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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
How Many Fingers1981Andrew James Paterson8:30In Distribution1300
Halo-action1981Videoladen40In Library Only1322a
Cbs - Action1981Videoladen0In Library Only1322b
Lovesong1981Videoladen0In Library Only1322d
Christian Prigent Revue Parlee Txt1981Christian Prigent18In Distribution1357
Ay Sudamerica!1981C.A.D.A.4:00In Distribution1504f
Beneath The Skin1981Cecelia Condit12:00In Distribution1550a
Dogmachine1981Elizabeth Chitty22:00In Distribution1565
BC Hydro et ses projects du Site C et de Hat Creek1981Yan Geofroy28In Distribution1600
Pick Up Your Feet: The Double Dutch Show1981Skip Blumberg28:00In Distribution1623
Connecticut Papoose1981Ernest Gusella50In Distribution1725
T.w.u. Tel1981Amelia Productions9In Library OnlyW0022
Lesbians Against The Right1981Amelia Productions45In Library OnlyW0034
This Isn't Wonderland1981Helen Doyle57In Library OnlyW0117
Tatyana Mamonova1981Amelia Productions60In Library OnlyW0124
Concerned Aboriginal Women Occupy The Department of Indian Affairs1981Amelia Productions60In Distribution1002
Made In Japan1981Byron Black16:55In Distribution2087c
"record Date: February 1- 1981- #8"1981Gayblevision37In Library OnlyGV07
"record Date: February 28- 1981- #9-"1981Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV09
"record Date: May 3- 1981- #11"1981Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV10
"record Date: May 29- 1981- #12"1981Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV11
"record Date: June 27- 1981- #13 (part B- Best Of)"1981Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV12
"record Date: September 5-1981- #14 And #15"1981Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV13
"record Date: October 3- 1981- #16"1981Gayblevision31In Library OnlyGV14
"record Date: November 1- 1981- #17"1981Gayblevision28In Library OnlyGV15
"record Date: December 6- 1981- #18"1981Gayblevision31In Library OnlyGV16
"record Date: July 27-1981- #14"1981Gayblevision61In Library OnlyGV53
"record Date: October 3- 1981"1981Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV54
"record Date: June 3- 1981"1981Gayblevision54In Library OnlyGV55
"record Date: February 16/81- Robin Tyler Special"1981GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV61
"record Date: August 28- 1981- Forbidden Fruits"1981GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV62
Community Learning Festival At East Van Cult. Cntr1981Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM247
Prime Cuts (WF)1981Western Front Video20:00Special1030
Dear Diary1982Andy Harvey11:00In Distribution898
Potatoes1982Elizabeth Vander Zaag11:00In Distribution0981b
Installations By David Knox1982Andrew Krumins13In Library Only982
Character Generator Sampler1982Andrew Krumins10In Library Only1008
Sudz1982Teri Chmilar33In Distribution1011
Couple Of Changes1982Michael Goldberg55:00In Distribution1012
L'Homme De Pekin1982Daniel Dion18:00In Distribution1013b
Nash The Slash1982Stokely Seip17In Library Only1021
Drawing The Lines1982Andy Harvey40:00In Distribution1022
TV Translate Waiting1982Norbert Brunner20:00In Distribution1025
In Praise of Non Representation1982Neil R. Armstrong20:00In Distribution1027
Mythological Process1982Neil R. Armstrong30:00In Distribution1031
Feminine Protection1982Anne Ramsden17:00In Distribution1032c
Silent Tapes1982Monty Cantsin50:00In Distribution1033a
Silent Tapes [2/3]1982Monty Cantsin50In Library Only1033b
Silent Tapes [3/3]1982Monty Cantsin50In Library Only1033c
I Forgot1982Julie Harrison2:11In Distribution1040a
Lasting Impressions1982Julie Harrison5:00In Distribution1040c
Disarmament Video Survey1982Video Inn20In Library Only1041
Out Of Context1982Julie Healey11In Library Only1042
Partir D'une Metamorphose III1982Bernar Hebert60:00In Distribution1048
Granny and Me1982Nora Hutchinson15:00In Distribution1051
Influences of My Mother1982Sara Diamond26:00In Distribution1052
Street Drugs With Nic Puma1982Richard Ward14In Library Only1053
Shadows Part 21982Mako Idemitsu42:00In Distribution1059
Public Melodrama1982Bernar Hebert14:00In Distribution1060
Quackery Part 2. Food: Use Or Abuse1982Mervyn Brown29In Library Only1063
Quackery Part 3: Mental Health1982Mervyn Brown30In Library Only1064
Behind The Scenes: Film Making1982Mervyn Brown29In Library Only1065
Behind The Scenes: Tv Production1982Mervyn Brown30In Library Only1066
Waglisla Artists (bella Bella B.c.)1982Heiltsuk Community TV24In Library Only1067
Journey To The Gates1982Anne Lewison22In Library Only1068
Disarmament Video Survey1982Disarmament Video Committee60:00In Distribution1071
Snuff Flick1982Stokely Seip4:40In Distribution1072
Mandala '821982Kou Nakajima27:00In Distribution1073
Amazing Powers #71982Rod Mabee25In Library Only1085
Amazing Powers #81982Rod Mabee26In Library Only1086
Amazing Powers #41982Rod Mabee28In Library Only1087
Cause For Suspicion1982David Alan Ostrem40In Library Only1088
Generic Video Art1982Laurie McDonald12:00In Distribution1093a
Starling Man1982Cornelia Wyngaarden8:00In Distribution1099
C'est La Video1982Hank Bull11:00In Distribution1102
Carla1982Anthony Cordi28In Library Only1105
Love of Line- of Light and Shadow: The Brooklyn Bridge1982Reynold Weidenaar10:00In Distribution1106
Musign Theatre "demo"1982Jan Abbey8In Library Only1107
CY Smith- B. 1923-1982Maury Peterman58In Library Only1111
Amazing Powers Series: Best Of1982Rod Mabee30In Library Only1116
Em1982James Seligman22:00In Distribution1125
Irene - 591982Shereen Maloney12In Library Only1136
Gayblevision: Celebration Of Two Years On Air1982Barry Spillman62In Library Only1159
Gayblevision - Coronation Ball '821982Barry Sallman0In Library Only1160
Travels In The Combat Zone1982Doris Chase30In Library Only1169
Videotape Tape: Suite For Mood1982Nick Hall0In Library Only1172
Sign Language - Ecuador Part 11982Jan Abbey60In Library Only1174
Sign Language - Ecuador 2 Part1982Jan Abbey35In Library Only1175
Invisible Citizens: Japanese Americans1982Keiko Tsuno60:00In Distribution1180
Tom Konyves Video Sampler1982Tom Konyves43In Library Only1183
Japanese Americals For Redress1982Keiko Tsuno60In Library Only1184
International Festival Of Video Art1982Thierry LeBrum27In Library Only1204
Uber Holger Meins-ein Versuch-unsere Sicht Heute1982Gerg Conradt105In Library Only1206
Uber Holger Meins-ein Versuch-unsere Sicht Heute1982Gerd Conradt105In Library Only1207
Dextron Solution1982Scott MacEachern20In Library Only1212
Kawthulay: The Unknown Revolution1982Portes Bryant22:00In Library Only1214
Thalamus: Baby Bottle And Baby Doll1982Daav MacNab9In Library Only1227
Damon In Berlin1982Gabor Body27:00In Distribution1231
What's A Sentient Being Like You Doing in an Incarnation like this?1982Byron Black16:00In Distribution1236
Video Tableaux1982Joyan Saunders13:30In Distribution1238b