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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Pearls: Bright- Beautiful- Glorious & Blue1994Margaret Gallagher15:00In Distribution2014
Curse Of The Homo1993Joe Sarahan24In Distribution2015
Concerned Aboriginal Women Occupy The Department of Indian Affairs1981Amelia Productions60In Distribution1002
Gender- Lace And Glass1992David Findley3:00In Distribution2020
Yo Soy Eine Kleine Shopkeeper1993Margaret DraguIn Distribution2021
Changing Worlds: Women, Art, History & Revolution1993Lynn Hershman57In Distribution2023
The Buck Stops Here2018BC Coalition of the Disabled17In Distribution2025
Gendertroublemakers1993Jeanne B. (aka Mihra-Soleil Ross)20:00In Distribution2027
Clayoquot Sounds1993Brenda Mary28In Distribution2028
One Hour Of Peace1987Joe Sarahan60In Distribution2037
Aura1991Ming-Yuen S. Ma7:00In Distribution2039
Blue Collar And Buddha1987Kati Johnson57In Distribution2041
Hybrid Vigour1994Stephen Arthur4In Distribution2048
Urban Heat1978Candida Royalle78In Distribution2050
Femme (CR)1984Candida Royalle75In Distribution2051
Christine's Secret2017Candida Royalle72In Distribution2052
Dangerous Bliss1994Carla Wolf6:30In Distribution2001a
Weight of Women's Eyes1994Maureen Bradley10:00In Distribution2001b
Fat Chance (AG)1994Anne Golden10:00In Distribution2001c
Canadian Artists And Telidon1984Paul Petro20:30In Distribution2062
Gay Boy: We Do Not Go Extinct1994Aaron Pollard8:00In Distribution2073
So Are You1994Paul Wong28:00In Distribution2074
Squamish Five1983.12In Distribution2076
How To Survive In A Hostile Environment1991Paula Levine14In Distribution2077
Inside Information1986Joshua Blakney3:23In Distribution2079a
Under The Privileged1986Joshua Blakney1:12In Distribution2079b
Tooth Fairy1986Joshua Blakney10:23In Distribution2079c
Pen Pals1986Joshua Blakney3:21In Distribution2079d
Disposition1992Baruch Rafic16:00In Distribution2084
Barbara- Juan And Viet1992Baruch Rafic8:00In Distribution2085
Slices Of My Life1993Paul Dhillon17:45In Distribution2091
Flying High In The Sun1994Byron Black12:27In Distribution2088
Made In Japan1981Byron Black16:55In Distribution2087c
Rare Blood1988Byron BlackIn Distribution2087e
De-sign Series 0: Rec-zone1988Visual Brains7:00In Distribution2094a
De-sign Series 1: Kunren1989Visual Brains8:00In Distribution2094b
De-sign Series 2: 5-7-5 Hi Cook1990Visual Brains10:00In Distribution2094c
De-sign Series 3: Stand:drift1991Visual Brains20:00In Distribution2094d
De-sign Series 4: Cycle:recycle1993Visual Brains15:00In Distribution2094e
De-sign Series 5: Inside:outside1994Visual Brains14:00In Distribution2094f
Bootsin1994Solomon Tzeggai-Teferi3:00In Distribution1983b
The Third Mind1994Mark Handley4:00In Distribution1983c
Dog and Fish1994Sabrina Mathews4:00In Distribution1983f
Homecoming '92 - Before The Uprooting1993Ruby Truly47:00In Distribution2100
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #11993Ruby Truly45:00In Distribution2101
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #21993Ruby Truly40In Distribution2102
Homecoming '92 - Children Of Two Cultures1993Ruby Truly46In Distribution2103
Homecoming '92 - Exiled To Japan1993Ruby Truly35In Distribution2104
Homecoming '92 - Redress: The Community In Process1993Ruby Truly45In Distribution2105
60 Unit Bruise1976Paul Wong5:00In Distribution0872a
The Yellow Pages1994Ho Tam7:45In Distribution2131
Video Letters #1- 2- 31994Yau Ching (a)12:00In Distribution2139
Bodies In Trouble1991Marusya Bociurkiw15:00In Distribution2111
Fat World1994Lorna Boschman25:00In Distribution2140
Ideal/na(rra)tion1994Yau Ching (a)4:00In Distribution2138
Let My People Go1992Ming Yuen S. Ma5:00In Distribution2135
Toc Storee1992Ming Yuen S. Ma20:00In Distribution2136
Visions1992Annie Frazier Henry9:00In Distribution2132
Travelogue 4: Coming From The Wrong Side1992Stefaan Decostere56:00In Distribution1925
Dreams of the Night Cleaners1995Leila Sujir46:30In Distribution2145
Ten Skakel (My Baby)1995Cease Wyss25:00In Distribution2141
Slanted Vision1995Ming-Yuen S. Ma50:00In Distribution2143
Blackout1995Terence Anthony14:00In Distribution2142
Cancer Video1996Lorna Boschman23:00In Distribution2154
a.m.1996Shani Mootoo30:00In Distribution2147
Bardo Gap1994Margaret Dragu18:00In Distribution2148
Deconstructed Dollhouse1996Margaret Dragu20:00In Distribution2151
Fit To Be Tied1995Sara Diamond24:30In Distribution2152
Guerita And Prietita1995Shani Mootoo20:00In Distribution2153
Blending Milk And Water: Sex In The New World1996Paul Wong28:00In Distribution2155
Mz. Frankenstein1993Tanya Mars15:30In Distribution2156
Ladies of the Inlet1995Annie Fraziér Henry27:00In Distribution2158
Losing It1995Maureen Bradley3:00In Distribution2160
Lotus Sisters1996Wayne Yung5:00In Distribution2161
Sovereign1995Philip Napier12:00In Distribution2162
It's Up To Us1996Camp Salish Students7:00In Distribution2163
Mom- I Think I'm...1995Anna Malkin10:00In Distribution2164
Static1995Nikki Forrest7:00In Distribution2165
front1995Andrew Power20:00In Distribution2166
Aberrant Motion #11994Cathy Sisler11:00In Distribution2167
Aberrant Motion #4: Face Story - Stagger Stories1994Cathy Sisler14:30In Distribution2168
Twala1996Cathy Sisler16:00In Distribution2169
Occidental Tourist1994Kira Wu7:00In Distribution2170
Cassandra: An Opera In Four Acts1995Freda GuttmanIn Distribution2171
Nothing To Be Written Here1996Wendy Oberlander47:00In Distribution2172
Sunnybrook1995Lorna Boschman45:00In Distribution2173
Awakening of Elizabeth Shaw1996Eva Manly25:00In Distribution2174
Word for Word1995Elizabeth MacKenzie9:00In Distribution2177
Everybody Loves Nothing (Empathic Exercises)1996Steve Reinke11:00In Distribution2179
Spanking Marsha1996Melodie Calvert20:00In Distribution2180
Me, Myself, I1995Sheila Urbanoski4:30In Distribution2181
Most Glorious Salvation of a Corporate Icon1992Sheila Urbanoski3:30In Distribution2182
Forever1996Maureen Bradley1:30In Distribution2184
Sniff1997Ming-Yuen S. Ma5:00In Distribution2185
One Year Of Mourning1994Paula Levine11:00In Distribution2186
Temple Of My Familiar1995Paul Wong20:00In Distribution2187
Couples Photo Album1994Vivan Sundaram20:00In Distribution2188
The Panama1995Anthony Chan30In Distribution2189
One Night In Heaven1995Wayne Yung6:00In Distribution2133
Buffalo Bone China1997Dana Claxton12:00In Distribution2194