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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Sculpture-dance Garden1974Michael Goldberg31In Library Only310
Sea's Children2012Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM026
Search Engine1999Wayne Yung4:00In Distribution2292b
Seconds1973Goddamatch30In Library Only276
See Evil1985Lisa Steele28:00In Distribution1286
See How We Are1972Raven Society of B.C.20In Library Only0270
See Saw1988David Clark8:10In Distribution2489b
Seeing. Believing. Compilation1994Sarah Butterfield57:00In Library Only2241
Seize In Love1991Estate of Art McP13:00In Distribution1810
Selected Works 1998-2004 (Duke &Battersby) DVD2004Emily Vey DukeIn Distribution2810
Selected Works 20032003Tricia Middleton35:00In Distribution2770 a-c
Selections From Guimond/dion1977Daniel Guimond60In Library Only763
Self Storage2007Maureen Bradley3:50In Distribution2972
Self-help Health With Joan Miller1975Red River Community College55In Library Only467
Seoul Brother Report1986Skip Blumberg4In Distribution1771c
Serenade2001Meesoo Lee2:08In Distribution2726 E
Serendipity1972BC Assn for the Mentally Retarded23In Library Only363
Serendipity2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM129
Serene Composition Suggestive Of Pastoral Repose1977Noel Harding17In Library Only813
Servicing The Target1991Shawn Chappelle10:00In Distribution2238B
Seuls les ƒternuements sont ƒternels1998laura jeanne lefave9:00In Distribution2475
Seven Day Activity1978Paul Wong13:00In Distribution1023
Sex + Sadness2001Brian MacDonald21:00In Distribution2641
Sex + Sadness (Part 1)2001Brian MacDonaldIn Distribution2641 A
Sex + Sadness (Part 2)2001Brian MacDonaldIn Distribution2641 C
Sex + Sadness (Part 3)2001Brian MacDonaldIn Distribution2641 E
Sex Issues on Trial: Dr. Morgentaler (Part 1 of 2)1974Rick Holyoke60In Library Only0440
Sexism In The Schools1975Women in Focus28In Library OnlyW0041
Sexnoys2006lamathilde1:29In Distribution3016
Sexual Dysfunction: Sex Issues On Trial1974Rick Holyoke60In Library Only443
SF2007Stuart Pound8:40In Distribution3009
Sfu Senate Speakers2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM172
Shadow Of Wall No. 11979Keigo Yamamoto5:00In Distribution1043a
Shadow Of Wall No. 21979Keigo Yamamoto5In Distribution1043b
Shame on You2001Elana Herman (Lupis)11In Distribution2555
Shane Remediated2005Oliver Hockenhull15:00In Distribution2839
Shani Mootoo Compilation 91-94 1991Shani Mootoo42:00In Library Only2276
Share It With Me1983Joe Naylor4:00In Library Only1203b
Sharing The Dance1976Western Front Video60In Library Only618
Shattered2007Karin Lee22:00In Distribution2994
Shawn Chappelle Compilation1990Shawn Chappelle52In Library Only2238
She Says2003Lisa G3:00In Distribution2721c
She Thrills Me1993Maureen Bradley13:00In Distribution1970
She's a Diva1998Sheila James3:55In Distribution2410
She's Not Alone2001Sondra Cross3:23In Distribution2668 c
She's So Gay2001Lisa G28:48Special2685
Sherlock Holmes Colour Synthesized1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0409
Shirt1994Dana Claxton6:00In Distribution1994
Shoecraft-herbicides1973Campbell River TV Association24:00In Library Only0314
Shoecraft-herbicides [1/2]1973Campbell River TV Association54In Library Only295
Shoes1985Robert Hamilton2In Library Only1316c
Shop Until We All Drop2003Mark Kenneth Woods5:00In Distribution2751
Shopping Street2004Robert Hamilton2:10In Distribution2826 B
Short History Of Water1989Gary Kibbins16:00In Distribution1711
Shot Of The City1978Ken Kuramoto4In Library Only0825a
Shuet Ying: A Story of My Mother1998Gordon Wong4:00In Distribution2312
Shui2001Clark Nikolai4:29In Distribution2582
Si'Elu'taxw1997First Nations Video Collective25:00In Distribution2235
Sick Fun La!2006Winston Xin4:22In Distribution2911
Sick World (II)1992Deborah VanSlet18:00In Library Only2342
Sign Of Affection?1977Peg Campbell25In Library Only677
Signed- K.K.1979Ken Kuramoto15:00In Distribution887
Significance2004Kathy March8:00In Distribution2874
Silent Tapes1982Monty Cantsin50:00In Distribution1033a
Silent Tapes [2/3]1982Monty Cantsin50In Library Only1033b
Silent Tapes [3/3]1982Monty Cantsin50In Library Only1033c
Simo Simo1981Charles Keast6In Library Only0918
Simple Histoire D'amours [1/2]1972National Film Board60In Library Only602
Simple Histoire D'amours [2/2]1972National Film Board60In Library Only603
Simulate/Desire1984Mark Verabioff2:00In Distribution1296a
Singing Our Stories1998Annie Fraziér Henry58:52In Distribution2381
Single Seul1980Ross Gentleman13In Library Only1108
Sink1975Allen Bealy19In Library Only421
Sisyphus1984David Rimmer22:00In Distribution1426
Sisyphus (MB)2006Maureen Bradley1:30In Distribution2973
SK8 On2003Kai Ling Xue10:00In Distribution2834
Skid Road - Under The Rug Series2023Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM025
Skid Row Under The Rug1973Terry Ketler30In Library Only77
Skin For Life2005Terry Haines5:55In Distribution2820
Skinned1993Jennifer Abbott6:00In Distribution1931
Skins1975Kate Craig30:00In Distribution498
Skwelkwekwelt Protection Center2002Nitanis Desjarlais28:19In Distribution2656
Slang1994Rae Staseson5:00In Distribution2227
Slanted Vision1995Ming-Yuen S. Ma50:00In Distribution2143
Slasher1998Frederick Cummings5:00In Distribution2433
Sleeping Car2000Monique Moumblow5:30In Distribution2452a
Sliammon Program1976Yves Langlois30In Library Only580
Slices Of My Life1993Paul Dhillon17:45In Distribution2091
Slow Dazzle1976Terry McGlade12In Library Only0607a
Smash2002Paul Wong55:00In Distribution2974
Smell1999Donna Szoke5:00In Distribution2437
Snack Pack 11975Paul Wong30In Library Only288
Sniff1997Ming-Yuen S. Ma5:00In Distribution2185
Snip1998Terence Anthony4:30In Distribution2302a
Snow Job: The Media Hysteria Of Aids1988Barbara Hammer8:00In Distribution1716b
Snow Storm2002Scott RussellIn Distribution2688
Snowmobile1996Jocelyn Robert2:00In Distribution2306b
Snuff Flick1982Stokely Seip4:40In Distribution1072
So Are You1994Paul Wong28:00In Distribution2074
So Much I Want To Say1983Mona Hatoum5:00In Distribution1655