Learning Festival At East Van Cult. Cntr1981Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM247
Beacon Hill Daycare Tape1988Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM248
N.e. B.1980Metro Media30In Library OnlyM249
Body Language1984Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM250
Blood Risk1989Michael Balser22In Distribution1924
Robert Davidson: "I'm In Awe"1981Michael Brodie27:00In Distribution1100
Voice: Roy Kiyooka1999Michael de Courcy40:00In Distribution2440
Bulimia: Out Of Control Eating1986Michael Doherty23:00In Distribution1575
Ballet Horizons In Rehearsal*1973Michael Goldberg27In Library Only33
Intermedia Sampler1972Michael Goldberg30:00In Distribution0067
Space Circus - Homemade Baby1973Michael Goldberg19:00In Library Only0091b
Vancouver Collage1973Michael Goldberg33:00In Distribution92
Video Inn Dance Sampler1974Michael Goldberg30In Library Only185
Sculpture-dance Garden1974Michael Goldberg31In Library Only310
Orgasm - a Discussion1975Michael Goldberg32In Library Only0576
Terminal City Dance....At Work1981Michael Goldberg60:00In Distribution904
You Don't Take 'No' for an Answer...1979Michael Goldberg59In Library Only917
Couple Of Changes1982Michael Goldberg55:00In Distribution1012
A Zen Life - D.T. Suzuki2005Michael Goldberg87:00In Library Only2956
Video Ring Rgtv1973Michael Hayden60In Library Only64
Homage To Colonel Sanders2016Michael Hayden60In Library Only106
Jazz-classical Guitarist Michael Kleniee1975Michael Kleniee18In Library Only575
Behind the Billboard on Prior Street2005Michael Lithgow18:23In Distribution2821
Video Narcissus1979Michael Morris18:00In Distribution1653
Heirs to a Felt Fortune1998Michael Turner8:30In Distribution2327
PINK2003Michael V. Smith3:20In Distribution2772
Wolf Lake2006Michael V. Smith4:15In Distribution2900
Two Peanuts2006Michael V. Smith4:35In Distribution2907
Invitation2007Michael V. Smith5:40In Distribution2957
Wolf Lake2006Michael V. Smith4:15In Distribution2900
Near-Perfect Wedding2007Michael V. Smith1:33In Distribution3003
Commentaires Sur Une St-jean1974Michel Dion33In Library Only248
Babel 781974Michel Latraverse32In Library Only157
Excerpts From Solide salade Tour1984Michel Lemeiux21In Library Only1244
Je Let L'Him Talk1981Michel Ouellette12:00In Distribution1061
Their Hands1987Michele Waquant6:00In Distribution1563
Ciao Ciao2001Michelle Irving5:30In Distribution2547
Atrocities2001Michelle Oleman3:30In Distribution2668d
Yellow Peril - Displaced View1988Midi Onodera52In Distribution1885
Where Do The Children Play?1972Mike Coyle33In Library Only93
Spoon Carver: John Zmaeff1974Mike McMann30In Library Only0028
Alex Kowalski : Batik1974Mike McMann21In Library Only285
Faces Of Summer1974Mike McMann31In Library Only289
An Alternative1974Mike McMann25:00In Library Only0298
Radio Void1984Mina Shum2In Library Only1225
Slanted Vision1995Ming-Yuen S. Ma50:00In Distribution2143
Sniff1997Ming-Yuen S. Ma5:00In Distribution2185
Movements East-West2003Ming-Yuen S. Ma17:00In Library Only2978
Mother/Land2000Ming-Yuen S. Ma25:00In Library Only2979
[os]2007Ming-Yuen S. Ma60:00In Library Only2980
Stand by Your Man1998Minnie/Stefan St-Laurent10:45In Distribution2314
Sonovovitch1975Miriam Adams22In Library Only518
Terminal2005Miriam Needoba3:00In Distribution2966a
Gaching2006Miriam Needoba6:00In Distribution2966b
Bless You2006Miriam Needoba6:00In Distribution2966c
Girl On Girl 2004Miss Nomer Collective16:43In Distribution2794b
Mentally Handicapped1973Mo Simpson17In Library Only123
Women's Clinic2016Mo Simpson15In Library Only140
Women Artists2023Mo Simpson30In Library Only250
Savage Time1999Mohammed Nasri7:00In Distribution2469
Changing Parts1984Mona Hatoum24:00In Distribution1406
Measures Of Distance (MH)1988Mona Hatoum16:00Special1551
Eyes Skinned (MH)1988Mona Hatoum4:00Special1552
So Much I Want To Say1983Mona Hatoum5:00In Distribution1655
Variations on Discord and Divisions1984Mona Hatoum28:00In Distribution1656
The Negotiating Table1983Mona Hatoum20:00In Distribution1792
Mad About The Crazy Lady [1/2]1977Monica Holden Lawrence44In Library Only682
Mad About The Crazy Lady [2/2]1977Monica Holden Lawrence44In Library Only683
Sleeping Car2000Monique Moumblow5:30In Distribution2452a
Joan and Stephen1996Monique Moumblow12:00In Distribution2452b
Plug1997Monique Moumblow4:00In Distribution2452c